how I di ashlee simpson on the beach

I can not believe this happened. If I heard this story from somebody I would not believe me either, but it really happened to me about a week ago. I was at this party for my friend who is a local concert promoter here in town. Not too much going on a few local musicians and celebrities when she walked in. Ashlee Simpson. She was dressed in casual attire a pair of jeans, tank top and sneakers, very casual as this was a back yard party. She was shadowed by a big guy who was her security I guessed. A very serious man who looked very humorless. We made eye contact a couple of times throughout the night and at last I had my chance she was getting another drink so I went over to her never intimidated by celebrity.
“hi there, my name is Rick.”
“hey Rick, I am sure you know who I am”
“hard not to, who’s the giant with you?”
“that’s my security, hired by the record company to keep me “safe””
“that must be a hard job, you must have people all over you”
“I guess if Lurch there would let them”
“you sound crowded”
“it would be nice to escape for a little while and cut loose have a little fun you know” she said starting to flirt a little. “I don’t know why I am telling you this, I don’t know you”
“that’s okay its better to talk to strangers sometimes.” I said pouring her a beer. “If I could get you away for a while how much would you like to go somewhere and just chill out for an hour or two?” She gave a little devilish smile and said “if you get me outta here sweetie I would be Very grateful”
I leaned over the table and whispered in her ear.
“watch this, go stand by the door over there” I watched her walk over across the room as I went the other way and stopped behind a woman who was following the body guard around all night and shoved her into him. She collided with him, knocked him over, and decided she liked being on him, so she started grinding. So with him distracted I darted for Ashlee, grabbed her hand and led her through the kitchen and out the back door after grabbing a six pack from the fridge. We got into my truck and drove off.
“you’re my hero baby!” she said clapping and bobbing with excitement. Her breast jiggled and bounced so much I nearly crashed the truck.
“it wasn’t hard just throw a hottie at him, and run”
“where we going now stud”
“I know a small beach that’s quiet this time of night, you can have some piece and quiet, a beer and a little fun”
I drove a little longer down a road and drove right down on the beach. I pulled the beer and a blanket out of the back and we walked down a ways and sat on the blanket and looked at the city skyline silhouetted by a bright summer sky.
“wow this is really nice, come here often?” she asked opening a beer
“only with girls I like and want to seduce” I said opening a beer and sitting close to her
“you want to seduce me do you” she said grinning
“you know it, you are a hottie”
“plus I here California girls are easy, especially since you are blond again” She gave a fake gasp and a slapped me playfully. But then leaned in and kissed me. Her lips tasted like strawberry lip balm, and beer.
” you like that Rick”
“I like that but more tongue”
So she did she stuck her tongue down my throat as she began to pull my shirt off, and pushed me down and began undoing my jeans. She poured beer on my chest and began licking it off. She was driving me nuts licking my nipples. She knelt and pulled my jeans off so I was naked and then pulled her shirt off over her head exposing her red satin bra. She started to undo it but I stopped her.
“wait, I wanna do that!”
“K, tear it off though don’t be nice”
So I knelt in front so we were both on our knees and grabbed the back of the bra and just pulled it over her head. I leaned forward and began licking and sucking on her nipples, there were hard as a rock and about the size of a quarter and very sensitive. I worked my hands down to her bum and lowered her to the blanket and undid her jeans and pulled of panties and all exposing her naked and very trimmed pussy. Wasting no time I leaned over and began to trace my tongue along the lips making her squirm in delight, as I took my thumbs and parted those wet anticipating lips and exposed her engorged clit. I just flicked it with my tongue and sent her into moaning.
“fuck yeah baby just like that” she said as she ran her hand through my hair. She sat up and forced me down on the blanket and began sucking my cock as she swung around into a 69 and we pleasured each other until she felt the burn of an orgasm and stopped the 69 and turned round and slowly slid cock inside her groaning as she did. She began riding me slowly and I put my hands on her hip and got with her rhythm and she gradually picked up steam riding me like a race horse until she came digging her nails into my chest as I came too. She dismounted and laid on her side beside me stroking my chest.
“fuck that was hot” she said
“you said it”
We had another beer and got semi dressed again she put on her jeans and shirt, left the underwear off, I just put on my boxers. We got back to the truck I threw the blanket in the back so I wouldn’t get the cab sandy. She came up to me and began kissing me again. It was easy to see she wanted more. So I undid her pants again letting them drop to the sand and turned her around and put her hands on the tail gate, pulling my cock out of the boxers and let it rub between her legs as she got into a good position, and then slid my 7 inches into her for a 2nd time. I grabbed her hips and pumped her nice and fast.
“yes just like that, Rick fuck me hard”
I reached around and began kneading her tits as she stood. She turned around and sat on the tailgate, I stepped in put her legs over my shoulders and reentered her holding her ankles in the air. She had put her arms around my neck and we kissed as we fucked.
” I wanna cum on your tits ms. Simpson”
“uh yeah, y y ou ahh nasty man you wanna blow a hot load on my tits”
“in the worst way”
“then do it ” so I did I pushed her down on the bed pulled out took her hand wrapped it around my cock wet with her cum and lube and she jerked it a couple of times as I came all over her chest.
“ahh yeah honey that’s the shot” she said. Playing with the come all over her tits and than licking it off her fingers.
It took us a little longer to recover from that one, as we got back into the truck the sun was rising, she checked her phone which had a lot of messages from her manager. We watched the sun rise and I drove her back to her hotel, through the back way into the parking garage, she gave me a kiss and thanked me for a memorable evening, she left me her panties and got out. As she disappeared into the hotel and I drove away I smiled knowing she was covered in my come inside and out.
See I told you would not believe me.

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