Older Couple Has Sexy Fun In The City – Saturday Night – Part One

This is a continuation of a story about a trip my wife and I took to the city to add a little spice to our long marriage.

We woke the next morning with the covers thrown back and both of us naked from the previous nights erotically charged romp in bed. I rolled over and kissed my wife and she sleepily opened her eyes and looked at me with a sheepish grin.

“We sure did have a wild time in here last night didn’t we?” she asked.

“Certainly did.”

“Still not mad at me for teasing Gary in front of you?”

“Hell no, that was the most fun we have had in years. You can have a strange guy rub your thigh every night if that’s what’s going to happen.”

“I don’t know about every night, but…”

“But what?”

“We’ll see,” she said with a sparkle in her eye that had my dick growing just thinking about it.

I headed for the shower as Margaret lazed in bed. I left the door open as I let the shower run to get warm and I could see the bed, and Margaret, in the mirror over the sink. She stretched and let her legs flop open and I could see her pussy open as she spread her legs. She absently slid her hand across her breasts and down her stomach to her puffy snatch and slid a finger up and down her slit. My dick shot to attention immediately. She continued to slowly rub her clit as she moved her fingers up and down her quickly moistening slit. The mirror was starting to fog up from the steam from the shower so I reached over to turn on the fan. I didn’t want to miss any of this show. When she heard this she quickly pulled her hand away so I wouldn’t see her if I came out of the shower.

Disappointed, I stuck my head out the door of the bathroom and said,  “I wonder how many times Gary jerked off last night thinking about you?”

“Don’t be silly, I am sure he forgot all about me.”

I stepped out of the bathroom, my raging hard on bouncing in front of me.

“Listen, I guarantee he jerked off at least twice last night. You had his balls so blue when you left he would have had to or risk exploding.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. Think about that while you are lying there all sexy and hot. Maybe I should turn off the shower and get in there with you.” My cock told her just how hot her antics with Gary last night had gotten me.

“You really did enjoy watching me get fondled by a stranger, didn’t you?”

“What I enjoyed was watching how turned on you were, how erotic you were and how much you got off on being a sex pot. Soooo….”

“So what?”

“So do you want me to crawl in there and show you how turned on I am?” I was standing at the end of the bed and she got up on her hands and knees and crawled towards me, her beautiful tits hanging from her chest and swaying gently as she moved. My cock was at the same level as her mouth and when she reached the end of the bed she took me into her mouth and flicked her tongue over the head of my cock and licked the underside from my balls to the tip. I started moaning right away and pushed my hips toward her to get my cock farther down her throat. Just as I started to moan my appreciation of her efforts, she pulled her mouth off my cock and looked up at me with a wicked smile.

“Is this what blue balls look like,” she asked as she fondled my aching nuts, “you better go and turn that shower on cold.”

Margaret moved back to the head of the bed and laid back down, her legs spread slightly. I could see the moisture leaking out of her pussy as I groaned my disappointment.

She moved her right hand to her breast and her left hand moved slowly down to her pussy and she lightly rubbed her slit as she looked at me. I started to move onto the bed and she stopped me with a glare.

“No you don’t, we didn’t come to the city to stay in our room all day. Go get showered and let’s get some breakfast and see the city. And I want to do some shopping, so get moving.”

I whimpered like a beaten dog and headed off to the bathroom. With the door still open I pulled the shower curtain back and forth loudly so Margaret would think I had gotten into the shower. I watched in the mirror and Margaret immediately started working her clit with her fingers while she flicked her rock hard nipples with her other hand. She was staring at the ceiling and working her pussy quickly, stopping every once in a while to slide her slick fingers into her dripping hole and then back out to continue the assault on her clit. Her eyes were closed  and her forehead creased in concentration as her hips began to move up and down to the rhythm of her fingers on her clit.

I had started jerking off as I walked into the bathroom and, as I continued to watch Margaret in the mirror, I could feel the tingle start in my balls and I knew it was going to be a big cum.

