Our Elevator Acquaintance, Jimal

My wife and I were going back up to our hotel room after an evening of gambling and drinking. I was carrying a 12 pack of beer to our room where we already had stuff for her to drink. As we came around the corner to the elevators there was an older black gentleman walking into one. He noticed us and reached out to hold the door open for us. He was standing at the control panel and asked what floor and I said ninth. He pushed the button and said that’s one below his.

Then he asked, “Where’s the party?”

I said, “No party; it’s just my wife and I.”

Then he surprised me and said that he could be our guest and then we could call it a party. He said his wife went up to their room earlier, saying that she goes to bed early so he’s been out drinking and gambling alone and he was  bored.

I have a dirty mind and I have fantasized to my wife often about watching her suck and fuck a big black cock and she has played along with my fantasy so you can guess what went straight to my mind.

I quickly got nervous but couldn’t pass on the opportunity and I said, “Well if my wife doesn’t mind, you’re welcome to come and have some drinks with us.”

He looked excited when my wife said that she didn’t care and then the elevator door  open and he followed us to our room. Just after we entered the room he asked to use the restroom.

Then while we were alone I looked at my wife and softly said, “This might be the night we’ve been waiting for.”

She said, “You think?”

I told her, “I’m sure his mind is on fucking you. Why would he offer himself to come party with us?”

“Hmm,” she said, “then you might get to see a show tonight.”

Then the bathroom door opened and he came out and I offered him a drink. Now with the three of us with a drink in hand he noticed our portable DVD player that I had hooked up earlier where my wife and I planned to drink and watch porn after our night out. Then he noticed the stack of porn sitting on the other side of the TV and asked if he could take a look at what we had. I couldn’t say no, so nodded for him to go ahead.

As soon as he saw that the majority of our porn was interracial which involved black dicks and white chicks the conversation went straight to sex.

He started by saying, “By the looks of your porn collection, this night was meant for us to meet.”

I was hesitant and all I could say was, “Hmm, maybe.”

From that moment on he took control of the night. He said, “Well it looks like we all know what we want so let’s not waste the night.”

He told me to put on our favorite interracial flick. I did as he said and when I turned around he had his hand up my wife’s skirt caressing her ass.  He directed me to have a seat and enjoy the show as he lifted up her skirt and took a good long look at her plump white ass. I took a seat in the desk chair that he pointed for me to sit in.

Then he said, “Oh yes, we’re going to have some fun tonight.”

With his black hand cupped to her white ass he guided my wife over between the two queen size beds stopping in the middle between the foot and head of the beds. He then turned my wife facing him and started kissing her while reaching around and sliding both of his black hands back down to her plump white ass. They continued to kiss as he rubbed and caressed her ass with both hands. Then he broke away and guided her down where he had her sit on the edge of the bed. Then he grabbed the bottom of her top and pulled it up and over her head then tossed it into my lap followed by her bra where he had now unleashed her big DD tits.

With my wife now sitting there in her skirt and panties, he quickly removed his shirt and shoes while telling me that I needed to lose my clothes and get comfortable. Again I did as he said and stripped down, leaving on my briefs. I rolled the chair directly between the two beds to give myself a good view as I sat back down. He then slowly started unzipping his pants as he stood in front of my wife. He was teasing both my wife and I as he took his time releasing his cock from his pants. I noticed he was well hung and thick as I watched his half hard cock pop out from his pants. My wife’s eyes popped out and she had a big grin watching his big black cock flop around as  he stepped out of his pants and kicked them aside.

He moved up close, offering his cock to her and she didn’t hesitate as she reached out to take it in her hand. She then looked over at me and started stroking his big black cock. His black cock looked so good in my wife’s soft white hands as I sat watching her stroke him. I watched his cock grow fully erect in my wife’s hands as she continued stroking. The size of his cock was everything you always hear about a black guy. It was a good eight inches and nice and fat. Then it happened, my wife leaned forward taking the head of his black cock into her mouth. While holding it in one hand she started sucking the head of his cock. My own cock was now hard as I sat there watching my wife experience her first black cock.

Her right hand was wrapped around the bottom half of his cock leaving a good four inches or so exposed for her to suck. She was now sucking on about two inches of his hard cock as he placed his left hand on her shoulder and said, “Oh yes, suck my cock girl.”

I was so turned on I reached down and rubbed my hard cock through my briefs. He looked over at me and asked if I was enjoying the show.

“Oh yes!” I said with a trembling voice.

