I love camping!

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Its a nice night out here under the stars and a half moon. Its my first time camping in ages and the first time with my girlfriend. We have just finished eating when we head out for a walk down by the lake. Its still pretty warm so we decide to go for a swim only we left our swimsuits back at the camp. Since no ones around we strip off our clothes and go swimming nude. We splash eacher other like little kids seeing who can pull the other under the water the most. She almost has me under when i rub her hard clit causing her to scream and let me go. She smiles and tells me two can play at that game. She reaches out and grabs my hard dick. She starts to stroke me as i pull her into a deep kiss. Sucking on her tounge i start massaging her tits. Rubbing and pulling on her hard nipples she moans into my mouth. I break the kiss and bend down to suck her tits….

As i start sucking her right tit my left hand slowly movies down her beautiful body and nears her pussy. I don’t fully touch her yet but slowly circle her pussy. I move my fingers close to her lips and clit but don’t touch them. I move my finger up and slit before i finally insert my finger into her. I start slowly just inserting my middle finger and pulling it in and out. As i fuck her with my finger and suck her tits i cause my beautiful girlfriend to cum in the water.

After her orgasm i help her out of the water and lay her down on the shore. She smiles up at me and pats the sand next to her. I sit down to her and she leans up and kisses me. Finally my sexy girl moves down to my hard dick and starts to lick the head. She slowly starts stroking my dick with one hand and cups my balls with her other hand. She starts to suck me deeper until my entire dick is deep in her throat. She keeps sucking my dick until i can’t take it anymore. I warn her that i’m going to cum and i shoot a huge load down her throat. She sucks me until my hard dick goes limp in her mouth.

After cumming i layed there for a few moments before reaching down and finding out just how wet she was. I started to make my way towards her wet cunt. I started to lightly kiss all around her wet pussy. I reached out with my tounge and started licking her tasty pussy. Up and down in and out my tounge goes. As she starts to moan i start to lick and bite her hard clit. As she begins her orgasm i shove two of my fingers deep in her pussy as i continued to lick her hard clit. Faster and faster i moved my fingers as she began to cum. She screams my name and demand that i fuck her.

I turn her over and get her on her hands and knees. I bring my cock up to her pussy and i slap her on the lips with getting it all lubed up and ready for her wet pussy. Slowly i start to push in to her tight little pussy. We both begin to moan as i slowly begin to push my hard dick into her. I quickly begin to pick up the pace as i start to really fuck her. I reach out and grab her by the hair and really start fucking her. Pulling her hair i start to slap her tight ass. Smack, smack, smack untill her cheeks begin to turn red. She starts to push back harder on
my dick as she nears her next orgasm. I reach under her and start to rub her hard clit until she begins to cum all over my dick. Her orgasm has me so hot that i soon begin to cum. I start to squirt load after load
into her tight pussy.

We lay their by the lake for a few more minutes before gathering up our clothes and heading back to
our camp.

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