campus streaking

A few years back, while going to college, some of my friends decided to bet me to streak across campus. Now this is one of those southern campuses, the kind with men’s and women’s dormitories on opposite side of campus. The bet was to streak from the men’s side to the women’s side and back, no less than six blocks each direction.

Because I worked on campus, I knew that this night all four of the sexy lady campus police were working. I heard that they were all very promiscuous, so I figured even if I got caught, I would end up the lucky one, or so I had hoped. While cutting across the quad, near the colonnade I paused to take a break from running and officer Lisa happened on me.

She spoke firmly and told me to put my hands over my head and freeze. My back was to her, so she told me to slowly turn around. The thought of her in her navy blues already had an effect on me, so as I turned around, it was with a throbbing erection that was pointing at her. She slowly circled me first and told me that I seemed to be carrying a dangerous weapon and she was going to have to cuff me. She radioed for backup, and when officers Jill and Sarah arrived on scene, Lisa removed her handcuffs from their holster. I thought she was going to handcuff me, but she firmly grabbed my balls and placed one side of her cuffs around my cock and balls and cinched them down. Officers Jill and Sarah each grabbed one of my hands and slowly walked me backwards until I was backed into the iron fence that surrounds the quad. Jill attached the lose side of the cuffs to the iron fence. The other two officers each attached their cuffs to my wrist and the fence.

They backed up and viewed me, their prisoner. They all seem to get this evil smile. Sarah slowly removed her shirt, exposing her breast pressed under a bullet proof vest, which she also removed. She place the vest down on the ground in front of me, then she knelt down before me and slid my throbbing cock in her mouth. My eyes must have rolled back in my head for a moment, because the next thing I recall was opening my eyes to see Jill and Lisa kissing one another and removing one another’s clothing. First the shirts, the vests, and then the pants. Lisa’s ass is bare, but Jill seems to be wearing a leather thong. My eyes roll back once again as Sarah forcefully yet sensually thrust her mouth over my dick. As I look up again Lisa is approaching me, her beautifully trimmed pussy looks so delicious, and Jill is right behind her.

Officer Jill tells Officer Sarah to release me from the fence. I am told to lay down on my back and Lisa straddles me, sliding my cock into her very wet pussy. Sarah straddles my face and places her shaved pussy over my mouth, which I eagerly begin to explore with my tongue. As Lisa is pumping my cock into her pussy I feel the need to cum, Jill grabs my balls firmly and commands me to cum. As I feel my release of cum flood into Lisa’s pussy, Sarah is going over the top with her own orgasm. I am told now I must clean up my own cum from her pussy. Lisa lies down and I am instructed to devour the creampie that I have created. As I approach her pussy, Sarah slides under me and begins to nibble at my dick.
As my mouth makes contact with my thick and creamy spunk, Sarah sucks my dick into her mouth. I hear Jill tell Sarah to give her room, she is going to teach me to cover my ass in public next time. I think, uh oh, she is going to whip my ass or something. Then I fill Sarah remove her mouth from my cock, but I still hear her sucking. The next thing I know is that that leather thong, was not just a thong. Sarah was sucking that dildo to lubricate it, slowly Jill slides that eight inch dildo into my exposed ass.

As I begin to protest, Lisa pulls my face into her cum filled pussy, and at the same time Jill forces the dildo into me deep. My cock quickly becomes fully erect. She pumps my ass until I cum again, this time all over Sarah’s tits. They have me cleam up my cum, forcing me to lick up every drop.

After this they bring me back to the station, where they keep me cuffed in the cell, again they have my balls cuffed to the iron of the door.

TO be continued…..

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  1. MasterHank

    Good story, I’m looking forward to the continuation. It will be interesting to see what happens when the guys coming on shift find a bare ass handcuffed to the bars of the cell. I know that if I, Hank, was the Chief of campus security that I’d have to bend you over for a body cavity search using my cock to do the probing. Jill did a good job of priming you with the dildo but only a flesh and blood cock could feel any contraband. Of course then I’d need to have you open wide so I could administer a cum-coated meaty breathalyzer tube down your throat. Only you don’t blow into this one, you suck until you empty it. Boy, you are in a heap of trouble.

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