Beutiful young daughter

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Im in construction. One day while I was at work one of the subs we have doing work for us had to bring his daughter to help. It was late one afternoon and trying to finish up. The daughter was very sexy and attractive young woman. Her father had to go to another job across town and left her there to finish up. I was done with all my work so I helped her get done.
It was around 7:00 pm and it was going to be some time before her father got back. She came into the office trailer to wait. She noticed my swimsuit calender on the wall and told me she wanted to be a model someday. She started telling me about her fantasias and getting very hot and intense. She asked me if I thought she was model material. I told her she was very sexy and she could be a very good model. She moved closer and started to undress and told me her name was liana.
As she undressed there infront of me she noticed I was getting very hard in my jeans and reached over to unzip them and free my 9 inch dick. She started to rub it and bent over to kiss the head of my dick. She said she was hungry for sex and I was to be her dinner. I started to finger her pussy as she sucked my dick like a lollipop. After a tense 10 15 minutes I blew my load down her throat and she was swallowing ever bit she could. I told her to sit on my desk and I was going to return the faver. She was sweet and juicy and she came in just a short time.
By the time we got done with oral part we where both nude and horny as ever. She got up and turned her ass to me and said fuck my pussy like you where going to tear it up. I started pumping in and out fast and deep and with ever thrust she let out a scream that you could here for miles. I fucked her for what seemed like hours and she came several times before I cum inside her pussy. But when I cum in her pussy it tightened up so that her pussy held me deep in side for several minutes before it would let go. She was exhausted and so was I. She said she never had been fucked so good and she would see me tomorrow for more
To be continued

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  1. woody67

    not too bad, but you need to use spell check, instead of just guessing what the wrds are !

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