Montgomery Woods 15

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Montgomery Woods

Driving to the coast a few times i wanted to show you a place i’ve come to really love.
A place that captured my heart years ago.A protected grove of Redwood trees huge,majestic
and that could never be cut down.After telling you about the grove we decided to go there
so you could see for yourself how lovely it is.So the day came,and we got all our stuff
ready.Which wasn’t to much,cause it’s an up hill hike to the grove so we didn’t want to
have to much to carry on the way in.We did plan a nice lunch though.We loaded the truck
and headed out,the sun shining it looked like one lovely day we would enjoy.Hitting the
HWy,i slid over next to you in the truck and turning on the radio we headed out on our way.

After a few hours we hit Hwy 101 near Ukiah,where we get off the freeway and head towards
Ore Springs road.The road where i took you when the GTX was first finished a few years
before on our way to the coast.With this being our first time in the truck going this
way you opened the carb up on the truck heading up the road to the top.The truck handling
it well,and you happy about it we keep rolling through all the snake like turns,passing
the hot springs,on to the lower area where the opening for the grove is.Pulling
in you smile at me with excitement,and we park and get our stuff ready to hike in.

The hike was one i had done dozens of times but it still always took me beathe away,so we
took it slow.Looking at all the ferns,holding hands,and all the different kinds of plants
on the way up.The wheather was cool for the area and the smell of the woods filling the air
as we walked.On the side of the mountains next to us small waterfalls flowed through cracks
in the rocks.We keep helping eachother up the path.Reaching the top it flatens out and
there before us stands the first four 200 foot tall redwood trees of the grove with the
sign saying all the history.There’s cut pieces of logs made into benches for people to
rest on.And all around ten foot tall ferns and little creeks with water flowing,and sheep
showers all over the ground.I start to tell you about sheep showers,they are edable and
how the native americans would eat them in salads in years past,even though they look
like clovers.

Us sitting on one of the benches after resting,we look at eachother and kiss softly,smile
and then i grab you by the hand and we head back to one of my favorite trees.In the back
of the grove is one of the biggest trees and i wanted you to see it.Walking up to the walk
bridge,standing next to it is a tree i named Big Daddy.The reason was is on the side of it
is a huge beraul,a baby redwood,that looks like a mans junk sticken out the side of this
huge tree.Hence the name Big Daddy.Standing on the walk bridge,you watching me as i walk
around the tree to show you how many feet it is around,77 feet around,me having to hug
the trees junk and i stepped,and you laughing at me,i then step over to the bridge with you.

The grove is mostly shaded exept for cracks of sunlight that get to peak through here and
there,making the sene very beautiful.Then i wanted to show you a hidden old farm house,
broken down from years of being abandoned.And you being all down for it we start to hike
up this little hill off to one side behind some ferns and a fallen redwood that blocked
the path there.Not many people knew about he old farmhouse,only locals mostly,and with
me being and old local i knew it was there.Crawling over the fallen tree we hike up the rest
of the hill and down the other side.There clear as day stood the old farm house in all it’s
glory.No paint left on the wood and broken windows looking very abandoned.There weren’t
even any foot prints around so i knew know one had been there for a while.

Going inside and being careful,we start looking around and checking things out.The walls
were all wood and moss and there where ferns and plants growing all inside as well as
outside.It made the old house look really cool.In the living room area,which was really
big,there was moss growing all over the walls.Thick and the smell of water in the air,sheep
showers and in one corner a tree had grown it’s way up through the celing and out of the
side of the house.Thinking this is a nice spot to eat so we sit down and pull out our
lunches,and start to eat,talking and laughing as we do.

After we eat and are all full and now feeling relaxed,i glance over at you and have that
look in my eyes and you instantly know what i’m thinking.I want to play in the old house
with you.Smiling with your eyes and a huge grin on your face i know your down,so i smile
too and move over in front of you getting down on my knees.Wrapping my arms around your
waist putting my head on your stomach.You wrap your arms around me too and we sit
holding eachother like we used to do before we got together.It was our moment from the
past.Me on my knees and you looking down at me,reminded you of a time when love was new
and you smile inwardly happy you now have me still after all these years.Then i look up
at you and say”i love you my man”,smiling you look into my eyes,touch the side of my
face and say”i love you my woman”.Us holding eachother tight for a few more minutes then
you pull me to my feetso you can kiss me.

