In The Cool Of The Night

In The Cool Of The Night
The storm had just passed and the evening was cool, the wind was light, and the air smelled fresh like it had just been washed. We made our way out to the front deck, which faces the street and all the neighbors houses, and just sat down to enjoy the cool of the night in all its wonder.
Carrie, my wife, if you have been reading our stories, has long golden blonde hair, about five foot two with big blue eyes, 36D breasts and weighs about 105 pounds; she’s knock out gorgeous! I, on the other hand, am about six foot, a little heavy with brown and gray hair. We do enjoy our sexual adventures, and we do have a lot of adventures on our own.
On this cool night as we sat outside, I reached over and touched Carrie’s bare leg, and she shivered from my touch. I rubbed her leg up to the crotch of her loose fitting shorts. As I touched her crouch, she moaned, which was the sign for me to continue, and I did. So I gently reached in through the loose leg of her shorts and started rubbing her soft shaved cunt. Her juices started flowing as she began to get wetter so I inserted one finger into her cunt and she moaned with delight, sitting here on our front deck for all the neighbors to see, if they were looking. The thought of this turned her on even more!

I gently worked my finger in and out of her cunt, then I eased a second one in, now I was finger fucking her with two fingers deep in her wet juicy cunt. She was loving it! She started shaking and moaning, then her juices flowed down my fingers and onto the floor of the deck! She really cameĀ on this one! She then pushed my hand away and stood up, walked over to the side rail of the deck and bent over as if she was looking at something on the ground.I knew what this meant so I walked up behind her and pulled my hard cock out of my shorts and slid it in through the loose leg of her shorts and buried it as deep as I could in her cunt. I gently started pumping her cunt and I was so excited from all of this that it seemed like just seconds until I exploded and shot my hot cum deep into her cunt! Carrie was loving it, having a fuck session right here on our front deck! We then went in the house where we continued this fuck festival until the early hours of the morning! And that is a story all on it’s own!

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