Then I told him how good she looked sucking and stroking on his big black cock. He said that he was glad to hear that and then he asked my wife if she liked sucking his big black cock.  She muffled ‘uh huh’ as she continued stroking while inching her mouth further down his cock. He began to moan as she now had about four inches of his black cock stuffed in her mouth as she sucked him. I was so turned on as I sat there watching my wife stroke and suck this black guy’s cock. I had to stop rubbing my cock and just watch because it was getting too much for me to handle. My wife continued sucking his big cock trying to take as much as she could take into her mouth. He placed a hand on the back of her head to help guide her down.

My wife sucked and sucked trying to take the length of his big black cock down her throat but she gagged every time she tried.  Even though his cock was too big and fat for her to deep throat, he was enjoying her sucking his cock and she was enjoying herself sucking it just as I was enjoying watching. After my wife continued sucking his cock for a while longer he started asking her if she would like to get fucked by his big black cock.

She became very excited and pulled away long enough to say, “Oh yes, fuck me!” As she continued sucking he kept asking her how bad she wanted it until she began to beg for him to fuck her.

Finally, he looked over at me and said, “I hope you’re ready to watch your wife get fucked.”

I was already so turned on that when he told me he was going to fuck my wife, it sent a trembling wave through my body. Before I could get any words out he already had my wife by the hand lifting her up off the bed and guiding her around so she was facing the bed. With him now standing behind my wife he told her to bend over the edge of the bed. She did just as he said and bent over the bed right there in front of him. Then I watched as he grabbed the bottom of her skirt and raised it up over her waist, exposing her panties which he slowly started to remove. Grabbing the waistband of her panties, he slowly pulled them all the way down past her thighs where he then let them drop to the floor. He then told my wife to step out of them as he bent down and picked them up off the floor.

“Damn,” he said, “your wife’s panties are soaking wet!”

Then he said, “Here, you can fuck your wife’s panties while you watch me fuck her pussy,” and tossed them at me.

Again I felt a trembling wave rush through me as I caught them and yes, he was right, her panties were soaking wet, wetter than I had ever seen! Then he told my wife to get up on the edge of the bed on her knees and bend over for him. I watched as she got up on the edge of the bed and bent over for him, but this time in a much better position with her legs spread exposing her bare ass and pussy to him.

“Oh yes,” he said, “look at that nice plump white ass and that dripping wet pussy.”

The excitement was driving me crazy as I watched and listened, knowing my wife was about to get fucked by our new black friend. My cock was aching for attention so I reached down again and started massaging it through my tight briefs. While standing behind my wife he reached down and grabbed his hard cock in his right hand and gently started stroking himself. Then he told me that if I wanted to watch his cock enter my wife’s pussy up close that I was welcome to come and stand beside him. I couldn’t resist the offer and quickly got out of the chair and made my way over beside him as he stood behind my wife.

Still gently stroking his cock he took a step forward, stopping with the head of his cock about an inch from touching my wife’s wet pussy.  I stood there watching as he made his move. He first placed his left hand on her hip and then leaned forward, pressing the head of his black hard cock against her wet pussy lips. My wife let out a soft moan as she felt his cock pressing against her wet pussy. With his cock still in hand he quit stroking himself and started rubbing the head of his hard cock up and down her wet pussy while slowly working the head of his cock between her lips. My wife was aching for his cock and she softly moaned while he teased her pussy with his cock. The head of his black cock slowly disappeared between her lips and she let out a louder moan followed by the words “oh yes” and then the fucking began.

He reached up with his other hand and, while holding her waist with both hands, he shoved his big black cock deep into my wife’s wet pussy.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, as I watched his black cock disappear deep inside her.

Not only was my body trembling but now my heart was pounding as I watched his cock slowly thrusting in and out of my wife’s pussy. As she continued to moan he told me to go over and talk to my wife and tell her how good his big black cock looks in her pussy. I did just as he said and went around to the other side of the bed, where I knelt down on the floor and leaned onto the edge of the bed. I will never forget the expression on my wife’s face as I looked her in the eyes and told her how good his big black cock looked fucking her pussy. The excitement was more then either one of us imagined and she asked me to hold her hands as she looked at me and moaned with pleasure.

While he continued fucking my wife from behind he told us things – like how much he enjoyed fucking her and how good his big black cock felt inside her. I agreed with him and told him and my wife both things about him fucking her. After he continued fucking my wife in that position for some time, he pulled out and told her to roll over onto her back. As my wife rolled over I watched as he took the bottle of lube and lubed his hard cock then just as my wife was in position on her back he added some to her now stretched pussy. With her knees bent up as her feet rested on the edge of the bed he reach down and grabbed my wife’s ankles and lifted her legs up, placing her feet on his shoulders. He then reached around her thighs and pulled her toward him, resting her ass at the edge of the bed.

