JACKPOT Part I by Cupidshot

Ricky had sworn off gambling, scores of times, though no resolution had ever stuck. With a marriage and a mortgage already in the wind because of his addiction to slot machines, you’d think this young man would have learned his lesson already. But he’d be the first to “fess up” that, next to sex maybe, nothing got him off like a long, smoking run on the tables down at the Vegas strip, or the video poker machines you could find literally everywhere you looked in his home town of Reno/Tahoe.

After a long but particularly profitable day in the Bay Area selling printed circuit boards for a Play Station affiliate, Ricky stopped off at a 7 Eleven to pick up a half rack of Amstel and a pack of Camels before heading home.

He was almost out the double doors and into the cool breeze of the early evening when he halted, at the little alcove behind the ATM and magazine rack, where the slot machines were set up, just like coin booths in fuck shop with reclining vinyl chairs and semi privacy for every player. He stood there for a second; six or seven c-notes burning a man-sized hole in his skin-tight 501 pockets.

“Fuck it, he said suddenly, and stepped on through with an exhalation of purpose, to find himself a free screen.

He saw her almost immediately, sitting at the second-to-last machine on his right, a young, green-eyed honey-blonde, pretty lip corners twisted with the concentration she focused on her game– a look Ricky knew by heart, the mercurial intensity of an inveterate gambler in mid-fever.

‘And did this bode well, or ill?’, he wondered idly? Superstition spinning off the impossibly sweet humid smell of point-blank snatch? Impossible to tell, thought Rick, only really certain of the simple fact that she was a stone hottie, who certainly appeared to share his disease– her young hands with the silver, topaz and turquoise adornments on deft fingers lightly tapping the slot buttons with a dizzying sensual rhythm. Enough to make his dick throb just staring at those hands, as he took an empty seat at the machine directly across from hers’.

Yes, it quickly became clear to Ricky that this sweet young thing was going to be a serious distraction indeed, albeit a pleasant one. She tapped black leather pumps impatiently on the linoleum, and insolently chewed a piece of bubble gum, occasionally making it pop blowing bubbles like erect nipples rising through clenched white teeth. Her skimpy black lace top, unbuttoned down to tanned midriff, pulled and tugged against her slim muscular torso and ample tits hung with hard little thumbnail nipples. The gray skirt that rode right up to her ass crease, showed off long legs that kept crossing and recrossing themselves.

He groaned, breathed through his nose and tried not to act the fool. He was already down $270, and really needed to focus.

Yet, he just couldn’t keep his dark blue blinking eyes off her, at one point doing a double take as she blew wisps of flaxen locks from her forehead, chewed on her lower lip and muttered little endearments, alternating with obscenities, at the machine that was clearly vexing her for the time being. Ricky’s sidelong glance turned to a full-on slack-jawed stare, which she quickly busted him on, then glared right back.

“Catchin’ flies?” she hissed , putting those beautiful hands on her scant-clad hips: “Take a fuckin’ picture why dontcha, it’ll last longer…. Jerk.”

Rick blushed and looked away, properly chastised, mumbling “Sorry” as he shoved another c note in the video poker machine’s greedy-tongue-like bill sucker.

“Hmmmm’, he hummed softly to himself, pretty damn sure that, although apparently put down, he had detected the vaguest hint-whiff of a come-on smirk on that beautiful face, through the histrionics of veiled mini-tantrum and feigned scorn. Hadn’t he? Seen that look? Yes, he was sure of it.

“Luck,” he whispered, “Luck, luck luck…. Oh, Luck be a fucking slut tonight!!”

He shifted his prickling sweaty ass in the center of the seat, sighed softly and pushed the bright buttons in practiced rapid-fire sequence to deal him another hand.

Part II coming

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