If only every commute was like this

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She just made the last train of the evening. Sighing heavily as she took her window seat, Samantha tried hard not to think about the seven stops she had to endure before she would be home.

Despite wanting to get home and sink into a hot bath, Samantha was looking fantastic.

She was wearing her favourite Chanel black dress, which clung to her lithe body and accentuated her big breasts. Teamed with her six inch Labouton heels, Samantha knew she looked good.

Having just secured a million pound business deal on behalf of her partner, she knew it had been worth dressing to impress, as the two male clients had certainly appreciated the effort she had made.

During the eight course meal she had taken them to, she had been aware of both men watching her every move, and, at several stages she had felt one of them stroking the inside of her leg.

It had been somewhere between dessert and coffee that one of them had discovered that Samantha had chosen not to wear knickers that night. Unfortunately, she had been forced to cross her legs as she became all too aware that her writhing around on her seat had started to become obvious.

So she had been left feeling fairly incomplete, but knowing that she was in danger of missing the last train and needing to get home for her laptop, Samantha had been forced to decline her client’s offer of visiting his hotel room to drink the mini bar dry and check out the view from his bedroom.

Crossing her legs, she realized that she had begun to drift off into her own world and had been sitting in an uncompromising position on the train.

Another person had joined her in the carriage. He had chosen to sit opposite her and she was in no doubt he had had an eyeful of her shaven pussy.

Embarrassed she turned to look out the window, but after a couple of minutes felt brave to enough to turn back to the stranger. He was dark with grey stray hairs crowning the front of his face.

His broad shoulders appeared fairly muscley underneath his well cut Ted Baker suit and his fingernails were well looked after.

Samantha found fingernails were one of the first things she noticed on a man. This was mainly because she felt it necessary to check whether they were married before she made her move.

This stranger had no ring and as her eyes travelled back to his face. She noticed he was looking straight at her.

Blushing she turned away again.

He readjusted his legs and stretched them out, brushing up against her bare legs.

“Sorry,” he cooed.

She smiled and looked away and, realizing he was incredibly attractive, was pleasantly surprised when he started to rub his leg up against hers.

This time, looking him straight in the eye, she purposefully uncrossed her legs allowing him to see for the second time that night that her underwear had been left at home.

No sooner had she done this then the stranger leant forward. Placing his newspaper on the floor, he slowly knelt down and gently prized her legs even further open, before he began to lick her.

Samantha sat back in her seat. Enjoying the ecstasy of what this man was doing to her in an empty train carriage.

As she began to wriggle and grind herself into his face, he began to lap quicker, drinking her up and expertly flicking her in all the right places.

Just as Samantha felt that she could not take anymore, he stood up and quickly released his cock from his suit trousers.

It sprang out, already standing to attention. He roughly grabbed Samantha’s head and bought it down to his beast.

She greedily took it in her mouth and sucked and licked, devouring it like it was a 99 ice cream.

As he began to ram it further into her mouth she could sense he was close to cumming.

Inserting, two, then three fingers inside of herself, she managed to finger fuck herself whilst sucking the stranger’s dick.

Just as she thought he was about to spill his warm load down the back of her throat he stood her up. Turning her round so she was facing the train seat she had been sat, he inserted his cock inside of her. Fucking hard and fast, they both started to groan with pleasure. Within seconds she felt herself go hot and faint as the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced filled her cunt and spread upwards.

On hearing her cries, he too came, ramming himself even harder into harder into her.

Several seconds later, he withdrew from her, pulling her hair aside from the nape of her neck, he whispered into her ear: “That was fucking incredible.”

She laughed, just as she realized they had missed her stop. Gathering her belongings together and pulling down her dress, she wondered what she should do.

As the train started to slow down, he began to reach for his briefcase. “This is my stop,” he explained.

“Fancy coming back with me for a repeat performance?”

His eyes glistened and he winked at her. It didn’t take Samantha long to make up her mind. To hell with that laptop. She could always take the day off work and spend the day fucking her perfect stranger.

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