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It was another great night. After five hours of frolicking in the foam it was time to scurry back to their room before the bubble burst. It had seemed magical as they danced in the moonlight and waded in the surf. All of it felt too good to be true.

The couple headed for the elevators. As they approached the area they noticed a timid be-speckled man step into one. The pair instantly decided to enter the same venue. Brief acknowledgements were exchanged. Suddenly, the STOP button was pushed.

The woman (W) and the lover (L) began to kiss and fondle each other. Their passions had been stirred throughout the evening as their bodies rubbed against the other while dancing. They no longer could or would resist their urges. As they embraced, the woman looked toward the other man. She decided to call him “Marvin Milquetoast” (M) becasue he appeared to have put the “M” in Milquetoast.

W: “What are you looking at?” declared the woman. “Marvin” immediately turned a brilliant shade of red and looked directly at the floor.

W: “Don’t ignore me! Haven’t you ever seen two people in love before?”

M: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. Mother always made me mind my maners.”

W: “Your mother you say. What else did mother make you do? she said teasingly. The woman approached “Marvin” much to his horror.

W: “Did she make you do this?” The woman reached out and grabbed “Marvin’s” arms and brought them near to her breasts.

W: “Tell me. Did your mother ever make you feel a woman’s chest?” The woman proceeded to lower her dress straps to allow the silky material to slowly descend down the breast being halted only by her nipples.

W: “What are you staring at “Marvin”? Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s naked breasts? Would you like to see mine?”

M: “M-M-M-My name’s not Marvin.”

W: “Shut the fuck up “Marvin” and answer the question. Would you like to see my titties?” The woman lowered her dress off of her breasts providing full exposure to a pair of magnificent 38-inch tits. “Marvin’s” horn-rimmed spectacles began to steam over.

W: “By the looks of whatever is in your pants “Marvin” likes these tits of mine. Now put your hands on them and rub them nicely.” “Marvin” did as told and shakily reached out to touch the first naked breasts he had ever been fortunate enough to see (not counting those of his cousin, Hilda). “Marvin’s” hands warmed up to the occasion as he felt the soft skin and firm muscle tone of the woman’s grand tits. Her nipples rose in harmony with “Marvin’s” touch.

W: “That’s enough for now “Marvie”. The woman then went over to her lover and kissed him passionately.

L: “Now “Marvin” watch some serious fucking.” The lover pushed the woman around and forced her to grab the side rail. He lifted up her dress and pulled down her panties as the woman lifted each leg to allow the panties to drop off of her feet. The lover then put his index finger into her soaked pussy and stroked. The woman arched her back as she felt herself cumming. The lover pulled her back, twisted her around, and then forced her down to her knees. The woman knew what her lover liked and immediately gave it to him. She took the lover’s huge cock out of his pants and started sucking. Her tongue danced across his rod and she felt his excitement rise (along with his cock).

L: “That’s great, but let’s not forget about “Marvin”. The lover took his woman by her hand and led her toward “Marvin”. “By the looks of “Marvin’s” pants he needs a little attention.” The woman took the cue and reached out to gently stroke the ever-expanding lump in “Marvin’s” trousers. She took a firm grasp and stroked harder and harder on the cock.

M: “Please stop. My mother would never approve. Please…please stop…please…don’t…stop…don’t stop. Oh, Yes!” The woman unzipped “Marvin’s” slacks and pulled them down to his ankles while at the same time making sure she skillfully brought his white boxer shorts with them. “Marvin’s” penis proceeded to plunge outward.

W: “Well lookie here “Marvin”, you have a surprisingly nice cock. Would you mind if I sucked on it for a while?” The woman then knelt on her knees as she took “Marvin’s” dick into her mouth. She licked the dick up and down as she sensed his ecstasy rise.

W: “Excuse me for a moment “Marvin”. I was wondering if anyone else has ever done this for you?” She wrapped her sweet lips around his cock and resumed giving “Marvin” a blowjob.

M: “No…(sigh)…no…one has ever…(gasp) done this.”

W: “Good.” The woman brought “Marvin’s” cock to a crescendo as he spurt his virgin sperm into her mouth and down her throat. She waited until he was finished before lifting her mouth off of his dick.

W: “Since this was your first one I thought I would make it a good one.” Did you like it” she asked coyly. “Marvin”? “Marvin” was this good for you?”

M: “(After regaining his power of speech) “Yes…(breathing deeply) it was wonderful.”

L: “Well “Marvin” since she went down on you, you should go up in her. Do you know what I am talking about?”

M: “…No.”

L: “Okay then, go over to her (as the woman placed her back against the elevator wall and spread her hips) and put your tongue in her pussy” “Marvin” hesitated, “Now” ordered the lover. Marvin placed his face into the pubic hair of the woman.

W: “No “Marvie”, not like that. Put your tongue right here”, the woman pulled her vaginal lips apart and showed “Marvie” his first pussy. “Marvin” instinctively started to lick. “Good “Marvie”. Keep doing it. Circle it around. Slower. Slower. That’s right. Do it like that. Keep going, don’t stop.” The lover moved over to join the festivities. He took his woman’s right breast and vacuum sucked it hard as he heard her groan. The double stimulation was doing its trick. The woman felt her body tense as she approached climax.

W: “Yes, YES…RIGHT THERE…DON’T STOP…DON’T STOP…OOOOOH, OOOOOH! OOH! The woman’s body heaved as she came.

L: “Okay, “Marvin”, you can stop now. Good work. You drove her up to the stars. You’re a natural. Now stand back and give me room.” The lover picked the woman up and braced her back against the wall. He then allowed her to slide her pussy onto his cock from above. She pumped slowly at first, but quickly increased the speed. The couple was lost in their own world as they fornicated the old fashioned way. The woman could feel the cock inside her touching all of the magical spots.

W: “Yeah, fuck me…fuck me good…come on…fuck me. You’re the best fuck I ever had. Yeah, you know how to fuck me right. Cum in me. Cum. I want you to cum right now.” The lover, being ever so compliant, stiffened his legs as his cock began to spout and spray cum all over in her pussy. He kept his rod in her dripping cunt until his cock had spilled the last drop (a Maxwell House Coffee commercial jingle jumped into his mind “Good to the last drop”).

L: “Now tell me “Marvin”, did you learn anything?’

W: “Yeah “Marvie” was it fun for you?”

M: “This was the most wonderful night of my life. I’ll never forget you.” He looked directly at the woman with the gaze of a man who has first encountered sex.

W: Reaching for the floor buttons, “Now tell me “Marvie” are you going up or down?”

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