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After 11 years my lover and I are still fucking at every opportunity we get. We’re both married now so we know how wrong it all is but the fact that we are ‘just good friends’ in our partner’s eyes makes it so easy. Nothing bad is thought of it if we meet up for a ‘drink’ one evening. Even when we meet up as two couples we tease each other by squeezing each other’s knee or under a table reach out with a foot to feel the hot throbbing groin area of one another. Fine for me but could leave him with a ‘stiff’ situation.

God knows I’ve tried to put a stop to it on many occasions but he knows I have a huge weak spot for him and he knows how to work it. His eyes and his smile are a large love net which I can’t help but be swept up in when I see him. Unintentionally I find myself undressing him with my eyes, imagining his kisses all over my body and him fucking me stupid. Very weak willed we end up shagging like rabbits, except I’m sure rabbits go home to their little bunny families and get to do that every day. We, however, live an hour and forty minutes apart which means we get to have the occasional affair when partners are away.

When we get the chance to meet up we live out some our most wildest fantasies – oral, anal, normal – if I’m lucky all 3. If I suggested anal sex to my husband he would run in the bathroom pretending to be sick and thinking I was out of my tiny mind! I’m guessing it would be the same for my lover’s wife. The fantasy that I like to live out when I’m with him is that he’s mine where as I think with him it’s the fact that I let him do absolutely anything to me and would do anything to please him for him to want to continue our affair. I would probably feel a little uneasy if my husband wanted me to fuck him up the arse with my tongue, but with my lover I can’t wait to ram it up there because I know what it does to him. The fact that he talks dirty to me while we’re in the middle of foreplay makes it easier to forget my inhibitions and who I am for a moment so I can be the sex goddess that he wants to screw. What would be the point of it all if all I wanted to do was kiss, cuddle, watch a movie then fall asleep after a bottle of wine? Very romantic but it’s not that kind of affair; although my lover does show his tender side every so often and I do like it. It kind of makes me realise that he does care about it me and it’s not just purely the sex.

The beauty of wild sex is that there is no limit to what you do – the environment in which you fuck can make all the difference. He’s had me shagging like a hound in doggy style in bed before but then being fucked from behind against a tree makes that same position completely different and that much more exciting. On top of him riding him like a rodeo in missionary position is one of my favourites only because I can see his face while we’re pleasing each other, but then having my legs wrapped around him stood up or sat down on a chair has the same desired effect, plus I know he likes to feel my tits and pinch my nipples while he’s fucking me; it heightens my sensation.

After arranging to meet up for our next rendezvous I suggest to my lover that we meet half way and catch a movie. I decide on Pirates of the Caribbean as the movie is 3 hours long, so I know I’ll get to spend a good length of time with him. We go for something to eat and a drink then catch the 8pm showing. Of course I couldn’t give a fuck about the movie. All I want is to get him in the back row where it’s dark and quiet.

The trailers end, the move starts, lights go down and so do I. Wanting the 3 hours I have to last I start off by rubbing my hand up and down the inside of his thigh. I then move up and gently rub his groin area. His cock at this point is so hard, it’s almost bursting out. He unzips his trousers and gets his large throbbing cock out so I can play using my hands. Conveniently wearing a skirt with no underwear he slides his hand underneath and up feeling my very wet pussy. I can’t help but let out a sigh, which I disguise as a cough so nobody gets suspicious. The last thing we want is to be caught with our pants down. While he’s sliding his finger in and out he leans over and starts kissing my neck which sends shockwaves all the way through my body, like he’s electrocuting me with his touch. I swing my far leg round so it’s resting on his knees to give him easier access and he starts to rub my clit with his thumb while his fingers are still busy. The passion soon overtakes me and I move to sit astride him, kissing his mouth so deep he almost chokes. I gently slide myself down on to his hot throbbing muscle. The feeling of him deep inside me makes me feel drunk and light headed. But not wanting it to be over too soon I lift myself off of his lap and I go down in between his legs. Gripping the base of his cock with my hand and shoving the rest of it in my mouth I suck moving my head up and down his shaft. I can taste my own juices and this turns both of us on. I alternate by using just my hand to excite his cock while I move my mouth down to his balls and in turn I take one in to my mouth and I gently suck and caress with my tongue. Just before he’s about to cum, he stops me, sits me back in the chair and then swaps his position. Kneeling in between my thighs he lifts my legs up over the seats in front with my knees bent, hitches my skirt above my hips and then sends a mind blowing tingling sensation through me when I feel his hot breath on my pussy. I can’t help but grab his hair is ecstasy when his tongue is lashing around my clit and my pussy lips. Not being able to take much more I guide his body up so our mouths are kissing and his cock slides effortlessly deep inside my pussy; slow at first but then almost like in time with the movie all cannons shoot out at the same time. Luckily we both come at one of the noisiest points of the movie which disguises our breath taking moans.

This kind of trip to the movies will certainly make me fanatical about film.

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