Bathroom Pleasure

It was on a Wednesday at about noon or so. Amber had just got done running some errands and she decided to stop by her boyfriends school and surprise him with a visit. They hardly ever had a chance to see each other since she was taking night classes at the local college and her boyfriend Anthony was a senior in high school. She arrived at the school and parked her car in the parking lot. She brushed her hair and put it up in a high ponytail just like Anthony loves. She prayed a couple squirts of his favorite perfume of hers and put on a layer of her sweet smelling and sweet tasting lip gloss before she got out of the car. She adjusted her short skirt and made it about an inch shorter, and then took off her white button up shirt that she had worn for her job interview. Now, looking more sexy than before, in her short black and white skirt and white baby tee that hugged her body so nicely, she grabbed her jacket and threw it on as she strolled up the stairs to the front door. Amber glanced breifly at her reflection before opening the door and walking into her old high school. As she walked down the long hallway to the office, she passed one of hre old classrooms. it was her math class with Mr. Lampman. Seeing the room brought back old memories. (that’s another story though) She made her way into the office and signed the visitor sing in sheet. She signed in as Anthony’s sister and told the secretary that she had to speak with ehr brother right away. It was an emergency. The lady gave Amber her name tag and told her to be sure to sign out before she leaves. Amber thanked the secretary and headed upstairs to Anthony’s classroom. She took one last look at herself in the mirror before opening the door to his classroom and stepping inside. The students were all on thier computers and the teacher was not in sight. Amber whispered Anthony’s name. He turned around and to his surprise, saw his beautiful girlfriend awaiting him. A few of the other guys turned around and stared at Amber as she approached her man. One of the other guys in the class asked if she was Anthony’s sister or something. Amber responded by giving Anthony a sensual kiss on the lips and then taking his hand and leading him to the door. She said to him “we have some business to take care of, so get your things together and meet me in the hallway.” Without hesitation Anthony scrambled to get his things and Amber walked out of the classroom. As she waited for her man, she saw his teacher walking down the hall. She approached him and said “Hello, sir. My name is Amber, I am Anthony’s sister. Our mom sent me down here to tell Anthony something and it is kind of an emergency. Do you mind if I borrow my brother for a few minutes?” “No, not at all,” he said. He walked into the classroom an a few seconds later, Anthony came out. As soon as they got into the stairwell, Amber dropped her purse on the floor and backed Anthony up against the wall. He dropped his bag as she kissed him intensely. She then whispered in his ear “I have a present for you. I have a lot of pent up energy and I need to let some of it go.” With that, she picked up her purse and walked down the stairs. Anthony grabbed his bag and ran after her. They went all the way down into the basement, and Amber made her way towards the bathrooms that never got used. She grabbed Anthony by the front of his shirt and pulled him in with her. She then shut and locked the bathroom door. She pushed her body up against his as they kissed. Anthony ran his hand down her neck and her back, then tightly grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up onto the sink. Amber moaned with excitement as Anthony started to kiss along her neck. her clit throbbed in her panties and she could not wait much longer to fuck her boyfriend. She reached her hand down and rubbed on his cock from the outside of his pants. She could feel how hard and horny he was and that turned her on even more. She wrapped her long legs around his muscular body. He held on hand on her back and the other on her ass as he picked her up. She reached one hand down between her legs to undo his pants. They dropped to the ground to reveal his silky black boxers. “I want you inside me. NOW!” She said to Anthony. She released her legs from around him. It took all the strength she had to stand on her own. Amber was so overcome with sexual tension she could barely move, but she made her way over to the sink and turned around. “Come here big boy!” she said and he hurried over to her. “Fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me hard,” she said to him. He complied. He dropped his boxers to reveal his hard pulsating cock ready to penetrate her pussy. With no further hesitation Anthony slid his cock deep into his girls hot wet pussy. Amber moaned loudly with excitement and anticipation for more. He slid it out slowly and then shoved it back in sending Amber’s body into a mini convulsion from the pleasure. He did this everal times to tease her. Finally, he got down to business. He stopping teasing her and let her have it for real. Amber felt his cock sliding in and out in and out of her pussy. She moaned loudly and Anthony kissed her to mask her moans. He leaned down and shoved his face into Amber’s firm D cup breasts. she gently bit on her bra and shirt and lightly tugged at them. Amber took off her top and the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down as he fucked her made Anthony even more excited. They kissed passionately as the sexual pleasure increased. Anthony reached his hand down and gently played with Amber’s clit sending chills up her whole entire body. Amber squealed with pleasure and excitement. Anthony picked up speed and Amber could feel herself about to climax. She clenched her fingers onto Anthony’s shoulders as her body shook from pleasure as she flew into the most intense orgasm and ecstacy she had ever been subjected to. She screamed wildly and out of control. Anthony told Amber was was ready and she commanded him to cum inside her. He did as told. He shot his hot and sticky load deep inside her wet pussy and moaned with pleasure. Both out of breath and sweaty, they collapsed into each others arms for a couple minutes until they regained composure. They put their clothes back on and kissed one last time before unlocking the door and exiting the bathroom. On the way back to Anthony’s classroom they walked down the hallway hand in hand and gently kissing every few steps. Anthony went back to class only after Amber making him. he did not want to leave her but she mase him get back to work. Afterall, he has a total of 7 other classes that she can interrupt for him…

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