Arena of Pleasure: Avril Lavigne

Okay so here it is I love my job more and more each day because lately it seems hot sexy famous women are falling into bed with me and this night was no exception although I did not think it possible as Avril is married and seems pretty together or as much so as possible for a famous person in the public eye. It was one like no other as there was no foreplay. I was going to her dressing room after the show to see when she would want to come out and meet people and press as they were starting to gather in the backstage area.
When I entered her dressing room, she had left it unlocked and so I walked in. There she was sitting in the chair in front of the vanity table the back of her reflected in the mirrors on the table. The smell of pot in the air. The bog on the vanity beside her. She was completely naked, her legs spread wide with her roadie between them eating her pussy. She looked like she had just got out of the shower her hair was wet as it clung to her body all around her neck and beautiful tits with rock hard nipples. I could not see her pussy. She was moaning and gritting her teeth as she washed the guys face. Her eyes rolling back in her head. I turned and locked the door and walked over to her in the chair and ran my fingers through her hair. She looked up at me and smiled.
“Having fun Avril?”
“Oh god yeah, I get off stage, I take a shower and my roadie here tongue fucks me. Cause performing makes me so horny it is insane.” she said as her body moved with the strokes of her lovers tongue.
“Want a little company?” I asked. She just smiled and unzipped my fly and reached in and took out my dick. She leaned forward and began using her mouth to harden it.
“You are quite a little slut aren’t you?” I gasped
“I don’t here you complaining buddy” she said stroking my dick she gripped it tighter as she came from the cunnilingus going on down below. Then used her foot to push the guy away and stood up. She turned and pulled herself onto the vanity and spread her legs showing me her soaking wet shaved pussy and motioned me over with her finger.
C’meere stud” she said as her other lover sat in the chair and blazed up the bong and took a long hit off it.
I stepped by the guy and between Avril’s legs and entered her quick. She wrapped her legs around me and ran her fingers up and down my chest as I banged her and kneaded her nipples hard. She bit her lip as she climaxed for a second time.
“Where do you want it?” I grunted, feeling my own climax coming.
“My tits, blow lots of come onto my tits” she said. Not wanting to disappoint I pulled out and wrapped her hand around my slimy shaft and told her to pump. In no time at all she had a sticky rack. She scooped up a lot of the cream and sucked it off her fingers.
Not done yet she returned tp her other lover and inhaled as he blew smoke into her mouth. She started rubbing his shaft and in no time at all she was returning the favor and sucking is cock as she stayed on her feet bent over. As he continued smoking up. I was about to leave them to it when I got a look at that sweet naked ass and her wet inviting slit. Also since my cock was still hard I decided that a little more of that sweet tight slit was in order. So I pushed back inside her she moved with me as we got a good hump going. It wasn’t long before he came deep down her throat. She slowly stood up with me still in her allowing me to reach around and play with her clit as we ground into each other. She turned her head to watch our sex session in the mirrors.
“We are hot together” she slurred a little hazy from the orgasms no doubt. “I am going to go again, flick my clit quick” she begged. I began to flick as the other gut began to play with her tits. She pulled him forward out of the chair.
“Suck my fucking nipples you idiot!” She screamed as she came deep and long again.
I followed suit and came deep inside her sopping wet spent pussy.
“Thanks guys I needed that” she said toweling off “Lemme get dressed and have a beer and I will be out to see everyone.” she said zipping up my fly.
She then sent us out and we went our separate ways and did not see her till she appeared at the party. We talked one more time that evening. Long enough for her to tell me my come ran right down her leg.

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