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So as set off for our yearly vacation trip with another couple, and as every year we discuss everything anything telling each that what we do at the beach stays at the beach. And always laughing about that we finally getting to the beach, check into our condo, relaxing for a couple of hours and finally getting ready for our first night and of course heading to a local bar and dance club, arriving about nine o’clock in which semmingly no one was there, but I remember that last year it really didn’t get started to around eleven o’clock, so with quiet a bit a time left ordered several rounds of drinks, so as my wife and my friends wife starting to get bored started to drinks shots of tuquilo(tokillya), and finally with people starting to come into the bar, the music began to get louder and pretty much by about the fifth shot both women were feeling pretty good, so as my tried to get me to dance on several different occasions and turning her down continuiously she finally said fine, knowing that she was pissed, so as I headed to the bathroom on a smoke break taking several minutes to drain myself, comming back to the table asking where she was, and then noticing that she was on the dance floor with some girl making moves I’ve never seen. So as they danced to several songs and finally as I watched them head towards the bathroom I quickly followed them to where I could get a good look, so as I so this other girl grab my wifes tits, it was quiet a turn on to say the least, as she rubbed her neck working her hands down her tits unbuttoning her top as she went along exposing her huge tits to eveyone, so I had to step in, not seeing me some up from behind the other girl in which I found out her name was Misty, she then went to tell my wife “oh this must be your husband” she then went on to tell her “oh yell sometimes”. Telling her this was not the place for this, so as Misty grabbed her hand and lead her to the bathroom, and as I stood there outside the bathroom deciding on what to do I headed into the womens bathroom luckily nobody else was in there and finally finding them in one ofthe stalls, and by the time I opened the door Misty already was on the floor in front of my wife licking and sucking my wifes pussy, and with my wife rubbing her tits while being eaten out by this girl I found myself getting harder so as Misty continued to eat now her wet pussy she slips her hand over to my pants and unzips my pants so my cock was standing at full attention. So as Misty starts to finger my wife she leans over and begins to suck on my cock now licking my balls sucking up and down on my now stiff shaft while shoving one finger then two,three fingers into my wife hearing her moan and groan feeling like I was going to cum right then and there. All of sudden Misty makes the comment it was time to go somewhere else, so as she pulls off of me and as we both get dressed she leads us out of the bathroom down a hallway to room that in the back of the club, opening the door, and it looked a storage building, so as we close the door she then again starts to undress my wife telling me to sit over there. So as my wife is totally nude and on her back Misty begins to undress, so as she stands there nude she goes over to my wife and they both get into a 69-position, starting to lick suck each other, both digging their tongues into each others pussies, my cock once again came to attention, so as I pulled my pants off I began to rub my cock, just hearing that slurpng noise that came from both women I worked myself into a cum that never seemed to stop, with cum dripping off my cock. So with Misty seeing what was going on she gets up over to me and begins to lick up all the cum that I had telling my wife to eat her out bitch, so with my wifes hand she spreads Mistys asscheeks apart and once again dives into her pussy.So watching this again My cock begins to swell again and watching this for several more minutes my cum begins to flow again so as Misty licks up every drop feeling relaxed and tired. My wife gets up and tells me that its my turn, not knowing what she meant by that Misty pulls me up and puts me on my knees, and as could feel her hands start to rub my ass she was putting some type of liquid on my back, when just then I feel something start to fill my asshole, now knowing that it was not a finger, so as she started to fill me up from behind I felt a burning sensation in my ass. As she started slow she began to pick up speed, hurting at first and then it began to feel pretty good, so after several of her pounding my ass she started to moan and little more each time, until she pounding me so fast I started to groan even louder, and this went on for several more minutes, until finally she exploded into my ass, so as continued to hump my ass she finally slowed and then pulled out, laying on her back in the floor. So as I fell to my back I noticed that was carrying at least a 10-inch cock on her. So as we all lay there catching our breath we quietly get dressed head out of the room, and head towards the danceroom like nothing had happen, and we never saw he again that night.

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