Barefoot In the Park

Julie stared off across the lawn. I had no idea what she was looking at but sometimes out of the corner of my eye I could swear she was ogling the half naked people who were walking by our beach blanket.

She had been acting funny since we got to the park, actually she had been funny all day. She knew I had an article due on Monday and she had an assignment due on Tuesday, but she insisted nonetheless that we go to the park and sunbathe.

When she asked me I said no. “I have too much to do,” I said, “and don’t you have that presentation on Tuesday? You’re the one who’s always saying I don’t work hard enough, now listen to yourself.” I knew I was going to give in eventually, but I wanted to at least give her the illusion of a fight, it’s good for my self-esteem.

When we got to the park it was around noon. Julie is not a slacker, however skiving off a day of homework to sunbathe isn’t that out of character for her. But the way she was acting when we got there was truly bizarre. She was nervous and excitable; she was laughing at all my jokes, which usually only get either half a smirk, or worse, a disapproving stare.

It was even more odd when it took her almost half an hour to find a place to sit down. She kept walking in and out of the crowds, looking hard at every empty spot and the people around it, and then moving on in search for another one. Each time I would ask when we were going to sit down, she would just look up at me and wink.

We finally found a place to sit down, “Did you pick this spot because of that guy in the nice bathing suit?” I asked. She just giggled and spread out her blanket.

I opened my magazine and began to read a very dry article about OPEC and it’s effect on democracy in the middle east. I expected Julie to lay down on her back and soak up sun, but she just kept sitting there, staring out across the park. I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up about an hour later; Julie was still sitting in the same position, sitting completely upright and at attention. I asked her what was wrong and she didn’t reply. I sat up to tap her on the shoulder, when I noticed that the bottom of her bathing suit had been pulled to one side exposing her pussy. It was barely visible, but it was there, and so was the little wet spot around her lips, and on the towel.

I asked her if she was ok again, she just leaned her head back, smiled at me and nodded. She took my arm and put it around her waist, I could feel her perfect smooth skin and her soft flesh, I grabbed her breast playfully. They’re the perfect size, the kind you would see on a tall striking woman in a flowing cocktail dress. They weren’t so big that they took away from her other features, just perfect and round and firm.

Usually when I do grab her boob in public she shoots me a sideways look and feigns surprise. But this time, she clamped my hand down on it and squeezed gently. She leaned back to kiss my cheek and said softly “lay back down and be still”.

I kissed her neck and lay back down. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind. I expected her to maybe lay back down with me, but she just sat there, staring off into space. After five minutes or so I started to see her elbow rise and fall, I knew her bathing suit was still open and I had a vague idea of what she might be doing.

She lay back down beside me again and covered herself up, she rolled over onto her side and laid her head against my chest and kissed my ear gently. I had been trying to hide my erection, it always made me embarrassed, she caught me as usual and said in her coyest voice “are you hard Jonathan?” Pronouncing my name with this certain pretentious inflection that just made me like her even more. “Yes, yes I am, what are you going to do about it Ms. Cloud?” I said.

She slipped her hand up my shorts so quickly I didn’t know what had happened. Once it was up there I realized that she had positioned herself in such a way so that no one else could see what she was doing. Her hand crept up past my inner thigh, and onto my balls. They were warm from the sun and from being trapped in my shorts all afternoon, they weren’t sweaty though, just warm and soft. She held onto them for a little while and I got even harder. She looked up and winked at me and put her lips against my neck.

We stayed like that for a few minutes until I relaxed and got used to her playing with me like that. She moved her cheek from mine and went down my chest and onto my stomach. Her fingers crept over to the band of my shorts and pulled them down just enough so that the tip of my cock was poking out the front.

She looked up at me and smiled, then she dove down onto my hard dripping cock, her soft lips wrapped themselves around it’s head. She didn’t move her lips or her head; She just lay there with only the tip in her soft, wet mouth and she stroked my balls and the space just below them for a long time.

The sun was beating down on us and people were walking by constantly, completely oblivious to what was going on. Then I felt her tongue dart out from behind her teeth and touch the tip of my swollen cock, she just circled it, over and over and over while she squeezed my full aching balls with her hand. This was too much for me, and I knew she wanted to make me cum, I touched her head gently and held on to it while she circled my cock. I rubbed her back in time with the movements of her tongue until suddenly I bore down on her head. At that same moment she squeezed my balls with gentle force and I came, and came, and came in her mouth; just letting it all go in her mouth, I knew she liked how it felt, especially when she had really turned me on and made me cum a lot. She would always brag about it for days afterwards.

When I finished she sat up again, tucked my softening cock back in my pants and went back to staring off across the field. I sat up and put my arms around her from behind and kissed her neck as we stared out and watched the people strut across the lawn.

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