Peek a Boo

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It is about 10:00 on this Thursday night, and I hear the pitterpater of Penny’s feet along my ceiling. Her husband Cliff is not at home as I can see that his truck ain’t home, and I know that he won’t be home til late.
I bring out my trusty ladder, to be able to catch sight of the woman that arouses my urges just thinking about her and the curves of her body. She has a really good looking body because I have seen her ass in spandex at the grocery store, but yet she has not caught me looking.
Tonight, the moon is low, so it is rather dark, so that I can not be seen, but I can see the complete bedroom, as Penny enters for the evening. She is wearing a chiffon blouse and a pair of jeans, that bring out the curves of her asscheeks. Penny is unbuttoning her blouse, ooh, those pert tits, my mouth waters, just looking at their shape, as they overflow the cups of her bra, as she releases the snap, and her breasts just bounce. Her nipples are pink and taut, and she reaches up and caresses and teases them to a strict hardness, pinchng them, as she plays with them. She does not see me, but I continue to watch from my perch. She slides her hands down her belly, and unbuttons her jeans and removes them, displaying such a beautiful pair of legs and a skimpy pair of panties.
She inches her hand down the front of her panties and I watch as she explores the lips of her pussy with her fingers, inserting them in and out, and removing to her mouth and licking them off, oh, how I wish I was tasting her. She removes the panties in a toss in the air, and lies back on the bed and reaches into the drawer and pulls out a vibrator and I watch as she inserts it into herself and fucks her pussy, as squirms about on the sheets, and whimpering tiny moans of pleasure and delight, she grinds her hips upward to make the thrusting motion needed beofre erupting into a final climax, as my dick is climaxing outside the window in my pants, from such a sight, someday, I will see if I can capture more…..

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