me n nikki

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it was a good day afterschool
i went to Maple park for this carnival n we did our performance n other 2 schools came to watch. then we had a carnival and i been chatting wit this chick from another school. n this is the 2nd time i met her. first time i jus grab her ass. but this time i had more in my mind. so it was the carnival n i was walkin around wit dem.

me n nikki was walkin n i ask her if she is wearin a grey bra. so i peeked in her shirt and she let me of course. i saw her 32B breast. it was alright. so i brought her to the benches that i saw. i left my friends and i sat down with her.
me ” why aint u wearing a grey bra? “
i took off the straps of her shirt n rub on her titties. it was soft n tanned, exactly how i liked it. i was rubbin on her nipples and den i slid my hands in her jeans. i felt her hairy pussy. it got me horny and so i took it off.
nikki ” do u know how to take off girl pants?”
so i took it off n pulled it down showin her pussy. i was rubbin it n den stuck my fingers in n found out she was wet.
me ” so u r wet “
nikki ” i guess dats how it is when im around u “
i fingerbang her more n more. she wasnt really moaning though. so den i kiss her n i fingerbang her harder n deeper. she was now moaning like crazy. so i started suckin on her nipples n licking them. my touge went around it n around n around. it felt good. then sum1 was comin so we pull up her pants n pretend to talk

so den she sat on my lap n gave me a lap dance. damn it felt good n my dick was all hard rubbin on her ass. i put my hands up her shirt n was rubbin on her titties for a while. then i pinch n twist her nipples n she was nippin. den i thought my friends left. so i fingerbang her a little bit more n left to find them.

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