Knowing what was coming next, I leaned back against the wall and watched as he lifted and spread her legs up in the air as he moved into position. While holding onto her ankles he guided the head of his cock straight to her waiting pussy. He pushed his waist forward and for the second time I watched as his cock sunk deep inside my wife’s pussy. Then while holding her legs up high, he started thrusting his big black cock back and forth inside her wet pussy. I didn’t want to leave the room but my bladder was about to burst so I told them I ‘d be right back. This hotel has one of those exhaust systems that runs silently twenty-four-seven so when I turned on the light there was no fan to drown them out. I left the door open so I could hear them while I relieved my bladder. Just hearing my wife getting fucked in the next room was such a turn on. Not only could I hear my wife’s moans but I could hear the sound of the bed and him thrusting into her. It was so exciting just listening but I could’t miss out watching so I quickly returned.

I went and sat on the corner of the other bed giving myself a good view. He was now fucking my wife at a good steady pace as I sat there watching. He looked back at me and told me how much he enjoyed fucking my wife and told me how good his cock felt deep inside her pussy. I told him that I enjoyed watching. Then he told me to ask my wife if she was enjoying herself. Listening to her moans I knew she was but I asked like he said and between her moans she said ‘oh yes babe, I enjoy him fucking me!’ She then told me how much she loved his big black cock and told him to fuck her harder. He did just as she said and started pounding my wife harder and harder as she moaned and begged for more. She reached down and started rubbing her clit as he fucked her. My cock was so hard and I felt I could cum at any time as I watched and listened to her beg him to fuck her harder with his big black cock.

My wife started telling him not to stop and that she loved his black cock. ‘Oh yes,’ he told her as he continued fucking her harder and harder. I knew my wife was about to cum as I watched her rub her clit harder and faster.

I spoke out and said, “Cum, baby cum!”

I could tell by his moans and actions that he was also was getting ready to cum as he continued fucking my wife harder and faster. I stood up and dropped my briefs and started stroking my cock at the foot of the bed as I watched them fuck out of control. Within a few minutes my wife started to moan rapidly before she let out a loud moan as I watched her body arch as she began to cum. The excitement was too much for me and I quickly lost control. Needing a place to cum I reached back and grabbed my wife’s panties off the arm of the chair. With them now in my left hand I held them out, resting the head of my cock on the crotch as I continued to stroke as I came. It was so exciting watching and listening to my wife cum as he pounded into her while I shot my load into the crotch of her panties. Just as I shot my last wad of cum I fell into the chair.  As I sat there exhausted, I watched as he continued to fuck my wife for a couple of minutes more before he came.

He looked at me and said, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!”

I watched as he thrust into my wife, releasing his first two loads deep inside her pussy. I quickly stood back up and watched as he pulled out, leaving the head of his big black cock wedged in the opening of her pussy. His body jerked as I watched him finish releasing his cum into my wife. I moved closer as he stepped back, pulling his black cock free from my wife’s now cum filled pussy. He then guided and pressed the head of his black cock against my wife’s white inner thigh while squeezing the length of his cock forcing out every drop of cum. I watched as he squeezed every last drop onto her thigh before he backed away, leaving her exhausted on the bed.

His big cock and hard fucking left her pussy slightly gaped open which allowed his cum to ooze out and run down between her butt cheeks where it then puddled onto the bed.

He looked at me and said, “Sorry for the mess but I’ve always been a heavy cummer and your wife’s pussy made my cock feel so good.”

Then he asked if he could get cleaned up in our bathroom. After telling him to help himself he grabbed up his clothes and head for the bathroom. Seeing my wife’s panties I had left on the foot of the bed covered with my cum gave me an idea, so I told her to lay there for a minute. While our guest was in the bathroom cleaning up I figured I’d give my wife a hand with her mess but not actually clean it up. The thought of his cum in her and on her turned me on so I just helped by covering it up. I picked up her cum soaked panties off the bed and turned them right side out, leaving my cum on the inside crotch. Then I slid them up her legs and told her to raise up and then I pulled them up into place. I then gave her a hand helping her up off the bed where I gave her a big hug and told her that I loved her. She said it back then adjusted her skirt and put her top back on.

We straightened up the bed a bit as we talked about what had happened before our guest returned. He returned freshly showered and completely dressed. We chatted a bit and we all agreed that we had a great time. He said that he’d like to hook up again sometime and suggested that we swap emails and keep in touch. He asked where we were from and when we told him he said he had a couple of friends there and that his wife’s Mother lives there and they visit often. He told us where they lived which was about an hour away from where we lived so he said we will definitely have to hook up soon. He said that he usually goes and visits his friends and does his own thing while his wife visits her Mother and runs around. It sounded good so we swapped emails and agreed to keep in touch. We said goodbye to our new friend as he walked out the door.


(Image Source: Jules Jordan Video)

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