Hot sex at work

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Jesse and i had worked together at Winn Dixie for several months, she was beautiful, a deep tan, long black hair, C cup perky breasts, and a perfect round ass. Three weeks ago, i had finally worked up the urge to ask her out, surprisingly she agreed-in which i have discovered she loves making out. Anyway, one day I was in the cooler at work working dairy, when Jesse, who was also working, came in. i turned around and we started making out. Our hands roaming over each other body, my hand slipped up insider her uniform and cupped her perfect breast. Her hand slipped down to my crotch, we quickly undressed, my cock hardened as i stood staring at her perfect body, her nipples quickly getting hard in the cool air. We began making out again. She broke away from the kiss and went down. Her pierced tongue flickered across my penis, causing my balls to tighten. She slid my cock into her warm moist mouth and began to slowly dancing her tongue over my cock as she pulled her head back. She slid her mouth off of my cock and began licking my balls. I groined in pleasure as she gently played with them in her mouth. She took my balls in her hand and put her mouth back on my cock, she slid it in her mouth, I felt it slide down her throat, her lips resting against my hips. She fought off the natural gag reflexes. I couldn’t handle anymore and I shot my load down her throat. i lifted her and placed her on one of the empty shelf, she squealed as the cold metal came into contact with her bare flesh. i feverishly licked her wet pussy, my tongue toying with her clit piercing and slowly began pushing my cock into her tight body. she squirmed and muffled her scream as she sucked on her left breasts’ love your piercing’ i said to her, as i began to pump my cock in and out of her, she was quickly reaching a orgasm, and so was i. her muffled squeals were a turn on, as she played with her clit.i laid down on an empty plastic pallet and she climbed on top, my 7 inches disappearing between her lips, her firm hard breasts bounced up and down her breasts in my hand. she laid down on top of me her pussy still working my cock, before she got off, she sucked my cock, to moisten it back up before she got on all fours, i rammed my cock into her tight pussy, and fucked her hard, she was about to cum. , ‘oh,oh, Jackson, oh,oh, dont, oh,oh cum in me, oh, oh, I’m not on the pill, oooooohhhhh” she moaned as she reached her peak. her pussy went crazy, gushing all over my cock, i lasted a few more thrusts before i was going to cum, i pulled out and she got on all fours, “let me swallow it” she panted still recovering from her orgasm, but before i could get it in her mouth, i lost my load, it shot across her face and into her hair, my cock sputtered and another blast landed on her lips before i finally got my cock in her mouth, my cock rocketed several more times, Jesse gagging as the cum shot in her back of her throat and slowly slid down. The alarm on Jesse’s phone went off, her meal was over and she had to get back to work. We got dressed and came out of the cooler, trying to act like nothing happened. i walked with her upfront, the cum still in her hair (she managed to finger the most of it off her face) to the bathroom where she went in and cleaned herself up a little more. We kissed a little more before she said, ” i have to get back, I’ll see you after work”, then she went back up front to work.

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