On The Job (Part 5)

Chapter: Forty-Nine On The Job (Part 5)

Due to the fire at Kirk Manufacturing, I lost a week on the job at Shady Lane. Now, I had to make up for that lost time, in more ways than one. I’d been missing the Steeles, both mother and daughter and I hadn’t given up on getting into Hilda’s panties too.

Early Monday morning, I was pulling up the long drive to the Steele’s estate. When I came around the bend on the final approach to the mansion, I saw another Pro Tec van there ahead of me. This was my job, so what the fuck was going on. I parked behind the other Pro Tec van and saw that prick, Roger Willman, hop out of it. He waved to me and said, “Hey Bill, how’s it hanging?”

I replied cordially, “Fuck you Roger! What in the hell are you doing here? This is my job.”

“Don’t get your bowels in an uproar Billy Boy. Since you helped me at Kirk last week, dispatch sent me out to help you wrap up this job. My crew will be here any minute. I guess your boys won’t be far behind.”

Roger was a nice-looking man in his early thirties and I couldn’t stand him. Actually, I hated him. I don’t know why. Maybe it was because he was a sneaky lying bastard just like me. In fact, I think he was worse than I was. He’d probably screw over his own mother, if he got the chance. I wouldn’t do that. At least, I didn’t think I would. Anyway, from now on, I’d have to watch my back on this job. Roger would be working overtime, figuring some way to screw me over and make me look bad.

I pulled the system schematics from the back of my van and gave them to Roger. I said, “OK, here are the prints. When your crew gets here, have them finish the installation in the pool house. I gave my crew their assignments back at the shop. I’m going to the house. I have to consult with Mrs. Steele.”

Roger gave me his patented shitty smirking look and said, “Consulting is that what you call it now Bill? I guess I’m too old-fashioned. I still call it fucking.”

“Cut the crap Roger! This is all business. I have a job to do here.”

“You cut the crap Bill! If there’s any pussy in that house, you’ve already got some of it and, knowing you, that probably extends right down to the pet cat.”

I didn’t bother to reply. I turned and walked toward the front entrance. As I walked away, I heard Roger’s patented bray, it sounded like a gate swinging on rusty hinges. Soon, Hilda was opening the huge oak front door and she was looking hotter than ever. The buttons of her crisp white blouse were literally straining to keep it closed over the lush mounds of her tits. She said, “Mr. Bradley, I should warn you that Mrs. Steele is very unhappy with you. She wants to see you in her room immediately.”

“OK Hilda, lead the way.”

God damn, that Hilda’s ass was nice! Watching it twitch under her short tight black skirt all the way up to Emily Steele’s room, brought my tool right up to full attention. Hilda opened the big double doors to Emily Steele’s boudoir and said, “Mrs. Steele, Mr. Bradley has come.” Hell, I hadn’t cum yet, but I was close to it.

When I entered the room, Emily Steele was sitting at her dressing table brushing her long thick auburn hair. She was wearing a pale pink negligee that was made of a very sheer filmy material. She said, “Well, if it isn’t young Mr. Bill Bradley and just where in the hell were you all last week?”

“You know very well where I was Emily. I made certain the office contacted you. We had an emergency.”

“Guess what? I had an emergency too and you weren’t here to give me all that personal attention you promised me.”

I went over to the dressing table, took the hairbrush from Emily’s hand and began brushing her long thick silky hair. This was a turn on. I love women with long thick silky hair. In the mirror, I could see the swell of Emily’s huge breasts beneath the filmy material of the negligee. I glanced down and saw that the scanty garment was just brushing the tops of her plump shapely thighs. As I brushed Emily’s hair with long slow strokes, I said, “I’m sorry Emily. I promise to work twice as hard from now on to satisfy your every need. I’ve been thinking about something new we might try.”

“Oh, you have and what might that be?”

“I’d like it to be a surprise.”

