a fun night in beantown

I can almost see it now … We meet in the city for dinner someplace nice with a view .. like top of the hub .. have wonderful dinner with good conversation .. but both of us deep down inside were looking past the moment, past the check…………. to the dessert.. you have a beautiful sleek black dress on (and could it be ..yes ..you forgot something ….or did you “forget intentionally. ??) we spend the evening teasing and touching under the table … just testing the waters for what’s to come.

It’s late night now, and raining outside … not so unlike now , just hot .. so hot that the rain is refreshing .. we walk in hand through the city .. still bright at this late hour from all the lights.. We stop on the bridge in the public gardens .. over the swan boats .. no one around as far as the eyes can see … we pause and look at each , unable to control these feelings any longer.. we both embrace with a passion neither of us has every experienced .. the rain gets heavier .. but we never notice .. far more into each other … hands go searching.. under and through .. and after long smooth enjoyable journeys find what they were looking for …
I can’t take it any longer .. I don’t care if we’re seen or not .. I’ve got to have you … taste you … feel myself inside of you ..
I prop you up on the rail .. and start kissing you’re toes , ankles, calves .. all the way up you milky white thighs till I find the treasure I was searching for … after some probing and teasing .. my tongue finally enters in to deliver electricity throughout you’re body .. after catching you’re breathe you have a strong desire to return the favor .. you kneel to the bridge and find my very hardened and excited penis and look me in the eye for approval as you take me in you’re mouth .. it feels so warm and wonderful in you’re mouth after not too long a time later I can’t hold it much longer after that lengthy foreplay .. and I release .. you swallow it all cleanly and smile … but oh oh no .. I’m far from done .. and I have to feel you from the inside .. I prop you back up on the rail .. and without hesitation I enter you (thanks again for you’re wardrobe forgetfulness… :) ) long and hard for what seems like eternity .. you have already orgasmed a second time .. it feel so great in you’re pussy .. you’re legs wrapped around me .. I’m certain people have been near seen us , and walked away .. or maybe some have hid and are watching with envy……. I don’t care .. all I care about is the feeling of you in my arms .. we both are growing close .. our speed quickens .. faster and faster .. until we are slamming into each other …. until … wait .. .. can’t hold it … I’M ….i’m …..CUMMING …cumming …. it was my second of the night… and strongest so far .. and you’re third .. and most electrifying .. .. it takes at least a few minutes for either us us to move and release our tight hold on each other .. we just look in each others eyes and smile . there are definatly people on the streets now , so we do our best to compose ourselves the best we can … then of to one of our bedrooms we go .. it’s ok to lean on my shoulders as we go .. as you’re legs feel like jello.. off to bed to continue this passion .. and the most fun of all waking in each others arms ……… and continue on with what we started …..

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