Fast & Furious

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It was my freshman year of college and I was driving south in my convertible for Spring Break when I saw a pair of flashing lights behind me.

Damn! A country road speed trap. My friends had warned me about this.

The young cop who emerged from the car couldn’t have been a bigger redneck if he tried. He was wearing mirrored sunglasses, a Stetson hat, an old fashioned single action revolver and gun belt, a Confederate flag belt buckle, spurs on his boots, and was chewing on a tooth pick.

As everyone knows states had quadrupled traffic fines to increase revenue. Worse yet I was in a Japanese car. All the money I’d saved up for Spring Break was about to be lost. My vacation was ruined before it even began.

My only desperate chance was to flirtatiously show him some T&A and hope to get off with a warning. Fortunately I was already dressed for the beach in my white cleavage halter top, mini skirt, white thong, and flip flops.

I twirled my long hair flirtatiously and asked, “What seems to be the problem officer?” in a baby doll voice. I tried my best to shake up and down in my seat in order to make my DD breasts bounce.

“License and registration miss.” he barked in a hillbilly accent.

Now was my chance to kneel on my seat and lean over to the glove box while sticking my white thong high into the air invitingly. “Oh deary me… let me see here if I can find it. I am just soooo forgetful.” I said again in a baby doll voice as I pretended to look for my registration right in front of me.

“Here it is officer.” I squealed bouncing back into my seat and twirling my hair.

I expected him to go back to his car and run the information. Instead he just looked at my license and asked, “Dis here says ya’ all just turned 18?”
I was surprised he could read. “Yes officer?” I said twirling my hair.

“Pa!” he yelled. Out of the police car stepped an older fatter redneck also dressed in spurs, a Stetson hat, and mirrored sunglasses, who looked like Boss Hogg. I presumed they really were father and son.

The father opened my car door and droned, “I’mmmm gonnnaa need tennnnn fingers on the hooood.”

Now I was getting worried. I used the opportunity of getting out of the car to flirt even more. I felt at this point I had nothing to lose. “Is there a problem officer?” I asked bouncing up and down. I bent at he waist and lay flat on the car slicking my thong out as far as I could and spreading my legs invitingly. My mini skirt didn’t really conceal anything.

“There sure is Goldie Locks.” answered the son. “You all were trying to get out of a speeding ticket by flirting with me. Bouncing your big full breasts, showing off your white thong, twirling your long golden hair, and talking like a baby.”

As the son was saying this his father’s curious fingers were exploring every inch of my inner thighs and hips. He did everything except stick his fingers inside of me. He wasn’t even pretending to search me for weapons. The SOB was just brazenly copping a feel.

“Everything good down there Pa?”

“Yup. We’re good.” said the father. “Never can tell now adaze. Sometimes ya get ta first base and find there’s a man on first. Ha ha. Well missy. It ain’t nice to play with the feelings of a southern gentleman. Making promises you don’t intend to keep. Well we’re gonna have to teach you just how we do things down here in Dixie.”

And with that I felt my arms cuffed behind my back and my thong pulled down to my ankles. The father grabbed me firmly by the waist and mounted me.

The second I opened my mouth to protest it was filled with a long thick pulsating organ and the son’s Confederate belt buckle was pressed against my forehead.

The father wasn’t anything to look at but he must have had plenty of experience because he was riding me doggy style like a pro. Like a locomotive of flesh he thrust himself back and forth inside of me. Maybe a man’s mileage was as important as his model.

I sucked his son as hard as I could. He was bigger than I expected but he was mindful not to thrust himself entirely inside of me as to make me choke. With a little slack my teenage mouth muscles could suckle him much better. My tongue lapped at the base of his manhood and massaged his soft bald head. His cock throbbed thankfully.

They bent me at the waist and finger cuffed me by that road so skillfully that my flip flops flew off as my toes curled in ecstasy. I tried to moan but with my mouth full the best I could do was give out a few squeals of pleasure and try and catch my quickening breaths.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time but thinking back now I do recalled several cars passing us by on the road. What a sight we must have been to them.

Without warning they both disappointingly withdrew. I didn’t realize why until they switched places so each would get to experience both ends of my body. The father wasn’t as large as his son but I suckled him just as skillfully.

I thrilled at the fact that the hot organ in my welcoming mouth had just been in my sex and an exciting recipe of vaginal fluids, saliva, and semen was bursting out the sides of my young mouth getting caught in my long golden hair, and flowing across my checks and all the way down my cleavage.

The father withdrew to let his son release his delicious seed in my mouth as well. The second they uncuffed my hands I scurried to lap up as much of their white nectar dripping off my face as possible. Like a kitten washing its face.

“What in tarnation’s goin on here?” shouted a new southern voice.

A third cop was approaching us. We all froze. The father and son stood silently with guilty smiles ear to ear and me writhing on the ground barefoot, my thong around my ankles, and lapping my sperm covered face and hair.

“Ya two are in big trouble.” he barked. “Every Spring Break ya two pretend to be speed trap cops so ya’ all can trick some teenage girls inta sucking their way out of a ticket.”

I should have known. They weren’t even cops! Just horny guys. As if there was any other kind. Actually they weren’t as stupid as they looked. Their plan was pretty clever. I didn’t want them to get arrested. Far from it. But I waited for them to invent a story which I would then backup.

“Goldie Locks started it!” said the son pointing an accusing finger at me.

What? They were going to blame me for this?

“She was speeding.” he said. “And then she done bounce her big luscious breasts and tease us every chance she got. Me an Pa are only human.”

“That’s debatable.” said the real cop who looked at me sternly. “This here true miss?”

I nodded my head silently while still lapping up as much sperm as possible.

“When then miss you’re in a heap ah trouble. I can let you off with a warning for the speeding. But as for getting a southern gentleman’s britches all hot and hard? Now for that I’m gonna make ya fulfill your tempting promises.”

Sure enough he too unzipped his pants rested his belt buckle on my sticky forehead. Now that I’d had a chance to catch my heaving breaths I was able to suck him dry and swallow every last delicious drop.

“That doesn’t mean ya two are off the hook.” he said with a big bright smile. “Ya two are still in big trouble for not calling me the second ya pull a girl over.”

The three of them walked back to their cars joking. “Ah come on now. She’s the first catch of the season and we just didn’t want sloppy seconds. Didn’t we let you in on that big bus of cheer leaders we pulled over last year?”

As I pulled up my thong I giggled at how they were wiser than they knew. They were right. I’d implied. They’d merely accepted my offer. I got exactly what I asked for.

I drove off to Spring Break knowing exactly which route me and all my friends would be taking home.

Stay tuned. Part 2 is coming quickly.

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