Into the Forest

You look at my denim cutoff jacket. As you cuddle in to my arm the sent of a well-kept bomber jacket fills your senses. Your hand touches my black leather chaps. “Do you remember our bench in the woods? ” I ask “Lets walk to it”. The day is sunny and cooled by a sweet breeze.

Clouds big and fluffy float in the azure blue sky. We sway back and forth slightly as we walk…

The sound of the leaves… The bird’s song… The twigs under foot… We arrive at our secluded retreat. The wood bench is smooth and cool. We sit and for a LONG MOMENT watch the world go by.

My backpack finds its way to the ground behind us. Then my hand encircles your soft and svelte hips and draws her closer to me I reach into the pack and pulls out a leather blindfold and places it behind you, sliding my hand seductive up your back and when down several times you are lulled you into a quiet state of pleasure. My free hand glides down your back and this time takes up the blindfold. You put your head against my chest, I slip the blindfold on, you start and pull slightly You hear me whisper “SHHhhhh my little one it is all right you are safe.”

Again my hand goes into the pack and removes a bottle of champagne and a rope hog tie. Behind you I opens the bottle with a great “P-O-P” and the over flow pours on the ground. “Would you like a treat?” I Beacon. I am preparing to catch her wrists ” reach behind you, use both hand” I taunt. As you reach for the treat I maneuver the tie over your wrists and pull the tie secure and quickly takes several wraps more and tie it off. You balk and protest at the sudden binding, mostly helpless, I take a roll of plastic wrap and cover your arms with several wraps holding the arms strait and immobile. The excess 30 inches of cord exits from space between the wrists.

A friendly tree branch near by gives an excellent mount for the rope I lead you to the point of securing, and pull the rope over the branch forcing you to bend at the waist. Returning to my pack I assembles 2, 18 inch spreader bars and 2 ground spikes standing behind you one bar is applied at the knee, moving back a step or two the spikes are pressed into the ground, deep enough that only the two binding rings are left showing. Returning to my helpless sub I then apply the second bar at the ankle, with that she is backed to the ground spikes and secured to them bound before me firm buttocks are lifted into the air for my enjoyment.

Approaching you and gently massaging your butt, my hands slide under the clothing and slip the blouse up to uncover your ample breast almost covering your head. I feel the warmth of your skin as I slowly press my fingers under the elastic at the top if the silken panty. My hands feel the warm soft flesh of my sub and the sounds of low accepting hum come from within her. My fingers spread out under the silk and motion the garment down to the knee. Reveling a soft and creamy white derriere. My fingers slide softly down the crack all the way around and touch her button. At that moment a long and deep gasp comes from her mouth My hand makes the return trip pressing into the womanhood hidden by short red hair, then splitting the cheeks into the dark recesses. I give my little sub a loving smack, and walk away, and filling of glass with champagne I pressed the glass to her lips, she sipped it I then went back to the backpack..

She hears me rummaging around and I come up with several interesting items. She do not know what deliciousness is in store. She wants to know. She wants me to tell. She wants so hard that she is ready to beg. I have found a small-vented paddle, a leather flogger and a phallic gag, returning to my helpless sub I sat down in front of her and said, “you coo and gurgle with passions moment of delight, will you now coo and gurgle with my hidden passions of delight?

If you cry out to loudly I will gag you, do you understand” She nodded and said “yes my MASTER”I sat there for a while listening to her beg and plead for mercy and for me to be kind. I stood up and moving into position for the first tease. It comes from the leather flogger as it is applied as a feather, down the crack, down the legs back up and then dances as butterfly wings over the entirety of the exposed silken skin lulling her into a state of sensual awareness and calm. The champagne is dripped ever so slowly on her back. Trails flow down her spine. Again drops are placed on her, chilling the back of her legs. I rub her womanhood with the cold bottle. She jerks away and I Relentlessly follow her with the coldness. Pouring a small trickle in the cleft above the crevice I watch the bubble tickle her anus and enjoy the squirming that follows. My hand moves the paddle and places it softly and gently on the creamy white mounds of her buttocks allowing the cool wood to be felt, leaving it there for a long moment to allow her to feel a light sweat form, slightly sticking her to the paddle and with the gentility of a summer breeze I remove it. The moments of the paddle covering the buttocks cause a slight glistening of sweat to rise my hand took advantage and used the moisture to glide a finger into the crevice and finally into your dark rose. Her attempts to pull away and resist met with the power if her bondage “you are unable to stop me” I said and a gasp came from her throat as my finger raped her dark rose. A summer’s breeze cooled the exposed and vulnerable flesh. I stood looking at my helpless young submissive, as she danced under the trees’ bough, folded at the waist for my pleasure and waiting for the moment of passion and sensuality to begin.

