A Great Restaurant For Sushi 14

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Shelly’s Sexy Storys 14 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker

Detacated to:Lovely ladies of Nyotaimori…….

(Short Story)

A Great Restaurant for Sushi

For the longest time we wanted to try Nyotaimori,it’s where you eat sushi off of a naked lady.
There was a restaurant in downtown Sacramento who did it so we made reservations a week away.When
the day came and we got home from work,got dressed up and in our best and headed to Sac for dinner.
The drive would be short so we took the GTX,flying down the hills like a bat in the night.Reaching
the main road and then the Hwy,we haul ass to make good time,to get there early if we could.

Pulling off the freeway we pull out the GPS to get the final directions.And it takes us strait
there,we park and walk in.The restaurant is all decerated asian style which we were expecting.
They tell us our table will be ready in a few so we sit and wait,not to long later the server
lady comes out and calls us in.Stepping through a set of sliding doors,we see before us a very
beautiful voluptuous woman laying on a long flat table covered in all kinds of bright colored
flowers.On all the curves of her body were pieces of sushi on more colored flowers.The sene
was so pretty.The lady sat us down at the table and then told us the lady is only part of the
garnish for our dinner.Then smiles and walks out of the room leaving us to eat.We start with
you feeding me then i feed you as we laugh and talk,the lady slowing loosing her body garnishes
as we eat.You leanand tell her thank you for letting us eat off of her and she smiles.What was
the cutest thing was when you got her to eat the last piece of sushi that was on her body.Over
her private area,which had the most colorful flowers of all.

After such a romantic dinner we wanted to have some fun of our own,but couldn’t think of a
cool place to do it.Then a light went off in my head.And i said”the capital rose garden”,
and you looked at me and said”that sounds cool”.With it being darkand the capital being only
a few blocks away we decided to walk there.Holding hands as we walked we come up on the
Sacramento State Capital Building,all lite up and standing tall it’s dome high in the night
sky.The rose garden was in the back near the war memorial,so we started to walk that way.The
park around the capital was huge and full of trees of all different kinds.Some not even from
California,which i always liked.

Stepping up to the rose garden which was dark as it could be and perfect for what we wanted to
do there.Opening the gate we walk in and looking around to make sure we are alone before closing
the gate,and we were.Walking inside hand in hand we find a spot in the middle and sit down on
the grass.The smell of roses all around us was really sweet and relaxing.Sitting there we could
see the stars shining in the night sky and the wonderful feeling of the breeze that blew gracefully
by.I look you in the eyes and lean in and kiss you and you kiss me back.Then we hear someone coming
so we lay down flat on the ground as to not get caught.When we see two people walk by and not
even notice us.As they pass we sit back up and laugh at eachother.Still looking at eachother and
smiling you lean over and wisper in my ear “i love you my sushi eating woman”, i keep smiling and
wisper back”i love you my sushi eating man”,and we kiss again.

Laying back in the garden and under the stars we slowly start to make out like two hiding
teensagers.You kiss my neck and undo the front of my dress opening it so my full breats fall
out for you.Moving down kissing,licking abd nibbling lightly you suck on each nipple til they
get hard and you see me with my head back enjoying your touch.Continueing your slide your hand
up my stockings to my ready and warm pussy and feel me jump when you start to circle my clit
gentaly.Just wanting to play with me and make me feel pleasure only you can give you then
take your fingures and enter me all the way.I arch my back and let out a huge breathe
staying quiet enough for no one to hear if they passed by.

Getting me really hot now you then start to tickle my clit with your tongue,and i have to put
my sleeve to my sweater in my mouth to keep from being to loud.Twirling your tongue and useing
your fingures you have me sqirming around on the grass and your loven it.You feel my pussy
tighten and start to pulsate over and over so you know your really getting me off strongly so
you take it up a level and start to fondle my ass too.Now you got me cause i’m a kinky chick
and we only do that in the shower,but you didn’t care,so you went for it.I have towelets
in my purse so it was all good.Licking my clit,fingureing my pussy and now playen with my
ass you have me sqirming away so you have to hold me down alittle which you like doing.Me still
with my sweater in my mouth,breatheing really heavy you push on sucking and biting softly.
With fingures moveing in and out on my body i just about can’t handle it and stay quiet.Then
fast you move up on me and put your rock hard dick into me and stop as my nut surrounds your
dick and starts to push and tighten.Then moving slow you shove in deep gripping my shoulders
laying on my chest.Your so deep my eyes open,so you know what to do now,starting slow and
ending up hard,fast and deep til you fill and cum hard.Laying on me for a secound and feeling
our hearts beat solid,we kiss again.Then we sit up and get dressed,and i hand you a few towelets
for your hands.

We stand up and still after so long know one around we head back to the car to go home.The
drive was short so when we got home we had plenty of time for a shower and a movie before
bed.We watched “Lady in the Water”,had a few more beers while talking after the movie and
then went to bed.Enjoying our touch as we held eachother and fell asleep another night together.

The End……….

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