A Day at the Nursery..

A DAY AT THE NURSERY…a true story, even though it sounds like a tale..!!

how well i remember that day….that day at the nursery.

it was a beautiful saturday and i left early to go to my local landscape center to purchase some more shrubs and stuff for my yard. i was putting the finishing touches on a house that i had totally remodeled.

i had been there several times prior to this day and looked forward to seeing “Dottie” (Dorothy). she had waited on me on all the other occasions and we had hit it off VERY well, if you know what i mean…lol. the sexual inuendos were heavy on both our parts and i knew she would be working that day too. i was surprised when i arrived that there were so few cars in the parking lot, but it was still before opening time so to pass the time till they opened, i walked into the rose house to look at some more rose bushes ( i love em’ ). the fragrance in there was amazing and as i bent to smell a particularly pretty one i was suddenly jabbed in both sides and heard her familar voice say “BOO”. i had’nt heard her sneak up behind me and i just about fell right over forward right on my face. in fact if she had’nt grabbed the back of my shorts as i went forward i would have. she appologized and we both had a good laugh to start the day off with.

after some chit-chat i picked out a couple of rose bushes and we wandered to the back of the nursery to look at some shrubs and trees that i wanted, all the while my cock was talking to me, telling me how badly i wanted this girl.
at the same time my mind was saying that this is all “salesmanship”…. you know…make em’ feel good so they will buy more, besides, she had to be at least 15 years younger than me ( turns out she was 18 years younger ). trouble was….she was one of those “touchy-feely” types and always seemed to get soooo close as we walked and talked and that day she smelled better than the rosehouse did.

we were well toward the back of the lot, out of view from the front behind some 7 or 8 foot tall evergreen trees and i asked what she was wearing (the perfume), saying how nice it smelled. she said it was “obsession” as she leaned forward and offered me her neck to smell. i thought “hell yes” and leaned down to get a good sniff and planted a small kiss right on that delicious skin that was so close. as i pulled back she reached up and pulled me back and planted a serious kiss right on my lips and ran a hand up my leg to my crotch, which by now is starting to rise bigtime. taking a quick look around and seeing no one, we proceeded to get down and dirty right there among the trees. as we were getting ourselves together after a VERY intense “quicky”, we heard a voice say…”now that was hot”!! i looked up and saw Maria, another of the girls that worked there. Dottie looked up and giggled and said “i told ya i would”. turns out that she and Maria were best friends and it seems that Dottie had told her that she would like to “take him out back for a spin” and when Maria saw us walking toward the back she snuck back too…just to see what happened. she had watched the whole episode from her hiding place.

we went and i finished my shopping and as we loaded everything into the truck i asked her if she would like to go out sometime, and she replied “tonite..??”, to which i said “of course”. this all led up to a very nice 2 year relationship that ended when she finished her nursing schooling and got a job in detroit. that was 6 years ago and we still see each other when she can sneak up here to see her friend Maria (lol), since she has since gotten married.

things have’nt changed either….very hot…very intense..!!

oh yeah…..what a day it was…!! and Maria…..there’s a story there too….but not now.


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