A Night at the Lake

It was a beautiful summer day, a Saturday and my entire family was at my Uncle Scott and Aunt Billy’s lake house. It was hot, and most of us were swimming, or taking turns on the Jet Ski. My uncle grilled up some dinner on his grill and before we knew it night was falling. We lit a fire and all sat around, watching shooting stars and talking about life and the cosmos.

By around 9:30 most of the family had left to go back to their homes, but my family and my Aunt Kim’s family decided we would all just spend the night because we were too tired to drive home (except for Kim’s husband, who works night shifts). There were a handful of bedrooms and a loft for the kids, plus one pull-out sofa. It was around 10:00 and I was the last one left outside, everyone else had gone to bed. I walk up onto the deck and open up the slider door which was right next to the pull-out sofa where Kim was sleeping.

There was very little moon light in the room, but there was enough for me to see that she was in a wife beater top and loose short shorts. She didn’t have the covers on because it was so warm out, and until that moment I had never realized truly how attractive she was. She was about thirty and I had always known that she was the most attractive of my relatives, but seeing her like this just blew my mind. I tried to be as quiet as I could, but she must have still been awake because she looked up at me and said that everyone else was already asleep, and I might as well just sleep on the other half of the pull-out sofa because there was plenty of room. I agreed, climbed onto the bed, and fell asleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night; I must have rolled over while I was asleep because I was right next to Kim in the bed. Before I had the chance to roll back, I felt her hand gently touch my stomach and she started rubbing it slightly. I couldn’t tell if she was still asleep or if she had woken up, but her hand started exploring more of the front of my body, up to my chest and back down to my stomach. She lightly gripped my shirt between her fingers and pulled it up a little, just enough to expose my stomach above my shorts. I tried rolling over but her fingers found my hip and held it down on the bed. She scooted herself over, still laying on her stomach. She nuzzled her chin in the nook between my shoulder and my neck, letting her hand stroll down my shorts.

I felt a strong sensation; I couldn’t have spoken if I had tried. She whispered into my ear, “I’m on birth control…” She grabbed my already hard penis and gave it a little squeeze, and I could feel her smile next to my cheek. I turned my hand so that my palm was facing up and I reached for her pussy, cupping it over her shorts, squeezing in return. We pulled each other’s shorts off and turned our bodies to face each other. She wrapped her leg around mine and pulled me close into her, and I could feel her breasts pushing into me. The lips of her pussy were wrapped around the shaft of my hard penis, moving up and down. She moved her hips just far enough away, letting the head of my penis slip into her hole.

She pulled herself near to me, shoving my entire penis into her, gripping my back in pleasure. She rolled me onto my back, humping my penis, moving her hips slowly all the way up so I almost fell out and then all the way back down. It felt so good. She started kissing my neck, sucking and nibbling and thrusting her hips up and down faster and harder. I couldn’t take it, I was moaning in pleasure and so was she. I bit down on her neck too, and it muffled the sounds of our moaning. She was thrusting faster and pulled herself all the way down on me, letting my entire penis sit in her as she rocked back and forth. She started moving up again and it felt so good, I didn’t know how much longer I would last. She went down again and no matter how hard I tried to resist it I exploded my load into her, wave after wave of my cum shooting deep inside of her. She was biting my neck harder and I knew she could feel my load inside her and she started to orgasm. My penis finally stopped shooting into her but it was still hard and she rode it just as hard as ever, extending her orgasm to the fullest. I moved my hand up and cupped her breasts in my palms as I continued to suck on her neck. Eventually her orgasm stopped and she stopped humping me, letting me sit inside of her as I gradually got smaller. She rolled off of me and started playing with my penis with her hands. We pulled our shorts back on, moved to our opposite sides of the bed, and fell back asleep.

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