Hot Night in San Francisco

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Our plane was quite late as we arrived in San Francisco that April evening. Got to our hotel about midnight and decided to go out and have a cocktail before retiring for the evening.

We came upon an intimate little bar off Union Square and we went in. A young bartender asked us what we would like and we told him a couple of glasses of red wine, which he immediately served us. There were a couple of other gentlemen at the bar, both in their mid-40’s. They both smiled at us and began an easy conversation. You could tell they particularly attracted to my girlfriends lovely, large breasts as she was wearing a sexy red dress and showed an ample amount of cleavage.

After about 30 minutes, the bartender came out from behind the bar and went and locked the front door stating that it was near closing time and he didn’t want anyone else to come in as it would be too late to serve them and have them finish their drinks. He refreshed our wine glasses, turned on some music, grabbed a glass of wine for himself and came out from behind the bar.

As a fast song came on the music system, one of the gentlemen at the bar asked my girlfriend to dance, which she obliged. After which she came back and sat down beside me. A couple of songs later, the other man at the bar asked her to dance, and she agreed. By now you could feel the sexual tension in the air.

After awhile a slow song came on and my girlfriend and I danced together, more grinding our hips against each other as much as dancing. Halfway through the song, the bartender came up behind my girlfriend, put his arms around her and started to move to the rhythm against her ass. As we all fell into a kind of dance/grind together, he became more emboldened and reach up with his hands and began feeling her voluptuous breasts. This got all of us quite excited. To increase the tension, I slid my hand up under her dress knowing she had nothing on underneath. Her pussy was dripping wet from all these going ons. The guys at the bar, upon seeing this activity began rubbing their crotches, which began to show signs of rising erections.

The bartender, now really getting turned-on, took my girlfriends hand and placed it on his crotch, which now was sporting a tremendous erection. When she touched it, she moaned from the sheer hardness of it and began grinding her hips against my finger within her wet pussy. Now I took her other hand and placed it on my rock hard erection and she moaned even more. She then unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock. The guys at the bar upon seeing this pulled out their hard cocks and began masturbating. My girlfriend then went down on her knees and began sucking my cock. The bartender then pulled his hard cock out of his pants and came alongside of my girlfriend where she promptly took his hard-on in her hand and began playing with it.

The guys at the bar then took two cocktail tables and pushed them together. They then came over and got my girlfriend off her knees and carried her over to the tables where they laid her down such that her legs were over the edge and her wet pussy was right at the edge. The bartender and I then came over and began playing with her breasts. She then took the bartender’s hard cock and began sucking it while I was teasing her pussy. The two other guys came over and both began sucking on her breasts. By now she was in a state of total ecstasy and dying for release. The bartender and I switched places and she began sucking my cock while he was teasing her pussy with his hard dick. At first just dragging it across her vagina lips and clit, then inserting just a little ways and pulling out. She began thrusting her hips to get his hard cock in deeper. Finally, he rammed it into her and she let out a loud moan and saying “yes, yes fucks me, give me your hard dick”.

Meanwhile one of the guys sucking on her breasts kept staring at my hard cock going in and out of her mouth. He began licking his lips and said “that looks really good”, upon which he reached over and began rubbing my balls. My girlfriend saw this and it really turned her on and she said to him “why don’t you suck my boyfriend’s hard cock?” He looked at me and I just smiled and pulled out of my girlfriend’s mouth and turned sideways so he could suck my dick. This pushed my girlfriend over the edge, between getting a good fucking from the bartender, the other guy sucking her breast and watching me for the first time getting a blow job from another guy, she exploded into a wet and wild orgasm. The hot pussy juice all over his hard cock pushed the bartender over the edge and he began to cum, filling her pussy up with his hot semen. Seeing all this pushed me over the edge and I shot my load into the guy’s mouth and he sucked me dry.

My girlfriend was so turned on, she just kept cumming. The bartender by now was exhausted and pulled out and sat down. The guy who had been sucking her breast was so hot he could not stand it any longer and came around and began fucking my girlfriend with his hard-on. Her pussy was so full of juice from herself and the bartender that it began squirting out as soon as the other guy entered her. From all this lubrication, the other guy was able to last a long time and made my girlfriend cum three more times before we had finally had enough.

We got dressed and went back to our hotel. We were both so turned-on by the evening’s events, that we had sex again four more times that night. Every time we recount this episode, we end up so incredibly turned

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