A pleasant suprise by the clerk

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One evening after I work I went out with some guys for cocktails. We drank for some time and then one by one they left and I was by myself. I walked out the back door and was feeling quite aroused because of the alcohol. I had a nice hard on going and was wondering what to do. I was not familiar with the area and walked down the street and saw an adult book store and remembering other experiences I went in. I browsed around for few minutes and stopped in front of a display I had never before seen … a rack of magazines with guys fisting. I did not know of fisting at the time and I was fascinated by what I was seeing. I had such a hard on that it was bulging and throbbing through my suit trousers. The next thing I knew I felt a hand squeezing my throbbing member. Man, that felt so good I didn’t jump or react in any way. It was the clerk from behind the counter who came around and grabbed me. He looked at me and pointed to a curtained area at the back of the store and began leading me there by pulling on my now huge throbbing erection. I was nervous about someone coming in and I said “What about the door?”. He pointed again, this time to the door where I saw keys in the dead bolt assumed he had locked the door so we would not be disturbed. I must have been so engrossed in looking at the fisting magazines that I did not hear or see him lock the door and slide up by me until he put his and on my obvious erection.

His hand on my cock felt so good that I followed as he pulled on it and led me to the curtained area. In there, there was a bench built into the wall. He motioned for me to sit down and I did. Then, and this was awesome, he reached up, undid my belt and pulled my trousers down. It was a good suit I was wearing but I did not care and let my trousers fall to the floor. I think he liked what he saw because I was wearing silky bikini underwear. He stroked my cock for a while through my silky bikinis, it was heaven. To feel another mans hands on my legs and body was exhilarating. I am breathing hard and hoping not to cum too soon. I was able to control my orgasm as he reached up and pulled my bikinis down. When my cock was freed it sprang up like a a piece of steel. I could see pre cum dripping from the tip. I pulled my shirt up exposing all my glory and giving my hips, cock, ass and legs to him to do what ever he wanted. I was so hot, so hard and so ready to cum. He stroked all parts of my exposed body and then took my cock in his hand and put it in his mouth. It was bright in the curtained area and to watch a guy sucking me off was as exciting as the feeling of his mouth on my cock. I slid back on the bench and kicked one leg of my trousers completely off. I knew what I wanted to do and did it. I brought both of my feet up and put them on the bench so my ass was fully exposed and pulled open. Feeling air on my asshole was wonderful. I thought this is how a chick must feel when she spreads while being eaten. Well my new friend knew what he was doing because the next thing I knew he had slipped a finger in my ready hole. How could this be? I am getting a great blow job and ass finger fucked a the same time. I thought about how many chicks I had asked to do just this and none would. Well, fuck all them. I had what I had always wanted and dreamed about. I just laid back looking at the ceiling. The feel of his hair on my thighs as he went way down on me was just heavenly. He worked my cock with his mouth and tongue while pushing his finger in and out of my hole. He would pull his finger almost out letting my anus clamp down and throb then he would gently shove it all the way in and push on my prostate. I was breathing hard he was making lapping noises on my cock. I did not want to cum but finally I gave in and let myself orgasm like never before. He took every bit I shot and swallowed it all. While still fingering me he licked my cock clean then squeezed my nuts kind of hard, which felt pretty good, and pulled his finger from my hole. I laid back, spent, my hole throbbing, my cock still semi-hard and still looking at the ceiling thought I was in heaven. I must have been like that for a few minutes because when I finally looked down he was gone. I got up, pulled up my trousers and arranged myself and walked out of the curtained area. I looked around and saw him behind the counter looking the other direction. I walked by on my way to the now unlocked door and said “Thanks, that was the best.” We made eye contact for the first time and he said “Thank you, you made my day.” I left thinking how a chick must feel when she unexpectedly gives it up to a guy. I dream about him often.

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