Afternoon Latte

Afternoon Latte

He walks into the coffee shop for an afternoon pick me up…..he thought was only going to be a latte….

The blonde, sitting in the back corner was working on her laptop…it had been raining so she was wearing a raincoat….tied around her waist but her boobs were peeking out and he noticed. What was she wearing underneath? Her boobs were tanned and all he could think about was his desire to suck those tits

He got his latte and sat in the opposing corner…he could read the paper but just over the top of the page, he could see her…watch her….what the hell was she typing on her laptop? She seems so involved in whatever she is working on and as she continues to lick her lips slowly…she is smiling…

Watching and noticing her heartbeat underneath her raincoat….licking slowly with the tip of her tongue her lips…slowly…stopping for a moment as she looks up to see he has been watching her and has a hard on. This excites her and she opens her legs just a little for him to see…to watch him as he gets harder. As she watches him get larger she continues typing on that damn laptop! She runs her hand down her neck, just to the top of her boobs, slowly down her body, and resting between her legs….just under the table.

He is about to cum so he slowly gets up to go to the bathroom….so close to cuming that he can barely walk. The blonde notices that his dick is bulging out of his pants and sees a wet spot down his leg. She does not look away and smiles back at him…almost a giggle…

A few minutes later he returns…his phone rings but he does not know the number. A sexy voice is telling him what she would do with a cock like his. First she would start by slowly unzipping his pants…softly caress his dick in her hands….stroke up and down…slowly…teasing his head with her fingertip…then lick her fingers she will continue to stroke him…up and down…then faster! His dick will be so hard, throbbing, aching…she will then lick his head…wet, warm, soft lips will suck him with each mouthful she will take him in. Deep…deeper…wetter

By now his dick is so hard that he thinks he is cuming at that very moment….wants to so bad…but doesn’t want this voice to stop telling him what she will do with his dick…but who is this calling…and how did she get my number?

Tilts his head back, eyes closed so he can hear every word, imagine if she were sucking on his dick….he can hear her moans….she is also about to cum herself, he is certain. He unzips his pants and strokes his dick as if it were her mouth…

Just as he thinks he can’t stop…the blonde is standing over him….straddles him, rubbing his hard cock with her hot pussy and rubs her wetness on his dick….stroking up and down as she licks her lips…slowly…..rubs her pussy up and down his swollen dick…slowly….up and down as she gets wetter each stroke….just as they both feel they are about to cum….she sits on his lap….his dick is inside her wet, warm, pulsing pussy…she stops to feel all of him…inside her pussy…then long, hard, deep inside of her…he comes with her….over and over again.

She kisses him gently on the mouth….walks over and picks up her laptop…turns and walks away with their creams slowly running down her leg….

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