Doing it at the Dock

“C’mon baby, please?” I tried in vain one more time to get him to come to work and bang my brains out on the conference table. Sheesh! For a pervert, the man sure could have his prude moments! I’d already assured him a thousand times that I would be the only person there all day. I give up!
I gave him a kiss and huffed away to my car. I drove to the river still steamed at his cowardice, and sat at the boat dock in the dark listening to the river flow by. I always loved this time of day and this spot, and pretty soon I relaxed and laid down on the cool wood slats of the dock, daydreaming.
Hearing the wood creak behind me, I turned to dimly see a guy in cutoff shorts and a tight t-shirt standing on the end of the dock, looking at me. Hmmm. From what I could see, this was the finest river rat I had seen in a long time! Graying brown hair, mustache, hairy brown legs and arms, and a hint of something ornery in his eyes that I could see even in this light.
We looked each other over for a second, then he asked if he could join me. Of course, I patted the dock next to me. Acting like we were long-lost friends, he laid down on his back on the dock next to me. We listened quietly to the river for a few minutes, then chatted quietly for a little while.
Laying there next to him I got to thinking about how exciting it might be to fuck a total stranger in a public place like this. I debated the wisdom of coming on to him slowly versus jumping on him and ripping his clothes off. As if he could read my mind I could sense a sudden tension in his body lying next to mine.
Suddenly I got angry with myself for being a coward, too. With a defiant growl at the very thought, I sat up hurriedly and straddled him without warning, bending over so I could see the glint in his eyes.
“You’ve got about 20 seconds to run for your life if you want to.” I warned.
“I ain’t scair’t.” He joked back immediately. “Are you?”
Well there you have it, sounded like a request to be molested to me. I enthusiastically ripped off my shirt and bra and yanked his shirt up, with him laughing and leaning up to help. I got up off of him long enough to yank my jeans off and to let him pull off his shorts. I stood above him, buck naked and laughed aloud with the sheer joy of doing something so carefree.
Then I looked down at the rigid cock jutting up at me and was suddenly struck with a longing to impale myself on it, the rush of expectant heat in my pussy surprisingly fast and intense.
I squatted back down over him, fitting his rigid shaft into my hungry pussy with a sigh of relief. I did nothing for a few moments, simply enjoying the full feeling, then clenched my pussy muscles a few times around him, teasing him a little. In the dim light of the mist covered morning I watched his eyes darken as he tried to thrust upward into me.
With a chuckle, I leaned over him, placing my hands on his chest and slowly slid up and down his dick, almost letting it pop out before sliding back down. The man had a beautiful dick. Average length, but a little thick, with a nice big head.
I sped up a little, too impatient to torture either of us for long. Taking my hands off his chest, I placed one of his hands on my hip and the other on my breast, encouraging him to pinch and pull on my nipples while I rode him hard and fast.
Both of us were moaning and groaning and muttering encouragement, and I slammed back and forth on his cock, riding it up, down, forward and back with abandonment, looking-I’m sure-like some kind of crazed naked bull rider!
Just as I started to lean forward in expectation of an orgasm, I saw headlights in the parking lot above us, and a familiar blue pickup pulling up and parking, shutting off his lights.
There was no way in hell I was stopping now, and I didn’t bother to mention it to the poor stud I was riding. I leaned forward with my breasts dangling above his mouth, encouraging him to suck and bite as I hunched back and forth quickly to a fast hard orgasm.
I shouted “God! Yes!” as I came on him, pussy convulsing around his abused dick over and over and over. With a shout of his own muffled by a mouth full of tit, he yanked my pussy down tight against him, arching his back and blasting load after load of cum deep into my cunt, setting off more aftershocks of pleasure in my sensitive puss.
Whew! Holy shit that was fantastic! I sneaked a peek up to the parking lot and saw the taillights of the blue pickup leaving as we lay there gasping for air like fish out of water. Then with a jolt I grabbed his arm to look at his watch, and scrambled into my clothes, giving him an absent-minded kiss as I made a beeline for my car, thinking I was going to be very late for work. At the car I stopped and looked back down at him, slowly fumbling into his clothes, and looking like he didn’t know what hit him.
“Thanks!” I yelled, and blew him a kiss as I drove away.
You know, I never even asked him his name….

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2 Responses to “Doing it at the Dock”

  1. swagsta

    Your story made me wet & got me reminiscing of the time we did it in the outdoors ona warm summer afternoon, whew!

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  2. zl00pedragl0ver

    I love it when a sheila refers to her pussy ( vagina ) as “her cunt ” . It’s a major turn-on for me !

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