first meeting

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They had only ever chatted online. The sex online was great and they thought they would just be cyber sex buddies
for ever, but, the sex was so good they had to meet. They talked about nothing else for months until they decided
on a date.

That day She was so wet with excitement, she couldnt wait to meet the man whos every word made her wetter than
she had ever been with any man before, in the flesh or online. She couldnt stop thinking of his penis, she had stared
loveingly at it many times on the webcam chats they had shared many times, she now couldnt wait to have it inside
her, like she had fantasised about so many times. She decided what she would wear, and chose underwear she
had bought especially for the occasion, knowing how much he liked basks, suspenders and stockings.
On top she wore a light little dress which could be removed quickly when the time came.

That day He was hard on wakening thinking about her and what he would say and do when he finally met her, He
saw in his mind her beautiful breasts and exquisite nipples and her moist pussy, he had seen so many times on the
webcam chats they had shared so many times, he grew harder, He had a cold shower as he was saving himself for
her, he dressed simply but elegantly, he wanted to impress her.

They both left there hotel rooms and made there way to the meeting place, a little quiet restaurant, poorly lit and
very secluded. He arrived first and sat at the reserved table, the anticipation of her arrival made him hard. There
she was, entering the front door, and being shown to her table, his table, he was breathless.

She saw him sitting in the back when she entered the restaurant and could feel her moistness of her pussy against her
leg, she wore no panties as she knew what she wanted once sitting at the table and panties would just get in the way.
Her nipples erect with anticipation runned against her bask, making her gasp a little.

They smiled at each other and thanked the waiter and ordered drinks. They sat next to each other and just looked
at each other for what seemed the longest time, then both at the same time, came together and kissed, it was intense
and passionate as this was the first kiss which had been so longed for. She felt down his body and let her hand rest on
his by this time very hard erect penis, she smiled as he slid his hand between her thighs and found what he had
longed to touch for so many months, it was wet and warm and he loved it.

Neither of them even noticed the waiter come back with the drinks, but the waited hadnt bothered to disturb them
anyway. She unzipped his trousers and freed his penis she bent over and took him in her mouth, he tasted sooo good.
He moaned and immediately rewarded her entering her with a finger at first slowly then faster in rhythm with
her sucking him off. They both pleasured eachother oblivious to everyone around them. She pooled away from him
and went under the large table infront of them onto her knees, and gave him the glorious Blow Job he had dreamt
about many nights before, He came into her mouth and she lapped up every single drop, kissing his penis and balls
she didnt want this moment to end.

He pulled her upto her seat and went under the table himself, he spread her legs and entered her with him warm
toungue, he slid his tongue down her cliterous and she quivered, he liked that, he concentrated on her clit, and
entered 2 fingers into her, she moved with the motion, she was in heaven.. He grabbed her legs and pulled her
down the seat a little more so she was on the edge with her legs over his shoulders and he put his tongue into her again, and a finger into her ass
she moaned so uncontrollably, then she came, the biggest orgasm she had felt, she was contorting in pleasure, and
he was happy.

They both sat at the table again and had a drink now fromt he awaiting glasses. They smiled at each other Knowing
this was just the begining of the weekend to come.

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