Date Night

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It was date night, her date night. A ritual that she had; once a month she had committed herself to enjoy an evening alone. No friends, no family, no acquaintances, no one. she was to be alone and just be, be herself or someone else if she desired. this is the night that she looked forward to every month. a night of pure pleasure in whatever form she desired. there were months when she went to the movies alone and other months when she morphed into Desiree, her seductive, horny alter ego. Tonight was one of those nights she was Desiree.

A few months ago she heard from a friend about a very interesting bar. From the outside it looked like your ordinary small town bar, but Inside it held secrets. Joe is the bar tender there. If Joe deemed you deserving of his special attentions then a very special treat will come your way.

She had been at the bar a few times, had pleasant conversations with Joe several times however, nothing special ever happened. She had gone month after month and nothing. She went again last month and nothing. What was this treat, she desperately wanted to know. She would never just blurt it out and ask. She wanted the thrill of self discovery. What was wrong, why wasn’t she chosen. Well tonight she’ll find out.

As she got ready that night she decided to put on one of her sexiest outfits. She had bought it a year ago but hadn’t had the nerve to wear it. Tonight all bets were off and tonight she was Desiree. Full of want and lust. It was a pleated black micro mini skirt and a black shredded tank. With it she wore the most beautiful gardenia thigh highs and smoking black 5 inch Jimmy Choos. Oh Yeah, an outfit perfect for Desiree. It screamed sex and she knew it. She would try one more time at the bar and if nothing “special” happened then she would just go home to her toys. She had already made up her mind. Tonight she would reach her highest peak of sexual desires, with or without Joe’s help.

As she walks into the bar everyone notices. “Good” she thought to herself, just the attention she wanted. she could see the men arouse and her sight filled with lust in their eyes. She makes her way to the bar, “What’ll you have?” “An easy lay” she says. “Well only of you can tell me what’s in it?” “Cream, Lots of cream” she replied with pursed lips. Something flickered in those hazelnut eyes. Somethings happening she thought. “Make it a double shot” and winks. “Will you have a seat?” “No” she hastily replies, “not tonight, I want to be ready for whatever may come my way. ” he smiled, then looked over her shoulder and winked. “Tonight, you just leave it up to me” That was it. she was ready, As she smiled in response, he says, “Whatever comes your way, just go with it, don’t fight it and let it run its course, if you need to stop just say PUMPKIN” Alright she thought. This is it.

As she was taking her second shot, a hand gently went up her thigh, she startled. Joe looked at her square in the eye and softly said “just let it be.” She relaxed. Without taking her eyes off of Joe the hand began to grope her. The hand caressed her thighs and buttocks. The crowd at the bar was rapidly growing. Then there was another hand. This time the bar was so crowded she couldn’t see who was touching her even if she tried, there was no way of knowing. So she kept watching Joe, imagining it were his hands on her. It was dark and it was crowded and with the outfit she was wearing, anything could happen. Well, Just let it be, she thought to herself. The hands were still at work. One was clenching her ass the other rubbing her very wet clit. and all the while Joe kept smiling at her as he worked. That reassuring smile that said just let it be, it will all be ok. so she relaxed some more. another hand, this one fondled her breasts, slipped into her tank and pinched her nipples, mmmmmm, that felt good. The only certainty she had was that she had more than two playmates by now. Her playmates gently blind folded her and guided her to a corner away from the bar. It didn’t feel as crowded here, it was however somewhat quieter. She was then hoisted up onto a swing. I’ve never noticed this swing before she thought to herself. still, she was just going with it. Now there was a tongue, “ohhhhhhh” were the only words out of her mouth. and another hand closed over her mouth as if to say. shhhhhhhhh. The tongue was accompanied by fingers. Slowly the tongue and fingers caressed every inch of her hot wet member. Her clit was on fire and the spasms were deep. She was at her hight of ecstasy at this point. The only thoughts running through her mind were, more, she wanted more she had never had such an experience. There were at least 3 men pleasuring her, were they all men? She could have sworn she felt very delicate and neatly manicures fingers rubbing her. 2 men and a lady? More, who cares who they were she wanted more. Each man or woman had his job to do for her pleasure and they did it well. It was all about her, she was kissed, spanked, poked, licked and pinched; it felt like heaven. Her juice flowed from within with such force that was uncontrollable, the spasms were fierce and there was a very wide mouth sucking away all the juice out of her. By this time she was beyond wet and horny. Gentle hands then leaned over her, softly caressing her breasts, massaging her body, bringing her back down from ecstasy. Another hand gently began wiping her up. Her juices were licked off dry and the softness of a baby wipe finished cleaning her up. Then a very soft sound, a whisper almost inaudible, “did you enjoy yourself?” “Yes” “That was a quickie, would you like the full service?” l she had no time to think, but she just went with it. “Yes, full service please” was all she could say. Pumpkin was the last word she wanted to say.

The blindfold was still on and a blanket was carefully wrapped around her and she was gently carried away.

To be continued……..

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