Getting tested

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Her breath touched my face in the darkness as she looked deeply into my eyes. A stir of longing went through me as her face drew closer; close enough so that she brushed my cheekbones with hers; close enough that our lips were just a hairs breadth apart and I ached to respond and touch them with mine.
I sat, stock still and gazed forward into the pinprick of light, forcing my head to stay motionless as my fingers tingled, magnetically drawn to the body in front of me. The darkness creating a sensory deprivation that only served to heighten my other senses, and with them my desire, to an almost intolerable degree. Her scent seeming to draw me in ever closer, become mingled with my own and combined in rapturous sensitivity. She whispered to me and her breath touched my lips. I didn’t really hear the words but mumbled ‘yes’, hoping that that slight movement would bring the slightest contact.
She moved her head to the other side and her long hair brushed across my nose and cheeks – I breathed deeply, savouring this tingle of sensation. Almost squirming in my chair but holding myself still as I had been ordered to do. She made an adjustment to the machinery and the pinprick of light shifted – my eyes followed.

A touch!
As she moved, she straddled my legs – standing over me as I sat in the chair. My trousers touched her stocking clad leg and I shifted imperceptibly to maintain the touch. Breathing out slowly, I waited as she finished her examination. Wanting with every fibre of my being to explore her body with mine but restraining myself – reminding myself she is in control.

Abruptly, she withdrew. The light was switched on and I could gaze once more on her exotic features. Hiding the longing in my eyes I sat and waited. Withdrawing my head from the contraption, and relaxing, calming my heightened senses.

“Your eyes are fine” she said “No sign of any problems whatsoever – Another appointment in 12 Months.”
12 Months … SHIT! … 12 Months! Can I wait that long? Maybe I can find a reason to visit sooner.

I leave the optician’s store, walking slightly oddly as I wonder to myself. Why must my optometrist be sooo hot! And why do I get so horny all the time?
SHIT! I have to go sort myself out now. I’m such a fucking slut!

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