Justin Timberlake/ Katy Perry

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never in my life would I thought that I would be having a three way with Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry but here I was with my dick in Katy’s ass and Justin’s in her pussy.  you like getting fucked don’t you you whore please respect me she moaned we both pull out and force her on her knees. I launch a huge load on her tits and justin cums in her face. you need to be disiplined he said to katy as she sucked off  his cock  what do you think we should do jackson. well katy thinks she should be respected but I think she should respect our dicks I grab the whore by her hair and drag her into the bathroom and throw her into the tub what are you doing she yells you are lucky if you get to touch our dicks I think your forgeting who is in-charge I tug off again and hit her in the eye and justin gets her hair fuck you justin not the hair and god damit my eye  I don’t like this roleplay rough stuff we’re done. sorry about that katy let me wash that off out of cum me and justin piss all over katy our golden streams running down her tits into her vagaina and cover her face stop it she screams.  I pull out the camera and take some pics  as I inject Katy with a needle. she doesn’t even get the chance to protest as she’s hit with a huge orgasm squirting all over me and Justin oh god oh god that was oh god groaned katy as she pissed herself I’m a dirty whore I’m sorry Jackson I’m sorry  open your mouth justin commanded she obeys and we both piss in her mouth and she obbedently swallows. remember katy in bed and out of bed we are your masters. she just wimpers and passes out in the bathtub covered in piss.



I pull out my dick katy can see it but the webcam can’t justin hold s the cattle prod please Jackson I need it so bad no katy its inaproprete please she says and drags me in view of the webcam  greedly she unzips my pants and pulls out my big cock katy no people will see turn off the webcam. ignoring me she starts to lick my tip and play with my ballsack quickly I grow hard.

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