A Moment of Madness

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A moment of madness? Part 1

Oh dear god, what am I doing? This guy has my panties in his pocket. My expensive dress is around his shoulders. I am displaying my body to the world, and if the video camera was any closer to my pussy it would be a vibrator. And I don’t even know him!

Let me explain, I am here ostensibly on business but at a loose end this morning as a client with whom I had an appointment had to cry off for health reasons.

What does one do in a strange town? I mean a town one has never visited and not so much as in queer. But queer is possibly the description one would ascribe to my experience in this town.

Briefly, I am a reasonable well educated thirty-something single, career woman with no romantic or other ties. My appearance is, though I say it myself, impeccable and I keep myself very fit by running and regular visits to the gym. The company for which I work pays me well so I have no problem paying my way.

Thus I am trying to find my way to the centre of this town to find cultural sights to see, places to visit to pass a few hours. Unfortunately my sense of direction is not the best of my skills and I find myself in what can only be described as the seedier part of the area not far from the centre. I look around for a local person to ask for directions; I have a smattering of the language of this country and hope it will get me by. Unfortunately the narrow streets are bereft of people. At least until I come across a guy porting a video-cam emerging from a side street. He appears to be shooting scenes of the buildings.

As I approach he swings the camera around and walks up to me. He speaks in a dialect I don’t understand and I tell him so as best I can. The guy understands and begins to speak in pigeon-English.

“Pretty lady, you show for me your beauty please”. The camera is in my face and I push it away.

“Direct me to the centre please”, I demand.

“Yes yes, centre, come I show, then you show body, I have money, I pay”. Through his accent I am sure that he is propositioning me with sexual intent.

” Don’t be silly I don’t go with any man for sex for money”, I snap.

“You show titties, I pay much, you just show, no sex.”, was his reply.

There is no sign of other people let alone a policeman so I decide to humour this man and to walk to where there will be more people.

“I don’t believe that any woman would do this thing, let alone in public”, I state.

“Yes yes, I have automobile. We go there, you show titties for money, and more money if you show panties too”. He is completely unabashed and continues to point the camera at me, scanning from head to toe, lowering it to the hemline of my summer dress, trying to shoot under it.

“You do not tell the truth, people do not do these things in public” I say.

“Yes, yes, do many beautiful girls this way, you look here, I show” he offered.

Swinging the camera screen around he presses a button and the screen shows a girl, barely above the legal age, walking in what appears to be the street along which we are walking.

I laugh, “She is shaking her head, she said no”.

Another button press and the video fast forwards to a scene of the same girl obviously in a car displaying her boobs to the camera followed by the guy handing over money. Her face is flushed and I recognise the signs that she is sexually aroused.

“OK, she showed her breasts but she wouldn’t show her panties” I claim.

The guy fast forwards the video again, now filling the screen is an exposed, very aroused pussy, glistening with the evidence of vaginal secretions. Then a slender finger appears and begins to slide over and between the pussy lips.

“Yes”, the guy insists, “many girls like money to show, now you want money too”. It was a statement not a question.

He is getting bolder now and the camera probes under my dress. Strangely, I am fascinated and allow the camera to peer at my legs. It is raised higher taking with it the hem of my dress. Daringly I spread my legs and allow the lens to witness that I wear a tiny string that covers just the essential part of my pussy. In this hot weather I prefer to allow the air full access to my pussy whilst providing some protection for my dress when sitting.
Now the lens is eager to see my rear and swings around, I bend slightly at the waist to show my butt to advantage. The guy grabs my dress and pulls it up, exposing my ass to the world. Looking around I see only a face at a window high in a tenement block so continue to allow the exposure.

“You show titties now in automobile” demands the camera man.

” And you trap me there and drive me who knows where, no thank you”.

He stops, ” no, no, I am honest man I pay for you the money and I sell to internet the video, I no steal you away”.

Looking around to be sure there is no accomplice I reach into my dress to scoop out a breast. The guy quickly refocusses the camera; I have his attention right here in the street.

“Ah yes beautiful lady, yes, good, more titty, more titty!” his voice is now an octave higher than before.

The location and the possibility of discovery are combining to raise my libido, I am thrilled to imagine horny guys sitting in front of their PC’s, probably stroking at their penises, watching my body.

I begin to do a dance that I saw in the middle east and gyrate around the camera. Thrusting my hips forward, bending my knees to emphasise the curve of my ass.

” The panties, you take off now lady, show beautiful pussy”. He never asked but directed.

As part of my dancing I sensuously remove the string and oh how good the cool air felt on my over heated pussy.

As I continued to dance more and more faces appeared at windows in the tenements in the street. I lift the hem of my dress to my waist exposing the lower half of my body and there I am in a street in a foreign town being videoed. Even the guy has to check that there are no police around to arrest us, but I am on a roll, nothing will stop me.

As I dance along the street I notice the noise of traffic getting louder and see ahead pedestrians and traffic, indeed we arrive at a large car parked at the curb. The central locking system clunks and the guy points to the car.

“Yes pretty lady now you go in automobile and I pay you many money for to see pussy close”.

I am hooked, the guy operating the camera has rugged good looks and appears to be in his late twenties. He is dressed in an obviously expensive collared shirt, open at the neck and light grey chino jeans cover what it is that I now am eager to discover at his crotch. He pulls open a rear door and indicates that I get in.

Now sitting beside me in the rear of this large car the camera man zooms in on my breasts and in exaggerated movements I massage them, tweaking the nipple erect. The camera is now held at my knees viewing up my legs which I open to allow it full access to my pussy.

The guy smiles at me. ” Lady likes to show everybody her body, yes?”. I say nothing, I want to see what would happen if I were a younger woman being asked to perform.

From his pocket he takes a fold of bank notes and peels off three high value notes. The notes are waved in my face.

“You take now the money, you have earned it, there is more if you let me play with pussy”.

I take the bank notes. “How much more money, I do not allow you to play with my pussy for this little”, I indicate the money that he has paid me.

“Two times that if I finger your pussy and you hold my penis”, he promises. I nod agreement and immediately he pushes apart my legs and his fingers are sliding over my pussy lips. The camera follows. The guy indicates for me to slide my ass towards the camera to allow him easier access to my wet pussy.

“Take off the dress, I want see all body, beautiful titties”. All the time the camera light blinks at me, recording in close-up every detail. The dress comes easily over my head and I am now totally naked in a car, in a street, with a guy I have never before met, performing to a video camera with the prospect of guys world wide eventually stroking their cocks to the images.

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