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I had been enjoying this hot summer day by canoeing in the river and each time I got too hot taking a swim. This time I had pulled my canoe up the edge of somebody’s big lawn before taking my dip and when I got out of the water I sat down to get dry in the sun. This is when I saw somebody in the distance from the house slowly walking into my direction: when the person got a bit closer I could see that she not only seemed to be dressed for a different kind of weather, but also that she had covered her face by the very wide and thick collar of a long and imposing sweater dress. Including an elegant hat in the same, dark pink colour her outfit was stunning: I couldn’t get my eyes off this amazing appearance as she quietly came closer to me. Over her shoulders she was carrying a long scarf and when she got closer I could see she even had mittens on, all in the same colour. There was so much mystery in this appearance that I forgot where I were and how I got here. When she got very close she pointed at me and I could hear her speaking to me in a soft and slightly muffled voice. It just added to the enchantment I was getting into. “What are you doing in my garden? Did I give you permission to sit on my lawn?” Before I could answer she saw my canoe hanging on the edge and strode towards it. Without much effort she just pushed it with her foot so that the canoe slid into the water and slowly drifted away with the current. Then she quietly turned to me and when she was just one step away said: “Don’t worry my dear. Your boat will be okay and you? You are trespassing, but you can stay here if you like. I won’t do you any harm.”
It all happened so fast that I was completely flabbergasted. I just murmured some excuse and then wanted to get up but when I got halfway on my knees one gesture with her arm made it clear that I didn’t need to. She did one more step towards me so that I could touch her dress if I wanted to. I could no longer see her eyes above me as they were hidden behind her figure and the thick collar, but I could hear her asking from above me: “What do you think of my dress, my dear little boy? I just finished it and you happen to be the first one to see and feel it.”
Again I was speechless and just murmured something before pushing my face into the soft wool and my arms around her legs. For a while she let me enjoy the warm softness of my modest embrace, but as soon as I relaxed and started to realize what I had done she gently pushed my head away from her so that I also automatically withdrew my arms from around her legs in order to support myself instead of tumbling backward. She just laughed and told me that she was happy that I liked her dress.
“And what about the scarf?” she then asked while she was spreading her arms to lift it over her head. Without saying anything she then held it against my face and let my lips play with the soft yarn. Until she quickly but firmly wound it twice around my face and tied it behind my head. “Now you may stand up and give me your hands. Do you want to try my mittens as well?” While I murmured a kind of “Yes madam” I got up and stretched my arms in front of me, no longer able to see a thing but thoroughly enjoying the warm and soft mohair around my head. I could feel how she put the mittens around my hands, but only when it had already happened I realized that she had put handcuffs around them. “Just follow me”, she said while I could feel her gently pulling the handcuffs. “You have trespassed onto my ground and that can’t be without consequences”. Although your voice had now turned into slightly threatening I wasn’t scared. I just felt guilty and extremely humble to this Pink Lady while I followed her, as meek as a lamb……..

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