A Crush That Lead To Love

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Her name was Mandy and he thought she was the most beautiful thing to ever walk the Earth. She had soft blue eyes, a perfect smile and, at 22, no possible interest in the awkward young man who spent his life trying to think how to talk to her. He found she was in a theatre group as a singer and actress – he had neither of those skills but he could play piano, and anywhere with dancers must need musicians.
With perseverance and luck he talked his way into her theatre troupe, trying and mostly succeeding to hide his real motivation for joining them. He was professional enough to not get distracted by her while they were performing, but his mind fell apart when he saw her backstage, always in either skin-tight clothing or not much at all.
For a couple of months he hovered around her, too nervous to even attempt a conversation. He just looked, saw how she batted off smoother men but the hope in his heart refused to die. Maybe she just didn’t like the ones who acted like they’d hit on anything, a wise decision on her part.
After three months they were alone in the communal dressing area, she wearing leggings and a loose top, possibly bra-less, he in jeans and t-shirt. He was trying to watch her while not looking too obvious and weird but it was difficult. He had some music with him that he was meant to study, but his attempts were becoming futile.
She struck up a conversation with him to break the silence, saying what a good pianist he was and asking why they’d never spoken properly. He found it difficult to keep eye contact with her – she was leaning on the table where he was sat, and her tits were much closer to his line of sight than her eyes. “I knew you were interested in me from when we first met, I was waiting for you to talk first.”
He hesitantly said what he’d waited to say for half a year – he thought she was beautiful and he was nervous about talking to her. She kissed him on the cheek, called him cute and his cock throbbed. She gave him another kiss, this time on the lips, and he melted into the seat.
He was 19 and had never kissed a woman when she was sober. There’d been some drunken face-eating, but when he tried calling them the morning after they weren’t interested. He hadn’t become bitter, as some might have, but kept looking for someone who’d accept him. Now it seemed to be paying off. This beautiful, wonderful girl… she was stood rolling off her leggings. The t-shirt just covered her decency but he was sure he saw a couple of flashes of red bush as she undressed.
She sat on his lap. They were on a steel-framed chair and it could have held twice their combined weight safely. She didn’t comment on his obvious arousal, which was pressing into her. Neither said much from that point on; she put his hand on her tits and he squeezed them with teenage enthusiasm while they made out.
When they finally parted his cock was straining painfully against his jeans. She didn’t help, taking her top off and revealing that she was indeed naked underneath it, with her red pubic hair kept neatly trimmed. He watched as she slid down between his legs and rested her head in his lap. She rubbed her face over his lap and he lost the feeling in his extremities – he didn’t realise that he was holding her head until he saw his hands on her.
Mandy let him move her for a moment, and then sat back up on her heels. “I’ve waited a very long time to do this” she said, undoing his jeans. He helped her, praying that he’d remembered to wear decent pants.
She probably didn’t notice anything about his pants, or even if he was wearing any. She was too interested in what was in them, not even pulling them as far as his knees before she started playing with him. As she did this, she pulled him down and she stretched up to meet him and kiss him.
When she wanted more she let him go and slid back down him, kissing his stomach briefly before kissing the tip of his cock. She steadied herself on the chair and took him in her mouth, sucking him while he held her hair in a daze.
Even this was new to him. He’d told himself that the other boys at school, then the youths he worked with, had been bullshitting about having blowjobs but that seemed less likely as they’d progressed into adulthood. He felt a certain happiness in knowing that it was from a woman who found him attractive and he hadn’t paid for.
He came not two minutes after her lips closed around him. He moaned, Mandy swallowed and smiled up at him. “How was that?” It had been earth-shattering. He felt relieved rather than embarrassed that he’d come so soon; she wouldn’t be able to relieve him of his virginity in such a public place now.
He finally regained focus and she gave him another kiss. “Come with me, I’ll show you how to reciprocate this.” She left her clothes where they fell, just putting on her coat and picking up her handbag. He got his coat, gathered his papers and went with her to her car.

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