ATV Fun 13

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Shelly’s sexy storys 13 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker

Detacated to:The Redwoods I Love…………


We bought two brand new Grizzly 450 ATV’s for ourselves for our 5th year anniversary.
Cause we wanted to be able to reachcool places and not to mention the playing in the
mud and riding up and down hills together in the sticks.We are nature peopleso we had
to be able to play in the woods.Looking online,the time came when we were ready to take
them out.So you hooked them up to your Ford Bronco and loading all our gear and we
headed to the mountains where we went that time to Navaro by the Sea,on thecoast.I knew
of a bunch of place there and i wanted to show you a lot of them.Logging roads that ran
through the whole forestand then some.Hitting Hwy 20 we knew the ride would take a while,
so we set back and let the road roll under us.

After a few hours we came up to Hwy 101,and headed towards Hwy 253,then pulling up to
Hwy 128 we turned and headed to the coast.Hwy 128 is beautiful,full of wine tasteing
vinerds and a flat valley til you hit a little town called Philo.Then the redwood
trees start to line the side of the road along the river.Ferns and huge trees,some cut
down to stumps back in the 1900’s.And even more uncut and standing tall like kings and
queens forever majesticly perfect.

Going through Hwy 128 til we hit Hwy 1 along the coast.I was home and now ready to
show you some awesome places to play.I had been wanting to show you an old mushrooming
spot down a raod in Ft.Bragg so we headed that way.Coming around a bend andyou notice
you have seen this before,the trees end and there the sky opens to the ocean,blue with
white caps as far as the eye could see.You look over at me and smile cause you know how
much i love the ocean.Us continueing for a few til we hit Ft.Bragg.Then i have you turn
down this road and we head to the end where it turns into dirt.So we park and get the ATV’s
off the trailer and set up to go.

We got extra fuel,munchies,and drinks at the store before turning on the road so we
were covered.Then you pull a duffle bag out of the back of the truck and our helmets
and bunngy the bag to your ATV.Me wondering whats in the bag but not wanting tobe nosey
i just let it go.You liked to surprise me sometimes.As i do you also,when the time is
right.We start the bikes and let them warm up before we take off,locking the truck and
putting our helmets on.You give me the saftey talk as always wantingme to be careful.
Then ready we hop on the bikes and haul ass down the dirt road.Me ahead of you and moving
fast i come up to the fork and turn hard throwing dirt,you push on the gas to catch up
next to me and we go side by side.

Then off to the side i see the trail i was looking for so again i take a hard turn and
head down the side of a steep enbankment heading strait down,so you follow me,shocked i
wasn’t afraid to do it.Me standing up a few times for levage on some rough parts wemake
it to the bottom.I stop for a second,look at you and point to a small open area to the sun
full of yellow flowers.I pull up and shut down my bike,so you do the same.Getting off
the bikes and taking our helmets off,you unbunngy the bag and walk over to me.Opening the
bag on the back of my bike,you pull out our white fake polar bear fur rug.I start to laugh
and say”oh honey,howcool”.You smile back and walk over into the clearing and lay the rug
out for us in the sun.Grabing the bag of nibbles,i walk over
to you and we sit down.

For some reason the wind started to blow on us from above and i get the butterflies i
did the first time we kissed in my sister’sbathroom before we got together.Feeling me
start to shack and my heart beat going up you ask if i’m ok and i look you in the face,in
your smiling eyes and say “Yes,ilove you my man”,and you smile and say back,”and i love
you my woman”.The sun shining down onus from high in the sky warming us in the breeze
that came up.All the flowers around us moving like a wave and smelling so nice.We lean i
and kiss softly,our lips open slowly and our tongues start to dance with eachother.
Laying me back on the rug you unzip my riding suit and help me pull it off.You love
undressing me no matter what i’m wearing.Under my suit i had on a whitetight tank top
that showed my nipples off.Which you now had to point out,then i unzipped your riding
suit.You stand up and take it off.Sitting back down in your bokers looking so sexy to
me in the sunlight,and me removeing my bottoms to my suit.I had a two piece
and you had a one piece suit.

Me now only in my panties and the white tank top and you in your boxers.Those butterfies
come again.Looking in eachothers eyes again we lean in and remove eachothers hair ties,
letting our hair down.Which we always did when we wanted to be naughty with eachother.I
start to run my fingures through your hair and slowly scratching your skin a long your
neck and shoulders.As i do and the breeze tickles our bodies giving us the chills,my
nails still running down your chest.You then take your fingures and start to run them
through my hair and down my shoulders to my boobs and in to my tank top,sliding you
hands under and pulling it off over my head.My titties out now you curess them and begin
to play like you do which makes me hot every time.

