Luck at a Club pt 2

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It had been over a week since my club bathroom experience but I had been fantasizing about it constantly ever since, I couldn’t get through half a day with out replaying it in my mind as I jerked off in the bathroom at work. Being in the stall made it even more real. It was about an hour before I got off work when i got a very sexy text, but I didn’t recognize the number, I figured it was a mistake and asked who it was that sent it. “You have forgotten the club already?” was the reply. A little confused at how she had gotten my number or even my name, I decide to play with her a little. “I don’t know who you are but your message made me hard…so you will need to fix my little tent before I get fired for walking around like this.” It was several minutes before she replied. I thought that she had decided it wasn’t me and gave up…I started to really regret sending the text, when I got the reply. It was a picture of her and another girl in just panties. She was wearing what looked like the same white pair she wore the night we met, but her friend was wearing a bright blue thong. She was turned just enough to see her small ass. She, unlike her blond friend, had shoulder length black hair and a darker complexion, a soft bronze like glow. Her small perky breast with puffy dark nipples look so amazing I couldn’t stop looking at them even when my boss walked in and asked what I looking at that was so important that I hadn’t answered her call. As I hurried to close the message on my phone she shook her head and said that she needed my report. As I walked out of the office just behind some other workers headed home, I opened the message again. I couldn’t believe how hot they were, they way they stood so close you could tell, or at least I imagined, they knew each other very very well. All that was with the picture was an address and one of those smiley faces made with different punctuation. I called my wife and told her that I had to stay late for a couple of hours and that I would be home as soon as I could. I drove to the address which was barely outside downtown, it was a high rise and I didn’t know which room. I texted back, “now that is a picture worth seeing, mind telling me your room number so I can repay the favor of seeing your perfect bodies?” I was trying to be as nice as possible, I didn’t want to blow this chance. They replied, “I don’t know who you are, but we are very busy.” I worried I had blown it, finally a chance to be with two women and they were goddesses, what the hell was I going to do, my balls ached from having a hard on ever since the picture. I had to find them! As a last chance I decided to send them a picture, there was a desk by the elevators so I crouched down and took my shirt and pants off. I had never done anything in public before the club, but the possibility of getting caught was extremely erotic, my boner flexed with the increase desire. I took a picture making sure they could tell I was down stairs and sent it with, “see I told you that made me hard”. I moment later I got picture of them kissing each other and fondling their perfect tits. I couldn’t take this I had to get up there and eat their sexy smooth cunts. Just before I got my pants up the elevator door opened with the white panties on the floor, I picked them up and smelled the sweet familiar smell, the memory of her taste flooded back to me, I rubbed my dick hard threw my pants. I sucked on the panties trying to taste her. The ruff cloth against my cock kinda hurt as I rubbed but I needed to cum. They must have called for the elevator because when it stopped and the door opened I could see the blue thong hanging on a door knob. I grabbed the sexy pair of panties and smelled them, the smell was different but strong, I wanted nothing more then suck these girls, I needed to feel their soft lips, hear them moan as I tongue fuck them. I stripped naked right in the hall, half hoping someone would see me. I opened the door to hear the giggling of two women. They were on the couch when I found them, they were kissing while lying missionary style. As I came up from behind they pretended not to notice me but both spread their legs wide and rubbed their hairless mounds together. I about came right then, the sight of two pussies grinding into each other was amazingly pleasurable to watch. I moved closer and heard one of them say “its about time” and then moan as the other sucked her tit. I went straight for their love pots which were wet, swollen, and ready to be fucked. The taste of their juice mixing together as I slid my tongue up and down their slits was intoxicating. I was completely lost in a world of hot sex. As I sucked ones clit I would flick the others. I slid across and stuck my tongue deep into blondy’s pussy. I pushed in as far as I could and then pulled out and rammed it back. As I tongue fucked her I slid my finger into her friend’s velvety hole, it was tight and warm. I could feel the ridges just inside the gate, I slide another finger in and begun to pick up speed. Their moans begun to get louder and faster. I switched from tongue to finger between them. Their insides tasted and felt different, but both we’re so hot. They really started grinding into each other faster and harder. I pulled my tongue on of the raven’s cunt and begun to lick towards her dark ass hole. I flicked my tongue against her tight rim and then slid my tongue into her ass, she relaxed and it went in as far as I could reach . At the same time I took one finger out of my club buddies pussy and put it in her ass hard and fast, her moan showed a tiny bit of pain that was soon forgotten as I finger fucker her ass and cunt at the same time. I had never been so lost in pure ecstasy as the two most sexy women rubbed each other as I ate their ass holes and fingered them. As our bodies melted together I felt the blonde legs tense and then her hot juice squirted, I drank it up as fast as I could, i sucked hard to keep her cumming, after her muscle relaxed she rolled off the raven girl and said “now fuck her till she cums”. I didn’t hesitated as I rolled her over to do her doggie style. I teased her wet sex muscles with the tip of my hard cock, I slid just the tip in and out until she begged for it hard. As I slid it in slow I could feel every part of her. I slowly picked up the pass and notice my friend rubbing her self hard, I matched her rythem and could tell the dark hair lady under me want more, I reached down and begun to finger fuck her ass alternating with my thrust into her cunt. she looked toward her blond lover and asked her to come sit so she could eat her as she came. I was pounding her as fast and as hard as I could watching her lick and suck pussy. As the pressure built I knew the wave was coming and I slipped my dick out of her wet hole and slowly entered her ass, she moaned loud as it went in and yelled, “fuck my ass hard, please fuck me harder!” I threw my weight into her, my balls slapping her cunt as I pounded her ass. I recognized the sounds coming from the blond and knew she was close I wanted us all to cum together, with my free hand I reached to pinch the bronze goddesses’ swollen clit, as I continued to pump her ass, her muscles flexed hard as her orgasm begun. The extra pressure pushed me over the edge as I closed my eyes and shot my thick cream into her wanting ass. Pulse after pulse of cum shooting into her each shot feeling me with more and more pleasure. I fell to he couch and she rolled over and put her head in my lap, it was soaked and I knew had all hit our climax together. The blond move over to sit next me and we all just sat catching our breath.

note from author: I have loved erotica for a quite a while, but these are my first attempts at writing them. Please let me know what you think, i would love critiques or let me know if they made you wet or hard and if they helped you get off. For more privacy you can email me or just leave a comment, thank you!

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