The Exhibitionist

I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked when my husband of three years expressed the desire for me to take a lover. Ever since we were first married, he always found ways to show off my body. He would take me to fancy restaurants in outfits so sheer my brown nipples could clearly be seen. We might be crossing the street after dark and the headlights of waiting cars exposed my body through the thin material of my outfits. Men loved it but their wives or girlfriends hated me, poking their spouses if they caught them staring. I heard “shameless” and “hussy” a time or two. One particular outfit my husband was fond of was a flirty pair of white crochet short shorts with a matching top. The short shorts fit my body like a glove, barely covering my okole. The top ended just below my ample breasts.

Oh! I almost forgot. My name is Lani and if you’ve read our other true stories (Diary of a shared wife and Sharing my wife Lani for the first time) by now you know I’m Hawaiian Filipino with an hour glass figure, long black hair and exotic eyes.

My husband insisted I not wear underwear with this outfit as even a thong would be visible. I asked if you could “see anything” and he insisted you couldn’t. After checking myself in the mirror, I agreed to go out in public even though my nipple rings did show a little. No pubic hair was visible as I have none. At first I felt self conscious walking nearly naked through the mall. But began to relax when no one seemed to take notice.

From a short distance it looked as if the outfit was lined. It was only upon closer inspection it became apparent I was basically showing all. It felt deliciously naughty to be so exposed. While shopping in the ladies underwear section of a department store, a sales lady approached offering her assistance. At first she didn’t notice but as soon as she did her eyes grew wide and she beat a hasty retreat. As we continued to leisurely check out the merchandise, I noticed her standing with two other sales people watching us. You should have seen their faces when she rang up the panties I’d picked out.

One of our favorite activities at the time was four wheeling at Kaena point on Oahu’s North shore. It’s an area only accessible by four wheel drive or hiking. Hubby loved taking nude pictures of me there. One Saturday afternoon we found a semi secluded spot on a bluff overlooking a tide pool. We’d just purchased a video camera and he was anxious to try it out. As soon as we arrived, he jumped out and set up the camera and tripod on a low hill overlooking where we’d parked.

He instructed me not to look at the camera as he filmed, but to pretend I’d just arrived alone. I was wearing the outfit I just described, as well as a big hat. After checking myself in the mirror I climbed out, unloaded a lounger and set it up in front of the Jeep. As if alone I grasped my top by the hem and pulled it over my head, lifting my breasts in the process, causing them to bounce as they settled back in place. Turning my back to him, I bent over at the waist peeling the shorts down and off my thighs. I was trying to think of things to do so I decided to paint my toe nails. I must have been a sight sitting on the end of the lounger in just a big hat leaning over with my breasts hanging as I applied bright red polish to one nail after another.

While all this was taking place a group of hikers came over the hill and spotted us. I continued to pretend I was alone as they came closer, stopping beside my husband to watch. After finishing the pedicure, I retrieved a bottle of sun screen from a big beach bag sitting beside the lounger. Squirting some into the palms of my hands I began applying it to my neck, upper chest and arms. My audience was silent as I began smoothing¬† more on first one breast, then the other. I applied lotion on my flat tummy and couldn’t help myself as my fingers reached the juncture of my thighs. I let out a long sigh as my fingers teased the lips peaking out between them.

When I finished coating my thighs I stood up, turned around and began slowly applying lotion to my okole and the backs of my thighs. Bending at the waist I worked my way down my calves, knowing my cheeks were spreading, allowing my pussy to peak out from between them. I then applied some to my back as far as I could reach before lying face down on the chaise. Glancing back at my husband and the spell bound group who’d assembled at his side I gave a questioning look.

Taking the hint, he motioned for one of them to come help with my back so I wouldn’t burn. I didn’t look up as I felt hands begin to rub lotion over the portion of my back I couldn’t reach. The hiker never said a word as his hands worked lotion into my shoulders and back, straying onto my behind from time to time. The tropical sun and a pair of strange hands on my body had me feeling warm all over. Before it could go any further my husband called a halt to the proceedings and the entire group surrounded my lounger complimenting me and saying how lucky my husband was.

After the hikers said their fair wells and continued on their way, I needed to cool down. Wrapping a towel around my naked body, I made my way along the path down to the tide pool. There were several fishermen casting their lines from the rocks about fifty yards away as I dropped the towel and stepped into the water. Fortunately, the pool had a sandy bottom for me to sit as I let the cool water caress my hot skin. As I splashed water over my breasts the fishermen took notice. Placing their poles into holders beside their chairs they sat back to enjoy. I reclined, letting the refreshing water cover me and closed my eyes. Feeling a tingling between my legs which I assumed was due to the feelings which were rushing through me, I looked into the clear water to see a school of minnows nibbling at my coozy. It felt so good I let them continue, a little thrill shooting through me.  Sufficiently cooled I rose from the water, and instead of wrapping myself in the towel,  draped it over one arm, leaving me gloriously naked. I felt like a queen of old Hawaii as is the blood which flows in my veins. Regally making my way up the trail to my adoring husband, leaving my admiring court behind me.


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