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What a wonderful night this has been. Dancing, drinking, dining, and drinking all night. Now it was time to return to their room while they could still remember which one they were in. As they entered the elevator they noticed how beautiful the elevator walls appeared with all of the mirrors placed upon them. In addition to the mirrors they spotted a shy appearing heavy-set male who seemed as if he would rather be invisible.The couple pushed the correct floor button; or at least they hoped it was the right one.

As the elevator began its ascent the lover (L) stationed himself directly behind the woman (W) and pressed his body against hers. The summer dress she was wearing barely had enough cloth density to hide the fact the woman was not wearing any type of undergarment. The lover began to rub his groin against the woman’s ass. In turn she swayed in concert with the lover’s rhythm. The lover reached over and pushed the stop button. He then returned his attention to the task at hand. As each became turned on the lover lifted the dress up to the woman’s thighs and placed his talented index finger on the woman’s wet pussy. The lover played with the fore skin for a moment and then proceeded to extend his digit as deep as possible into the pussy. The woman groaned in pleasure as her lover found the “right spot”. The woman put her hands under each strap of her dress and lowered them off of her delicate shoulders. The woman looked back at her lover and then stared directly into the man’s (M) sheepish eyes.

The woman grabbed her dress top and pulled it quickly down below her breast line. The woman’s 38-inch tits were completely exposed as she faced the man. Her nipples hardened as she noticed something growing in the front of the man’s shorts. The woman knew she still had “it”.

The lover continued to rub the woman’s hot spot. The woman squirmed as she felt the electricity surge through her. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she would kum.

W: “There, right there, that’s the spot. Don’t stop. Ooh, ooh”. The woman felt her body kum as her lover’s finger kept up its efforts. Almost as an after thought the woman looked over toward the man. His rod was practically jumping out of his bermuda’s. The woman reached out and grazed the man’s lump in his shorts. He made a sound known only by men who have not had sex in decades. The woman brushed her hand against him one more time. The man almost catapulted through the elevator ceiling.

W: “Do yo want to touch my tits?” asked the woman in her most innocent voice.

M: “Y-Y-Yeah!” The man proceeded to reach out nervously and touch the woman’s magnificent titties. He first gingerly rubbed each tit and pinched the nipples. He then became braver and grabbed two hands full of the best tits he had ever encountered.

In the meantime the lover started to finger fuck the woman. Her shock waves started immediatley. The woman’s breathing pattern raced as her ecstasy exploded.

L: “Bend over.” The woman did as told and bent at the waist. The lover flipped her dress over her hips exposing her naked ass. He then took out his cock and aimed it straight for the woman’s throbbing pussy. His cock found the target and thrust its head into her cunt.

W: “Yeah! Fuck me!”

The man stood by in amazement as he watched the lover fuck the living shit out of the woman. He couldn’t help himself as he pulled down his shorts and started pulling on his pud. The woman noticed.

W: “Bring that thing over here, NOW.” The man waddled as fast as he could in view of the fact his shorts were wrapped around his ankles.

The woman gasped as her lover stroked his thick cock into her soaking wet pussy. He was driving it hard and hot. The woman reached out and took a firm grasp of the man’s burgeoning rod. She directed her mouth onto the shaft and started sucking, licking, and kissing the cock. She paused as she came again and then once more.

W: “I’m sorry. I was distracted for a moment. Let me make it up to you.” The woman resumed sucking the man’s cock with even more vigor than previously. She sensed what was about to happen. The woman focused on keeping her mouth over the cock as it spit and spewed kum into her mouth and down her throat. She kept sucking until it was drained. The woman then licked off the last droplet from the head. She looked up at the man and smiled.

W: “Nice girls swallow, bad girls spit.”

The lover pushed the woman against the wall and ordered her to grab the handrail. He then plunged his huge cock back into the woman’s cunt.

L: “Time to get fucked right!” He darted his cock into her again and again. The force increased with each stroke. The woman was holding onto the rail to prevent herself from being pushed through the wall. She looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror. She noticed the man slumped against the opposite wall with a dazed look in his eyes and a silly grin plastered across his face.

L: “Come on bitch. Gimme your pussy. That’s right, spread it wide.”

W: “Oooooh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Yeah, that’s the way I like it. You’re the best fuck ever.”

L: “Ya got that right ya little slut. Your pussy was made to be fucked by me.”

W: “Kum in me. I want your kum dripping inside me. Kum now. Please. Are ya gunna kum?”

L: “Fuckin’ right!” The man stiffened his legs as he began to paint the walls of her cunt with his sticky kum.

The couple put their clothes back in place and pushed the elevator button. As the door opened the couple glanced back at the man.

L: “Are you alright?”

M: “Uh, I-I-I’m fine. Better than fine actually.”

W: “I hope the next time someone asks you if your going down in an elevator you’ll think of me.”

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