While I continued brushing Emily’s hair, I started thinking about that thick dark bush of hair between her legs. I’d come across this adult fantasy web site. There were some stories on it written by someone who uses the name, Mr. Biddle. The stories are just OK. I could do a lot better, if I had the time to write. I figure this Mr. Biddle is a fat four-eyed geek, who never got any good pussy in his entire life. I have to give him credit though. Occasionally, he comes up with something that’s worth reading. In one of his stories about some hot chick called Samantha Parker, he had a scene where this other chick’s uncle decides to shave her pussy. I’d never thought of doing something like that before and that part of the story got me hot. Now, I decided I’d like to try it with Emily Steele. Thinking about seeing and then, eating a mature bald pussy was making me very hot.

I laid the hairbrush aside on the table. Then I pushed Emily’s hair to the side and started to kiss the creamy white skin on the back of her neck. I felt her tremble as I continued to place light little kisses all over the back of her neck. I brought my hands around her and untied the little ribbon that held the front of the negligee closed. Soon, I was gently moving my hands over the lush globes of Emily’s breasts and playfully tweaking her nipples. I moved my lips up to kiss behind an ear and I whispered, “Why don’t you get on the bed baby? We have a lot of things to do.”

Emily stood up and turned to face me. I pushed the negligee down over her shoulders and it floated to the floor. In the mirror, I saw the seat of a pair of pink satin panties filled to perfection by the big curved mounds of Emily’s butt cheeks. I took her into my arms and we began to kiss. At the same time, I slid my hands slowly down her back and into her panties. As we continued to kiss, I squeezed and massaged her big butt. Soon, Emily was thrusting her pussy up against my crotch. I broke off the kiss and said, “Let’s make this last. Get on the bed.”

When Emily was lying on the bed, I bent over her, cupped her breasts and ran my tongue over their hard nipples. As I began to nibble on these delightful treats, Emily moaned, “God yes, that’s good. Eat my pussy now Bill. I really need it.”

Emily lifted her butt off the bed and I slipped her panties down and off. When I started into the adjoining bath, she asked breathlessly, “What in the hell are you doing?”

“Be patient, I’ll be right back.”

In the large bathroom, I easily located everything I needed. I got a large elaborately decorated china bowl, scented shaving lather, a couple of little safety razors and a towel. I filled the bowl with warm water and brought everything back into the bedroom. As I entered, Emily rose up in the bed and asked again, “What in the hell are you doing Bill. What’s all that stuff for?”

When I’d placed the bowl on the nightstand I said, “I want to shave your pussy.”

Emily exclaimed, “What in the hell? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“No, I’m not kidding. I want to do it. I’m getting hot just thinking about it. After I’m done, I’ll eat your pussy. Please baby, let me do it.”

“Well OK, but you had better be damned careful.”

Emily lay back and spread her legs. I lightly ran my fingers over the substantial dark muff of hair covering her pussy. I squirted lather into the palm of one hand and began to apply it. When I had Emily’s pussy well lathered. I wiped my hands, took up a razor and dipped it in the bowl of water. Then I carefully set to work. Emily flinched, as the razor contacted the area of her pussy. I said, “Hold still and keep those sexy legs spread baby
.” I continued carefully and methodically shaving away Emily’s dark muff. When I was done, I moistened the towel and wiped
her pussy. Just like in that Mr. Biddle story, I was very pleased with my handiwork. Emily’s pussy was as bald and smooth as a newborn baby’s and damn, did it ever look sexy on her.

I wasted no time getting out of my clothes and onto the bed. In no time, my tongue was sliding into that sweet smooth hairless slit. Now, I began to use all my skill to tease and toy with Emily’s clit. Under my expert coaxing, it sprang to attention. Emily thrust her pussy upward as she moaned in pleasure, “God yes Bill. Do it!” In a matter of minutes, Emily’s whole body stiffened and her legs shot straight out as she came. I should have given Emily more time to enjoy her climax, but I was just too hot to wait. Almost immediately, I was pushing her big sexy legs up and back toward her chest and ramming my tool into her freshly shaved pussy. After I shot my load and we had lain together for a while. I said, “Come with me.”

I took Emily’s hand and led her into the bathroom to stand in front of the full-length mirror. I stood behind her and lightly ran my fingers over her smooth hairless pussy. I asked, “Well what do you think?”

I noticed Emily’s face turning a little red and she said, “It’s embarrassing, it looks so naked.”

I said, “It looks beautiful baby.”

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