Margaret was working her clit faster now, her breath coming in short gasps and her hips, which started her motion, now carried right up to her shoulders as each time she thrust her hips into the bed it carried like a wave right up to her arching back and thrust out tits and back down again, both hands now working her snatch, one fucking her pussy and the other furiously rubbing her engorged clit. The wave continued back and forth, up and down her body as she pushed her ass into the bed and rolled her hips up to meet her thrusting fingers and then arched her back and pushed her tits into the air and then down again only to meet the next wave of erotic energy that was pulsing through her. Each time she pushed her ass into the bed, it was a little harder and more intense and her fingers were flying over her clit until finally her eyes shot open and her mouth started a silent scream as her hips arched into the air. Margaret’s fingers were a blur as they flew over her raging clit and then suddenly she froze, hips thrust into the air, mouth open as her orgasm washed over her. Finally, she started to breath again and slowly her hips sank back towards the bed and her body went limp as her breathing started to return to normal.

What a sight.

My hand was flying over my cock now and I turned towards the still running shower and shot a load against the shower wall. I had to reach out and grab the wall to steady myself I came so hard. When I was completely drained, I struggled into the shower and quickly showered and then stepped out and dried off. I headed back into the bedroom and Margaret was sleeping soundly, legs still splayed open and her juicy pussy still red from the furious rubbing it had just been through.

I crawled onto the bed quietly and was just about to lick her pussy when she woke up and squeezed her legs together and gave me a devilish look. “Not now; I am going to shower.” And up she got and headed for the bathroom.

“You want some company in there?” I asked.

“I told you we are going shopping, so get ready, I won’t be long.”

Just as well, I thought, my cock was limp after last night’s wild fuck and jerking off this morning, so I was pretty well played out but thinking about everything Margaret had done over the last twelve hours started the sensation in my balls again. But I got up and got dressed anyway. Who knows what she might have planned for tonight and I wanted to be ready.

We spent the morning getting breakfast and seeing some of the sights of city and then after a light lunch Margaret wanted to do some shopping so we found a mall with lots of ladies shops and I found a bar with some sports on the tv and had a beer while I waited and waited. It was almost two hours later when Margaret showed up, shopping bags in hand and sat down. I ordered a drink for her and another for me and relaxed.

“Buy anything for me?”

“For you? Like what? A shirt?”

“No, I was thinking more like something sexy, garters, negligee you know, something for later.”

“I thought you might be tired after last night.”

“No way, I’m looking for that same sex crazed broad that I saw in the bar last night.”

“I am afraid that sex crazed “broad” has moved on. You will have to find some other way to amuse yourself tonight.”

It was late afternoon when we got back to the hotel. As we passed the bar in the lobby Margaret looked through the glass walls. The place was empty, no Gary from last night. I didn’t comment in case she was feeling sheepish about the whole thing but as we walked to the elevator I could see her nipples harden through the thin material of her top. Maybe there was still hope for some fireworks yet tonight.

When we got back to the room Margaret immediately headed for the bed and laid down and was sleeping within minutes. I laid down beside her and also nodded off for a short while but it was after 7:00 pm and I was getting restless so I “accidentally ” kicked a chair to make some noise and she woke up.

“Wow, I was really tired.”

“All those hard orgasms really wore you out, but I know what will wake you up,” I said as I crawled onto the bed.

“Not again. We are going out so get ready.”

“I am ready.”

“Then head down to the bar and get a drink and I will be down to meet you in a few minutes.”

“It’s okay,” I said “I’ll just wait.”

“No you won’t, I don’t want you sitting there all impatient while I am trying to get ready. Now go down to the bar and I will be there in a while.”

I thought what the heck, there was a ball game on, so off I went downstairs, found a spot at the bar, ordered a beer and settled in to watch the game. The bar had a few people at the tables and another eight or nine at the bar.  Included in those at the bar was Gary, Margaret’s flirting partner from the night before. Was this a setup arranged last night, I wondered? I ordered a beer and I settled in to see how this was going to play out.

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