Dressing Room excitement with 2 women

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This is a story about a special surprise.

For a special treat my man decided to take his gorgeous woman (that’s me) for a nice lunch and some shopppppping. What i didn’t know is what he had in store for me.

We arrived at nice shopping centre where there was all the upmarket department stores. He opened my door of the car and saw that under my black pencil skirt I had black lace top stockings and garter belt with very sheer black g string. I had fitting red blouse with black shelf bra underneath. Btw i love red.

Anyway he took me into this one very nice store and said come with me…. I held his hand and noticed he was quite excited., which made me excited. We went up into the lingerie department. I had a big smile. I started looking at some nice sets but I noticed he was moving over to an exquisite gorgeous red demi bra and sexy thong , all with garter belt. It also had a basque – (Lise Charmel) all i can say was that i expected something simple. He picked up all of it off the lingerie rack and walked up to pay. I was stunned. He said there is one condition you put on the basque right now!!! I looked smiled and then got very excited.

He paid and told the assistant i was going to get changed. He followed me over to changing rooms. I know my man and what he likes so I left the changing room door ajar so that he could watch (and anyone else hopefully). I dropped my skirt and took off my blouse then underwear and was standing there naked except heels and stockings. I could feel his eyes all over my body. I wanted him so bad but decided to tease him first… I noticed a very attractive woman walk in who slowly walked into changing room next to me. She clearly was looking at me as she walked by. That excited me as I love to be watched.. I immediately felt damp.

I was wondering how I could get her to look more. Anyway she continued changing and I put my basque on and then had an idea. I quietly asked her … “Excuse me, I seem to be having some trouble with this garter hook. Would be able to help me. I’m sorry to be such a pain.” She said certainly ill just finish changing. She knocked and opened my cubicle. She walked in and saw that i was attaching the garter but still hadn’t put my thong on. She looked me up and down (just like a guy would…) I was so turned on. She
stared at me. I said do u like what u see? She nodded yes. i touched her hand and moved it towards my lips. I so desperately wanted to be touched there by her. She started stroking my clit and pussy and i almost instantly came. My bf was watching it all.

She put fingers inside me and started to fuck me. I moaned and came over her fingers and the brought the up to lick them. I love to taste my own juices. I was finished though. I turned her around and pushed her back on the seat and slid my hands up under her skirt. She had on very sexy sheer black thong. When i felt her pussy she gasped and she was already very wet. I couldn’t help it but got down on my knees and starting licking up her thigh. I spread her legs wide and began to lick her pussy through her thong and she was very close , so i pulled them aside and pulled them tight as i licked up her sexy pussy. She smelt and tasted delicious. I was on the brink of orgasm again. She was so sexy. She exploded in orgasm as did i. It was amazing!!

Just as that happened the assistant started coming our way and she hurried pulled down her skirt and left. I quickly pulled on my skirt and started putting my blouse on. After i gained my composure I came out and realised not only did i just lick a stranger, i didn’t even know her name. She was delicious and if ever she was reading this one day i hope she would say hi or just tell me to meet for another rendezvous.

I took my mans hand and just about ran out to the car and told him to fuck me in the back seat. I came in seconds, so did he….

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