glenn&lara part 2

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Part 2

As you lay on the sofa more people enter my house you wink at me and slowly pull your skirt up and move your hand down towards your fully shaven pussy that’s leaking love juice down your legs, the people just sit and watch telly as you begin to touch your pussy making your fingers wet every now and then taking one out and pushing it in my mouth so I can taste your pussy juice, every now and then one person looks round and sees what you are doing but says nothing they try to watch without us noticing you move your hand and slide it down my jogging bottoms and start to rub my already semi hard cock people in the room are starting to touch there cocks and you see the bulges growing. Suddenly you stand up and move to the centre of the room and drop your skirt your thong is so wet it sticks to you as you slide it down your legs and reveal a very hot wet shaven pussy one of the girls starts to hitch her skirt up and put her fingers inside her knickers touching her wet cunt making lots of noise which only makes you touch your self quicker you grab a banana from the fruit bowl and slowly start to slide it in and out of your pussy making you breath faster and faster most of the blokes now have there cocks in there hands tossing them selves off faster and faster. Why you move towards them I don’t know but I think you want to feel all the cocks in your pussy, ass and mouth at the same time. They all look at me almost waiting for me to say go ahead but you already have one in your mouth sucking it deep in side you. My fingers touch my cock and they are covered in pre cum that I rub on your ass hole and slowly push my fingers inside one then two then three I have never seen you so turned on and wet that I nearly cum as you touch my cock. Then you stand up and say I will be upstairs fucking myself with my dildo if any one wants to join in. With that you walk out the room with juice running down your legs and your wet thong on the sofa, I sniff the crouch and lick what I can from it as I do when ever you leave knickers at my house I sniff them and lick them to taste your pussy that gets the wettest I have ever senn any one I get the vibrator and rub soap all over it before pushing it slowly into my ass hole as my cock gets hard I try to lick my own cock but cant reach.

How much further shall I go email me if you want more

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