Chance Encounter

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Chance Encounters

From over the top of his glass Malcolm watched the girl enter the room and order a drink from the bar. He looked around the room and smiled: he wasn’t the only red-hot blooded male who had noticed her. One man was being berated by his girlfriend; he obviously had been caught looking. Sharp tones flowed over to Malcolm’s table and he caught the man’s eye, two looks passed between them- one a look of jealousy, the other derision.

‘Sucker’ he thought.

Malcolm smiled he was glad that he didn’t have that sort of hassle. His friends called him “commitment shy” and he didn’t care what anyone called him. He knew what he wanted when and how and right now he wanted that lady at the bar.

He carried on blatantly looking at her, as she was quite stunning. Her hair was cut short into the classical bob, but something was different about this hairstyle. It was her hair he figured, ebony black. His eyes moved down her neck, graceful like a swan’s. She suddenly turned around and looked directly at Malcolm. He smiled, raising his glass and took a drink, holding her eyes the whole time. She got up from her chair and walked towards him. Her dress clung to her like a sheet of water: the hemline hanging mid thigh, her legs seemed to go on forever.

“May I have a seat” Malcolm nodded his ascent she sat down. They sat looking at each other, slowly finishing their drinks. When they had finished he got up and took her hand leading her out of the bar.

He led them towards the exit keeping to the left; they walked along a corridor and came to a door that said ‘Mens’. He looked at her eyebrows raised; she simply smiled back and quickly nodded her head in confirmation. Malcolm opened the door and they boldly entered. There were a few blokes already using the facilities, all turning to watch the couple as they went into an empty cubicle. As they shut the door behind them the men turned and looked at each other. All were grinning thinking the same thing ‘oh to be that lucky S.O.B’.

Malcolm sat on the toilet and drew her closer to him. As she ran her fingers slowly across the front of her dress her nipples promptly became apparent. He slowly began to lift the hem of her dress, kissing her skin, as inch by inch was revealed to his lips. She wore no knickers and the sweet musky fragrance of her vagina wafted up towards him. He bent his head and pressed his face into her closely cropped pubic hair all the while groaning. His prick was so hard it pushed against his trousers. He raised her dress even further to reveal pert breasts with nipples so erect they looked like chocolate drops waiting to be teased by his wicked tongue.

He couldn’t deny himself such a tempting feast. Taking a nipple into his mouth and firmly placing his hand between her thighs, he sought to bring her to orgasm. His fingers played across her buttocks and caressed her back. She started groaning and pushing her pussy down onto his eager hand, her fingers running through his hair wildly. His fingers seemed to dance over her clitoris, never missing a beat, as they plunged into the depths of her pussy. She came — thrashing, crashing – on Malcolm’s hand, all the while his fingers kept up their work. Malcolm slowly reduced his manipulations and kissed her until she came round.

She looked down at him, blinking constantly, as though in a haze and smiled. Malcolm looked back at her, trying to bring himself under control. His erection was so hard it was painful; he just wanted to fuck that wet pussy he had just been playing with.

Disentangling herself from him she silently told him to stand. She unbuttoned his trousers and moved in front of him, bending over the toilet, beckoning him with a sway of her buttocks. Malcolm held his penis in his hand; there have been few occasions when he could remember his dick being so hard, it seemed to pulse and throb in his hand. Slowly he pushed forward into her warm wet pussy, they both sighed. He began to thrust into her over and over again. She thrust her arse back against him faster and faster. They thrust against each other. Neither cared if they were heard or even being spied upon, they simply followed the rhythm that their bodies demanded, knowing that destination would be glorious. Grunting and sighing they both came at the same time. Their bodies were glowing with sweat, limbs trembling slightly.

When their breathing slowed he cleaned them both up. As she rearranged her hair, a lock fell over her eye and he gently pushed it back behind her ear, slowly and gently placing a kiss on the still throbbing pulse on the side of her neck. She smelt good.

Outside the door of the men’s they said goodbye with a deep kiss, each knowing that they will never see the other again.

They both walked away, smiling.

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