Then softly but firmly you wrap your arms around my body and hug me.As you lay me back
on the rug,Your hair smelling so good.Moving down you rub on my body so strong,sliding
your fingures in me and i jump from the sensation.Knowing that i’m at your miresyso you
drive deeper in me and i start to sqirm,and you loven it.Fingureing me and sucking on my
titties i’m getting really hot,soi reach down ang take your hard cock in my fingures and
start to stroke you.The skin moving so slow on your shaft sliding to the tip and back
down again.Us now warmed up and ready i lean up and get on top of you as you lay back.Your
dick deep in me i start to pull you in and out of my pussy slowly at first then i get some
speed but not to much.You reach up and grab my breats firmly as i do.and then i move to
kiss you,our lips touching softly as i ride,my hair draped around your face.

That love making feeling fills us both as we grind,panting and heaving heavy.Moaning and
breathing fast we keep goinguntil my legs start to give out then we switch positions to
where i’m laying on my stomach as you stick your dick in me from the back.Deep penatrationing
fills us both with exhilaration.,so we keep going.My pussy begins to cum over and over as you
thrust into it.Pulsing and me tightening up,you start to feel that feeling from you gut and
with one fast push you cum hard in me deeply.Laying on my stomach with you on my back,your
arms streached out a long mine and our hair draped over us we lay there for a minute,you
holding me closely.Making it a priceless moment.Then i roll over with you on top of me and
we kiss gently and smile at eachother
happy with our fun in the woods.

The sun was starting to set so we got dressed and packed up,hoped back on our bikes
and went to head out back the way we came.You watching me climb the cliff face we came
down,not believing i could do it.As i reach the top and stop to wait for you smiling
you come right up behind me,and up the trail to the dirt road we go.Knowing the logging
road at night was gonna be the hard part.But i knew them well so turning still to go
deeper into the woods you follow me.We play for about another two hours up and down the
roads and hills throwing dirt and having fun til the sun goes down and we have to turn
on our headlights.Heading back to the truckwe ride side by side through the night air.

Getting to the truck we load it and get the bikes up on the trailer then head out
to go home.A long drive to play but worth it for us.After a few hours we pull in to
our driveway.You put the ATV’s away in the garage and the truck next to them and come
in the house.Me getting ready for the shower,so you get the idea to play again so you
hop in with me.It had been a long day but whats more fun with the wife,right.So we
get into the shower and start to soap eachother up gliding our hands over our skin.
The heat from the water feelingso good,you then grab me close and kiss me,our lips
touch and then our mouths open and our tongues begin to roll tasteing oneanother
softly.The steam wasn’t the only thing getting hot.You start to grow hard and i knew
it so i take my hand and play with you gently.You getting very arroused from it and
me moving down on to my knees as you spray me down and all the soap.Now riased off i
go to town on you,with you nutting earlier that day this was gonna take a while.

My lips sliding on the skin on your dick gets you even harder.Slowly then a little fast
then back to slow again i move.You have me by the back of the head,i look up and you
and smile with my eyes.And you smile back,standing there all wet with your hair dripping
leaning back a little so i can reach you good and you can see it all.Watching me always
turns you on so in the shower it was a must.Me still sucking and licking away,you wanted
to play to so pulling me up you then turn me around ,my back on your front and wrap
you arms around under my arms and curess my titties and kissing biting on my neck.Then
you bend me over and stick your self in,me,me all sweet smelling.You grab the back of
my hair the way i like it and begin to pound me like an animal.Water flowing on us,and
me moaningloudly.We keep moving in what seems like one motion,getting it deep and hard.
We go so long the hot water starts to get alittle cold.Sowe decided to take this to our

Getting out of the shower we don’t even dry off,we head for our bed.You throw me down
and hop on top of me again,your wet hair hangingdown on my boobs and sending small spasms
up my spine from the now cold tips.Putting your cock in again, you start to ravage me,my
body jumping and pulling closer to yours.We keep going for awhile til i can no long take
it.Then i have you lay back and i take control,I put your dick into my mouth and bareing
down on you,to where you let out a moan i only hear every now and then so now i know your
at mymirsey.So sucking hard and your heart pumping,you get that feeling in your gut again
and with your hands you grab the back of my head
and pop your load down my throat.

Us both now tired and ready for bed,crawl under the covers and hold eachother and fall
fast to asleep,feeling happy and more in love
then ever.

The End……

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