In the pool

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s I relax in the pool, watching the strings of cum wash away from my body, I shiver inside. It runs through me like an electric charge, warming me, exciting me, stimulating me. I feel exhausted, but I haven’t really done anything apart from let my body be used, I shiver again, remembering. The feel of hot fluid hitting my body; strangers using me; hands stroking and kneading skin against skin……..My hands start to roam my own body – still slippery underneath the water – one hand dropping to my smooth plump pussy, rubbing my swollen lips and tapping at my still hard clitoris. My other hand strokes over my breasts and I gasp as I brush my nipples; still sore from their abuse earlier, a new thrill runs through me. A direct line connection from my nipples to my hot, slutty cunt.
I gasp inwardly as I catch myself using this language. ‘Cunt’ I roll the word around in my mind, practicing it silently with my tongue. ‘Slut’……I murmur, doing the same. ‘Fuck’……..My god I’m getting turned on again just thinking about the words! Such a world away from ‘Mother’, Wife’ or ‘Dear’ How insipid they sound now I think to myself, and go back to ‘slut’. ‘I’m a slut’ I murmur aloud, and my fingers squeeze on my swollen nipple and clit, causing my hips to hump slightly. I look up, almost embarrased to be so turned on in public, and then realise that I’m still covered in cum and the people around are far too busy enjoying themsleves to watch me. ‘Little Bec – just a stupid little fuck toy’ I think to myself. I lick my lips and taste sperm. A large glob has rolled down my cheek and I scoop it up absent mindedly and push it into my mouth. Rolling it around, savoring it I can tell that there’s more than one flavour and the realisation makes me dig my fingers into my dirty, slutty cunt deeper.
How has this happened to me? How did I become a fucktoy, a, not quite a slave..well, not yet anyway, but it’s hard to identify where my arbitrary line is drawn there. Maybe a….pet? Can that be? Am I a pet? To be cared for, to give pleasure to my owner and receive pleasure just be making him happy? My fingers dig into my cunt. Deeper now, and two…no three fingers stretching me open. A smile reaches my lips and I close my eyes. Yesss a pet, To give pleasure and receive…..whatever my owner(s) see fit. I remember Clair – she seems to be a part of his life already. Maybe she is my owner as well. Do they have other pets? Other slaves? Other stupid little fuck toys ? I shiver and pump my hand into my pussy. No! My cunt, my cum hole. I squirm on my own hand, and realise that I have four fingers up me now. More than I ever had at home, and filling me far my than my stupid waste of space husband ever could! I push against my hand, wanting to be filled. So many cocks have been in there now. Making me ‘dirty’.ooh another good word.’I’m a dirty little cum whore’, I mutter to myself. It pushes me closer.’Stupid little bitch, only fit to be used by others’……….OhhhhhhhhhAre theer other pets? ‘I’m gonna be the best’ I mutter.’I’ll fuck them all……..I’ll take anything man, woman or animal’My hand flashes in and out of my swollen slippery cunt, the water bubbling like a jacuzzi now.’I’m going to be the best fucking slutty sex pet ANYone has ever seen’ I shout, pushing myself over the edge, squeezing hard at my own tit, clenching my cunt on my hand, tensing up in readiness for the Huge orgasm I know is coming.’I’ll fuck them all! I’ll fuck EVERYTHING!……………. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssss’ I thrash in the water as my body takes over for a long moment, and then lay back, relaxing, looking up at the sun and the clouds. I realise suddenly that I’m just leaning back, and somethings supporting my head, stopping me going under. I pull my hand out of myslef and push myself up into a sitting position again, focusing closer and looking around. I gasp as I realise I’ve had an audience again, and I try to cover up. Strange, I think to myself, considering the thoughts that were running through my mind a moment ago. I look up again and see multiple pairs of eyes watching me. At least one man has his shaft in his hand, wanking, watching me. He looks as if he’s about to cum and instinctively I move toward it just in time to catch the first splash on my cheek. ‘It’s enough……Oh god, I’m just a slut, it’s all I am……’ It’s my last thought as I cum again, and again, and again……….

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