"In the Stacks"

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I was new in this town, and had been coming to their library to unwind after work, researching the geography and history of the strange city I would be calling home. I’ve always found a mild euphoria and great relaxation among the clean, paper-and-ink smells and blissful quiet of libraries. But I soon found in this place a true bonus attraction, to say the very least, in the back aisle marked “Landmarks”.

She was a tall, hardbody brunette, with big round brown eyes behind wire rim glasses. A pleated cream skirt showed off her high bareback-rider ass;pert,high-riding tits bobbed beneath a frilled white blouse, which had become partly untucked from her hard work reaching to replace book-returns on the tall shelves.

She was on a mini-ladder stretching with both arms up to the topmost stack, no more than ten feet from me. The tight cantaloupe mounds of her incredible ass stuck out like a stripper bending back from a stage firepole. One look at this, and I had to catch my breath and close my eyes for a second. When I re-opened them, I could see the ladder jiggle as she raised up on tiptoes, and she lost her balance then, tilting toward the floor with a small strangled cry. I was quick to act, and caught her in my arms with a move like Dennis Rodman grabbing an elusive rebound. She gasped, clung to my back and wrapped her long legs around mine. Her glasses had come off, and startled doe-eyes darted back and forth, still obviously scared. I nuzzled her neck whispering “Shhhhh, you’ll be alright baby. Easy now.” The nametag on her lapel said “Sarah.”

Then it was my turn to be startled, by the sequence of events that played out next. Her glasses were nowhere to be found, and I could tell she was nearly blind without them. This accelerated her fear-arousal further, beyond her capacity to control. She clung to my neck, her breath coming in little stutter-start puffs and gasps, hot in my ear. The area around her breastbone began to flush bright pink. My cock responded by pushing hard against the insem of my office slacks, and she ground her soft squirming hips against mine, the skirt rising higher and higher, like a cummerbund around her slim waist, I looked down at her bright blue panties twisted in a dripping tangle around her trim. Instinctively, I covered her mouth with mine, kissing her deeply to cover her increasingly insistent moans. My hands reached down to pinch and caress her ass cheeks. In this way she no longer needed to hold onto my neck, and her clutching hands fumbled frantically with my belt, trouser snap and zipper. Within seconds she had my throbbing stick out, and expertly guided it straight past the pushed-aside panties and into her hot twitching cunt clamping down so tight I groaned and cupped Sarah’s ass with a two-fisted white-knuckle grip, backing her into a bookshelf, fucking her as hard as I knew how.

“This how you like it?,” I gasped in her ear. “Feel good now, baby? Uh… huh…”

Her mouth clamped on the back of my neck, nearly shattering my eardrum with her shrieks that came out like a car alarm as I thrusted harder, ever harder and quicker.

“Fuck me!” she moaned. “Fuck me bastard Ohhhhhhhhhhh, FUUUUUCKKKKK….”

I could tell she was getting off on the anonymity of the situation, the distinct possibility of being seen by patrons, maybe even caught by her boss. Her eyes were shut now, and she bit her lip until it bled. I got her ass onto an opening on one of the bottom bookshelves, bearing down now at a better angle, grabbing handfuls of blouse around her shoulders spasmodically as it quickly ripped down to join the skirt tangle on her tummy. She was braless beneath the work shirt, and my mouth went to the beautiful tit buds that were like dew-soaked strawberries. I sucked the nipples to their full half-inch length, as I bucked into her box like a maniac, her cunt matching my pace thrust for thrust.

We were close now, both oblivious to the rumble and shake of the stacks, books beginning to rain down on us as Sarah dug her nails into my back and spent her umpteenth climax in a squealing, writhing frenzy. I groaned as the whole bookshelf began to come down, and I shoved Sara back into it to break our fall as I came, blasting my nuts back into her shuddering pussy as the shelves crashed and we rolled on the floor, covering our heads against the last of the books flapping down like shore birds in the sun.

Well, I live in another city now, but my baby-doll Sarah is still with me. Our sex life is great, and we try to be discreet when we get it on in public, not wanting to make quite such a splash as in our first meeting there, “back in the stacks.”

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