Let's Go Clubing

In the shadows just outside the club we watched the dancers leaving. Your skirt was up over your hips and I was deep inside you, slowly stroking your pussy. We’d been inside dancing all night and you had flirted and flashed as many men as you could. I had given you a good fucking before we left the house but I wouldn’t let you come. Although I let you play with yourself on the drive to the club I had to pull your hands away and put them on my hard dick, which you promptly swallowed. As we walked across the parking lot I reached beneath your skirt and pushed my fingers into your ass.
Twice during the evening we had gone off to play, once in the hallway just off the dance floor, where you had pushed me against the wall lifted your ass on to my dick and worked me while you watched the dancers. The sight of you bent over with your hands on your knees your fine ass up on my dick made it hard to keep from coming, but if I wasn’t going to let you come then it wouldn’t be fair if I did.
Now we were watching the people coming and going in front of the club. A low rock wall curved away on either side of the front door and we stood behind it in a small copse of trees. With your hands on the wall, you were bent over exposing your tits in your low-cut dress as I gently pushed inside.
“I think he sees us”, you whispered as a man moved from the crowd and walked towards us. A tall grey-haired man, you had flashed him earlier in the evening. As he came around the wall I reached up and grabbed your wrists and pulled your arms back along you side and turned you to face him. He stopped in front of you, glanced at me asking permission and I nodded my head. Smiling to himself he caressed your cheek with his hand trailing his fingers in your mouth for you to suck. Kneeling down in front of you he lifted your chin and kissed you on the lips. You cocked your head to one side and kiss him back. You little butt began to wiggle and I pulled on your wrists and pushed harder into your pussy.
The stranger continued to kiss you, probing your ears with his tongue, nibbling on the lobes and finding that spot on your neck that makes you moan. When you let the first moan loose, I slowly stared moving my dick inside, not too much yet, but enough to stir the pot. As he kissed you, he reached up inside your dress and pulled your tits free, taking their weight in his hands and squeezing them together. Now I started fucking you in earnest, this is what I had been teasing you for all night. Placing both wrists on the small of your back I reached around your hips and supported your weight with my forearm. As he rose to his feet and unzipped his fly I gave you a few swift smacks on the ass with the palm of my hand. As you yelped he pushed his dick into your mouth hilting himself until your lips rested on his groin. I started pounding you faster and he grabbed your hair in his fists and jammed himself into your mouth. And not 50 yards away people stood laughing and smoking, exchanging phone numbers and e-mails.
We were all close now, and I could hear your moaning even with your mouth full. I knew your body well enough to know when you were ready to come, so I gave you a hard smack on the ass as you started to soak me which set me off and I slammed into you. From the sounds from the man in your mouth he was filling you up too.
Almost too quick to see he pulled out of your mouth spun you around and drove his dick between you thighs. Your head rose up and you saw my dick, grabbed my shaft with one hand and my balls with the other and pulled me into your mouth. I tried pushing further into your mouth but you wouldn’t let me past your tight fist, which you were stroking with no mercy as you tongued the head of my dick.
The pounding you were getting from behind was rocking me and my pants slid down to my ankles. Feeling rather than hearing something behind me I looked over my shoulder to see the tall blonde who had been dancing earlier with our stranger step up behind me.
She put her arms around me and pushed her tits against my back rubbing them thru the fabric of her dress across my skin. Her hands roamed across my chest twisting my nipples and stroking my flanks. Kissing the back of my neck, she ran her hands over my ass and thighs and reached around to fondle my dick which you still held tightly in your fist so she reached down and rhythmically squeezed my balls. Kneeling down behind me she grabbed a hold of my hips as she stuck her tongue into my ass. I looked down at you as you licked the head of my dick and stroked me into your mouth. The blond moved around in front of me and taking my dick out of your mouth she replaced it with her tongue, kissed you a moment and pushed the head of my dick back in your mouth along with her tongue. The two of you kissed each other and my dick and now both had a hand on my shaft, one over another and were stroking me into your mouths. As I came both of you licked me and kissed each other.
The blonde rose grabbed you by your hair and pulled you away from her boyfriend. She led you over to him and both of you took turns sucking his dick and kissing each other. Like I had moments before, he came in your mouths as you kissed. After kissing you for a while the blonde stood up took her boyfriend by the hand and walked off.
Since it was still early and there were a few more clubs to visit we straightened out our clothes and headed for the car. As we walked across the parking lot I slipped my hand under your skirt and pushed my fingers into your ass. Kissing you on your neck I whispered in your ear “Happy Birthday baby.”

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