My arm takes a full swing and applies the leather flogger to the left inner thigh. you bolt and gasp deeply. Then again I take a full swing and apply the a leather flogger to your right inner thigh. You buck and squirm and the stinging heat radiates through your thighs. You want to beg and plea for mercy. Your mind becomes clouded and confused, you are not sure if this is punishment or pleasure. You are becoming aroused and feel the juices within you begin to fill your needs. Your knees become week and start to fail. Unable to fold due to the bar holding them apart you make every attempt to hold back the yelps and begging. I then alternate lashes between her thighs with a deadly cadence and precision tiring of this I change tools of torment to the paddle.

My hand rises high into the tree branches a full swing and the paddle lands on the left cheek CRACK. You cry out in a strange mix of pain and delight. You ask yourself “how can this be?” my arm again takes a full swing and applies the paddle to the right cheek CRACK. You again cry out, the pain has fallen into a sensual tingle and starts to feel undefiled. The intenseness of each whack makes you cry out. I alternate paddle blows between the cheeks with control and deadly precision. Your cries come with every stroke, I bark “you cry out too much” and I move to set the gag. My body steps forward and bends to the task of placing the phallic gag in your mouth and as I tighten the straps with a firm and secure jerk, you gag and gasp for air. Once in place you relax as you are able to take in air through it.

My plan has changed, I decide to alternate the two devices randomly to cause further torment and confusion . A few with the paddle and a couple with the lash, back and forth, forth and back. I sense you, you are building up to an orgasm. Your lips are swelling and the sent of womanhood is trailing into my nostrils. I bend you your ear and forbid you to orgasm. You whimper loudly and for the first time realizes this is not punishment. The rigidity leaves your limbs and you relax against your bonds.

I have left her alone for a while and the anticipation of the next crack or lashes tong cause greater anticipation and hunger her want, her need her craving for any input. I sit and watch silently. I can see her wonder if she is alone I see her torment herself…. did he go away? did he beat me and leave me for anyone to find and rape? I watch as she begins to panic. Straining to get any balance, trying to stand, and final giving up in hopelessness. Hanging from her perch, helpless, hopeless, lost in her fears of abandonment. I have been waiting for this moment, the moment of reconstruction in my image. The wind has picked up and I am able to approach in the cover of the leaves rustling. I am holding pleasure and pain. pleasure in a vibrating dildo and pain in a riding crop. Her first utterance will determine which is used.


I reach for the snap on the gag and suddenly pull it from her mouth, I wait quietly. Nothing, not a sound, not even a heavy inhale, my voice opens in a clear and crisp tone ” speak to me” There is a moment of silence then in a quiet, submissive, and apologetic tone.

The words come “May I speak master” I reply “yes” “What have I done to displease you so much that you would abandon me so” she pleaded “You were not abandon, you were left to decide the truth yourself ” I replied there was silence “may I speak master” she said “You have permission to speak freely without asking until further notice” I said. “You are gracious to me thank you master “she replied. “SO speak then” I prodded Her voice picked up a clearly determined tone with just a hint of self assured pride ” I am yours! You can not do anything to me that will cause me to be ashamed or embarrassed! There is nothing in the world that will change this! I will give you everything, and ask for nothing, I will obey you! I will serve and service you and your needs!” “That is a big bill to fill, how do I know, what your saying you will do? ” I queried

After I overcame the scene you gave me and left me there. my mind raced and contorted the truth from the lies I have been telling myself. when I gave up on those lies the truth was that I exist to serve and my choice was to serve you.”

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