Being a Very Helpful Nurse

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When I admitted Philip to the cancer ward at work, we hit it off. There was a connection or chemistry that we found hard to deny.
But nothing could happen I was a Nurse and he was my patient it was un-ethical and un-professional.
I continued to look after Philip during his cancer treatment, giving his chemo when due and making sure he was extra comfortable. The other nurses noticed that I would spend longer with Philip than any of my other patients and they made comment one day. I brushed it off saying that he was young and needed a lot of support (knowing full well that I loved looking at his deep blue eyes and I loved being in his room).
Today was his discharge day he had finished his chemo and did quiet well. I told the other nurses that i would be busy for a while educating Philip on what to watch out for when he goes home like infections and stuff.
I went into his room and he was getting changed into his clothes he was sitting on the end of his bed with just his boxers on. I blushed as I apologised for walking in on him. He said “don’t worry about it, its cool”. I asked him if he would like me to come back, “nah” was his reply. I sat on the end of his bed with the booklet I was giving him to take home. We went through it together. I got to the part about safe sex and sexual function (I got embarrassed about talking about sex with Philip because of the way he made me feel). We started to discuss sexual function when Philip asked me if he would still be able to maintain an erection, and if he would be able to please a woman again.
I reassured him with a yes as I paced my hand on his knee, He placed his had on mine and I could feel it trembling. I held it in my hand and looked into his eyes and told him he would have no problems. I was getting turned on I could feel my juices starting to warm up. He looked at me and I looked at him. I asked him if I could prove to him that he would have no problem ( I was soooo turned on at this point I couldn’t let him leave with out knowing he would be fine)…………..
I removed my hand from his and placed it on his thighs as slowly moved it up and down gently caressing his smooth leg. I moved my hand up to hip boxers and slipped it in the leg to find his limp cock. My hand took his cock and slowly stroked it trying to bring it to life. I felt some movement as it warmed up. I stoped and looked at Philip to see if he would believe me now. He looked at me and asked me not to stop. He made himself more comfortable on the bed and I removed his boxers to reveal his cock that was slowly getting bigger. I knew what would work I moved my mouth to this testicle and sucked on it rolling my tongue around it as my hand moved up and down his cock that was getting harder each second. I moved my mouth up his shaft, sliding my tongue along it. I pit the tip of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked on it, rolling y tongue around the tip, teasing him. Each time I took a little more cock into my mouth until it was all there. I slowly moved it in and out of my mouth sucking had on it. I looked at Philip and I saw the pleasure on his face so I continued. I moved harder and faster as he stared to moan in pleasure. My hands were gently massaging his balls and could feel his juices getting ready. Philip said he was going to cum. I wanted to feel his juices in my throat so I continued to suck his cock. He kept on moaning “I’m cumming, You’re making me cum”. I wouldn’t let go I sucked even harder as he Moaned even louder “OHHHH GOD. I’m CUMMING NOW” At this moment I felt his juices enter my mouth and down my throat. He tasted so good.
I stoped and looked at him. He looked much more relaxed. He said to that he had never had a girl make him cum like that. And that he wanted to repay the favour to me…………………..

To Be Continued..

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