Our lips touch as we close our eyes,the smells of the woods floating in the air making it
the perfect place to be naughty.I take my hands and begin to slip your t shirt off as you
undo my bra and remove it.Getting undressed and laying out a small blanket we brought,we
slowly move to the floor of the old house.The wood creeking a little as we do.I pull down
your hair as you do mine,running our fingures through to pull it out long and sexy,we start
kissing again.Loving the feeling of eachothers hair on our skin.You run your hands up my
legs to my hips and waist to my breasts caressing them as you bite and kiss my neck.I glide
my nails up your back and scratch you lightly,chills going up our bodies as we move.

You over the top of me you slip you fingure into me softly and watch me start to sqirm as
you pull in and out of my pussy pushing in deeper each time til you hit my g spot and i arch
my back a little.Sucking on my titties as you play with me,my body getting hotter with every
touch.My pussy now ready where i make you stop and i lay you back on the blanket,your cock
hard and me licking and softly biting your ribs and chest i move down.I take my tongue and
begin to circle your tip and rim ticlkeing your balls gently,giving your skin goose bumps.
I slip my lips down and back up again,and suck hard then light then hard again.Your blood
starting to pump a little harder i keep going sucking your cock like you want me too.

When you can’t take it anymore you sit up and pull be up and have me lay back,you put my
legs over your shoulders and drive into me hard as i let out a loud moan,and a wimper,the
floor below us creeked so you held the pose to see if it was gonna brake,it didn’t so you
keep going.Pulling your cock in an out fast,my body tense with pulsing spasms as i cum back
to back.Tight around your dick as it slides,the feeling of your hair on my boobs sends me
into orgasm after orgasm from the sensation.Us fully arroused and heaving we keep moving,
sweat starting on your back as i scatch roughly with my nails.The soft pain serging through
your skin sends the message harder.So you begin to savagely enter my pussy like the animal
you are,hard and fast.Which makes me crave something more and you know what it is right away.

So we switch positions to doggy style and you slam into me again pulling on my hair as you
go.I let out a gasp and breath in hard and let out a loud moan as i cum strongly,then you pop
your thumb in my ass making me even louder.Playing with my ass and penatrating my pussy over
and over,you feel when i’m ready so you pull your dick out and put the tip in my ass as i slowly
slip you in.Moving easy and going deeper with every slide,i get you all the way in me,i hug my
knees and you start to pull in and out,the skin moving and tight.You heart beating strong,and
me numb the only thing i feel is your touch.Us sweating from the heat we are genatrating,you
grab my hair and wrap it in your hands and grab my hips and with your cock filling you cum in
my ass hard and deep making me scream out your name.With that you lay over my back exhausted,
still inside me.

We stay that way for a minute cause we were spent from our naughty experiance.You lay down next
to me and i stretch out.Our hair over our bodies covering us like a small blanket,me facing you.
I look at you and say”dam baby that was so good”!You grin at me and we lay there for about five
minutes til i sit up and get dressed.Your laying there still naked looking sexy asany man i’ve
ever seen.Not just any man my husband and the man i love.What a moment it was.After getting
dressed we both head back to the grove through the ferns and the fallen redwood.Holding
eachother and giggleing as we go.

The hike back out was easy cause it’s all down hill so we walked hand in hand all the way out
to the truck.The sun was starting to set and we wanted to get home to our shower and nice warm
bed.So we hopped in the truck and headed home.A little bit tired andcompletely happy with the
day.Pulling into our driveway in the dark,we pulled all our stuff we took,out and went in.Had our
showers and went to bed with an “i love you” like we did every night and holding eachother.

The End…..

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