Luck at a Club

It was a cold boring night and I had no where to be. My wife was out of town. I hadn’t be out drinking for a long time, she hated me drunk, I changed into a completely different person. I always hated showing up at a club alone, but I really wanted a night out. As I was sitting at the bar I noticed an amazingly beautiful woman sitting alone. She had semi short blond hair and the most sexy red dress I had ever seen. After a few drinks I noticed that she was still alone, with the extra courage I gained from the buzz I walked over and sat done next to her. She looked over, and I looked her straight in the eyes. After what seemed like hours, but was only a moment. I asked if she wanted to hit the dance floor with me. She look bashfully down at her drink and begun to say something but stopped and then smiled and stood up. As we wove through the sweaty crowd I couldn’t help but take a peak at her ample breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra so the pair moved back and forth just enough to memorize everyone who look her way. I couldn’t believe I was going to be grinding her any minute, just before we reached the middle of the floor she stopped so I bumped in to her tight round ass, my already partial pressed right between her cheeks and she made a quick but definite up and down move that sent a wave of pleasure up my body. I turned her around and put my thigh just barely between her legs and we started to dance. As we stared at each other I begun to notice her deep blue eyes and the way her big soft lips ended with dimples as she smiled. As the next song started she lowered herself onto my thigh and begun to rub softly to the music. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back and her long neck line was too much to look at. I leaned down and started kissing her neck as she started to push hard onto my leg, her wetness begun to soak through my jeans and all I could think about was how much I wanted to taste her. I pulled her close and our tongues began to explore each others mouths, I slowly kissed my way to her ear and asked if she wanted to leave and she said said why, they have a bathroom. She took my hand and we started for the ladies room. As soon as the stall door closed we erupted into passion my hand went straight to her breast and I could feel her hard nipples through her dress, she had my pants undone and my slightly bigger then average penis out and pointing straight up. I pushed her breast hard squishing them between my fingers with just enough pressure not to hurt. She smiled as she kneeled down and begun to suck my thick stone hard penis and softly rubbed my balls, I kept my hand on her tits as she sucked the tip and rubbed the lower part of my shaft with her soft hands. I could feel the pressure building, I wasn’t going to last long she really knew what she was doing, I pulled her up and with a slight grin said, “my turn”, she looked up quizzically and then her eyes got big with shock and excitement, I kneeled down and pulled up her dress. Her simple white panties were very wet, I pulled them down slowly so the they tickled her thighs and she let out a soft moan. Her hands were swirling in my hair driving me crazy, I wanted to eat her up and make her squirt all over me. Her hairless pussy lips were already starting to spread and swell, her inner lips hung down and her clit was just barely showing. I kissed each thigh slowly moving towards her hole, as my tung slipped into her folds she moaned and put one leg over my shoulder. I licked up and down with a straight flexed tongue, doing little circles around her increasing large clit. I sucked it hard and then stuck my tongue deep into her. I pulled out and worked my way back to her bean, she was breathing faster and deeper and she put her other leg over my shoulder with her back against the stall wall. Her weight suspended in pure pleasure. I slid my tongue back down her lips and swirled my tongue around the pink opening after only a teasing moment I moved lower to the skin between there and her ass, I pause for another moment to see if there was any complaint and then flicked my tongue across her tight ass hole, she shivered and pushed her hips in to me and said in a moan more then a voice, “yeah, yeah harder!” As I stuck the tip of my tongue into her ass, I felt her body start to quiver, since she had to use both hands to hold herself against the wall I reached around her leg to pinch and twist her swollen clit, without holding back she started moaning loudly and pushing herself into my face. Every muscle in her sexy legs went hard and then started pulsing quickly as her sweet cunt squirted hot liquid in my face I caught as much as I could enjoying her taste. Feeling her body throbs and tasting her sweet juice pushed me near the limit, I grabbed my dick and with one quick rub I closed my eyes and a thick hot stream shot out as I lowered her back down. After I minute or two of holding her almost limp, spent body, she came back to reality she looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, “I have a couple of friends that are going to love you!”

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