In the Movies

My Girlfriend, Kristy, and I last summer went to an early afternoon show of one of the big horror movies of the year. When we got there it was just us for the longest time. Bored waiting for the movie to get started we started to full around. We were making out and feeling each other up and just getting each other extremely horny. Earlier in the day I had convinced Kristy to wear a skirt with no panties so I would have easy access to her shaved pussy throughout the whole movie.

Since we were still alone I pulled out her small tits and started to tweak, rub, suck and lick each one. I had her moaning from the pure pleasure that I was giving her but not wanting to be left out I had her pull out my hard dick and she started to stroke my very hard cock. After a few minutes Kristy pushed me aside and bent down and started to suck me. I was just sitting back enjoying this wonderful blowjob from my sexy girlfriend but the whole time I kept expecting someone to finally walk in. Knowing we might not get a better chance I told her to lift up the arms on the seats and lay down. When she did this I left up her skirt I start to lick her pussy for a few minutes getting her extremely wet before I shoved my hard dick deep inside her.

We fucked for a good 15 minutes before Kristy was on the verge of an orgasm. Knowing how close she was I began to fuck her harder and faster. I’m sure if anyone had walked in at that moment they would have heard my big balls slapping against her tight pussy and her moans of pure pleasure. Kristy began to cum and she was struggling to keep quite which of course just made me want to fuck her that much harder and faster. After she finished cumming I told her I was ready to cum. So she dropped down on her knees and quickly sucked me off to my first orgasm of the movie.

By the time we had straightened up our clothes the movie was just starting and in walked two guys. The guys set in the very front of the theater while we were at the back wall.

Now having two people in the room didn’t make us stop but instead made us hornier. As the movie was just getting started I had reached around Kristy and had my hand back down her shirt playing with her hard and very sensitive nipples. After a little while I had her cumming just from the rubbing, teasing and pinching of her nipples. When she finished cumming I quickly moved my hand up under her skirt and started fingering her and rubbing her hard clit. At this point she was close to another orgasm but I wouldn’t let her cum. I made Kristy beg me for the right to cum and after she did this to my satisfaction I shoved two fingers in her and fucked her hard while rubbing her hard clit to her third orgasm.

At this point it was Kristy turn to start teasing me. She would grab my cock and start rubbing it through my shorts, or she would slide a hand up one of my shorts legs and tease my balls and dick head. Finally after making me beg for it she leaned over in her seat took out my cock and quickly blow me to my second orgasm.

Content for the moment we just set there and cuddled and watched the movie but within thirty minutes or so Kristy got bored with the movie and started to tease my now soft cock. Kristy pulled out my hardening cock and started to stroke it. While doing this she grabbed my right hand and placed back on her pussy so I started to teasingly rub her once more wet putty. She got us both worked up and to my surprise she straddled my lap and shoved my very hard cock deep in side her. She took her time fucking me changing speed and rhythm as she wanted. She was totally in control and she knew it. She fucked herself on my hard dick to her last orgasm of the movie and was making so much noise I still don’t know how the guys down front didn’t hear her. When she finished her orgasm she got off my dick and sucked me dry one last time.

We set there and just watched the last 45 minutes of the movie. The movie itself was ok but this was without a doubt the best movie going experience that I could ever hope for. But I plan to try again real soon.

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